Saginaw Valley Live Steam Association Convention Report

One-fifth size Case Engine

One-fifth size Case owned by Robert Nelson & Son. Robert Nelson, Sr., seated on the engine. See report of the Saginaw Valley Live Steam Association

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This convention, and our Club also boasts of some fine models. Robert Nelson and son put on a fine show with their one-fifth size Case, and Morris Genshaw with his 1' scale Case. Then there were about 15 stationery engines all in operation by their owners, Victor Potts, Melvin Shetler, Wesley Trathen, and Morris Genshaw.

This convention has seen the Saginaw Valley Live Steam Association crawl now watch us walk next year. Already we have started laying plans for a two-day, much larger convention for 1957.

Now that you have read about our convention we would again like to extend an open invitation to any Live Steamer in or around Flint or those passing through Flint, to attend our monthly meeting held the 3rd Saturday of every month. Just call or write J. Bullock, 5309 Susan Street, Flint, Michigan.