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Courtesy of R. G. Lins, 13613 4 Avenue, South, Burnsuille, Minnesota 55337.

R. G. Lins

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1511 Iglehart Avenue, St. Paul, Minnesota 55104

August 12 and 13, 1978 was the date of the 14th Annual Scott Carver Show. The site of the show is located about two miles southwest of Jordan, Minnesota near Highway 169.

The weather was ideal and a good sized crowd was in attendance both days. The show area is always an interesting place, with something for everyone of all ages, where the talent and ability of the great people of the past generations combined engineering and mechanical skills to produce efficient machinery for the farm, the railroads, factories and all industries. Their efforts helped foreign countries as well, and we in turn received many useful inventions from them.

When I arrived at the show on Saturday forenoon, lumber sawing was in progress. Joe Selly with his 22 HP Advance, was on the power end with Frank Boehne as the sawyer. A large lineup of gas tractors of all sizes were being serviced for the afternoon parade.

I dropped into the galvanized iron exhibition building where Ray Lins and Jack Strand have a large collection of stationary steam engines which they have purchased and restored during the last 10 years. I will try to list some of them. One of the fine engines I have seen there is a 52 HP Howell engine owned by Dennis Krill and Jack Strand. Another is a 36 HP Atlas, 110 RPM acquired from the Gluck Brewery of Minneapolis; a 42 HP James Leffel engine owned by Ray Lins; an upright 7x7 engine belongs to Mr. Lins; an upright owned by Lins and Strand, along with two upright engines, one 2? x 3? used in a Stillwater, Minnesota, creamery, the other a center crank upright of about the same size, made in Germany. There is also a 12 HP Troy engine. These engines are ready to run on steam piped from a 35 HP wood fired boiler placed outside. While the above list is not complete, it gives some idea of the fine exhibit these fellows have built up and are still building.

A blacksmith shop, located in this building is operated by Ralph Harvey, a building contractor of the Minnetonka, Wayzata area who does blacksmithing as a hobby. He makes miniature horseshoes which he sells for souvenirs. While he shapes the hot iron with his hammer at the anvil, his wife, Mary Jane answers questions and sells horseshoes. Martin Luebke was his assistant blacksmith. Mr. Harvey is building a 1/4 gauge model railroad engine using alcohol for fuel. As we leave the building, we pass a huge 175 HP steam boiler which they hope to have installed by the time another show rolls around.

The Stage Coach Fast Draw Club of Shakopee, Minnesota demonstrated shootouts by firing long barrel hand guns loaded with blanks at each other. It was a reenactment of conditions in the days of old west when lawmen and outlaws fought it out. The club brought their cannon, supposedly of Civil War vintage, which they fired at intervals during both days of the show. A polka band played for 'listening' and dancing at an open air building both days of the show.

Phil Peterson of Hopkins, member of the Anoka Club was taking pictures. He owns a 12-24 Hart Parr gas tractor, three John Deere tractors, one a Model D and two General Purpose. He has a regular Farmall and just bought a 1930 Caterpillar.

The Jordan Steam Pumper was on exhibition. It is exactly like regular fire engines except it has a steam pump instead of a regular steam engine. It was bought in the 1880s by the city of Jordan and it was retired in 1925. Ermin Morrell of Jordan and Willard Olander of E. Union, Minnesota, completely overhauled it in 1967. Painting, polishing, etc. was done by Ted Smith who was a Jordan fireman. And he was at the last fire where it was used. Mr. Smith is in charge of it. The boiler has 200 flues and steam could be raised in five minutes.

A parade was held about 2:00 each afternoon. Engineers with steam engines taking part were John Schoening's 50 HP Case, Jim Mollenhauer with Bill dander's 22 HP Advance, Joe Selly with his 22 HP Advance; George Ohmann with Jim Mollenhauer's 24 HP Minneapolis and Florian C. Kart with Ermin Morell's 16 HP Advance.

Some of the gas tractors in the parade were Ray Pearson's 20-42 Nichols & Shepard gas tractor, George Ohmann's TD 40 Crawler IHC driven by Kevin Ohmann. Before we go on with them, we'll mention Rudy Adams of LeSeur, Minnesota with a 28 Hp Minneapolis steamer, and Dick Lindquist with a 60 HP Buffalo Springfield steam road roller owned by him in partnership with Jack Strand. It was used on street paving in South St. Paul. It could flatten out almost anything.

A gas powered road roller was on hand from the Schoening collection. They had their 35-70 Minneapolis gas tractor, a small Twin City and 1929 Forklift tractor, and their 65 HP Crawler tractor, and a 30 HP Crawler. Frank Boehme drove his 4 plow Allis Chalmers in the parade. In addition to the 50 HP Case, the Schoenings have two other steam engines; a 12 HP Russell and an 18 HP Case portable. Their list of tractors here is incomplete, more at home. Mike Lins drove a 1949 Page garden tractor in the parade. Ed Soley of Maple Plain, Minnesota was the driver of the above mentioned 1917 35-70 Minneapolis owned by John Schoening. A 38-42 John Deere tractor was driven by a 10 year old boy. A Model C Case tractor was driven by Shirely Nelson. There was an F-12 Farmall from Atwater, Minnesota. Jeff Kerko of Bell Plain, Minnesota drove a 10-20 McCormick Deering. Another 10-20 McCormick Deering pulled the Gopher thresher in the parade. Scott Irey drove a miniature Mack truck or rather it is a model built by his father. The Aultman and Taylor 30-60 gas tractor owned by the Boetcher family was in the parade. Antique vehicles in the parade included a 1925 Mack truck and several cars. William Boetcher was on the parade committee.

What proved to be a special attraction was when a two year old boy, little John Hennes, gave demonstrations at the controls of a 16 HP small bulldozer, a crawler gas tractor complete with a blade in front and a plow attached at the rear. Under the watchful eye of his father, Bill Hennes, a gravel contractor at Jordan, he moved the machine ahead, reversed it and turned it. He dropped the plow in the ground at the plowing demonstration and actually plowed. There was a short interruption, however, when his dad had to take him to the family car to change his diapers.

When the parade was over, threshing, lumber sawing and a Baker fan were main attractions. George Ohmann Jr., had Jim Mollenhauer's 24 HP Minneapolis steamer belted to the fan.

Down at the grain stacks, Bill Olander's 22 HP Advance engine and 32' Case separator with wing feeder was threshing oats and Jim Mollenhauer was the engineer.

At another location, Florian C. Karl had Ermin Morrell's 16 HP Advance running the Gopher thresher, threshing oats. The Gopher threshing machine was manufactured during the 1920s at New Prague, Minnesota. Mr. Karl was one of the mechanics at the factory. The late Joseph T. Rynda, Jr. 'Steam Engine Joe' was shop foreman.

At the plowing demonstration, honors went to John Schoening's 65 HP Crawler gas tractor and George Ohmann's T 'D' Crawler. Both took turns on an 8 bottom plow. Mr. Ohmann told me he won a trophy in a tractor pull contest at Rosemount the week before in tough competition. Mr. Kleir drove a fine team of horses hitched to a flat topped wagon most of the time loaded with people.

I did not get to see many of the small gas engine people. However, I did have a chat with Bob Holler and his wife, Betty. Bob is president of the St. Croix Valley Early Day Engine Club. The Hollers had six engines at the show. With a background of six years restoring engines, he'll be working at restoring four this winter. They gave away rope souvenirs made on a machine.

Courtesy of R. G. Lins, 13613 4 Avenue, South, Burnsuille, Minnesota 55337.

Rudy Adams is relaxing on his Minneapolis steam engine. This is one of the dozen steam traction engines which operated during the 1978 Scott-Carver Show.

Daryl Gulden had a 6 HP Galloway, a Maytag and other engines.

I saw my friend, Bud Wolf of St. Paul and the Lake Elmo Show. He told me Lehardt Frederic h bought a 25-50 Aultman and Taylor gas tractor at the late Archie Stevens auction this summer.

It is always nice to meet people you know so it was a pleasure to meet Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Belden at the show. Mr. Belden, a Northwest Airlines pilot now retired, has five Case steam engines ranging in size from 30 HP to 80 HP. The Beldens live at St. Paul Park, Minnesota.

I met Henry Bendzick of Jordon. We had an enjoyable chat. At the gate, I met Doris Bruhn and Darlene Luebke, ticket sellers. They helped me install a camera film in a camera that I knew little about. I met Mr. and Mrs. Harold Peterson of Mound, Minnesota who were attending their first steam show, and so like they all do, the 1978 Scott-Carver Show passed into history.