Seventeenth Annual Reunion of Tri State Historical Steam Engine Assn.

Larry Whaley and Christopher Whaley

Larry Whaley and Christopher Whaley, grandson and great-grandson of Paul Crow on the 1/4 scale Case model of Tom Hatcher & Sons. [Note Christopher's steam engine badge and cap. He was 7-1/2 months old at the time.] Larry and Christopher are from Indianapo

Paul Crow

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Between five and six thousand loyal supporters of antique farm steam and gas power made their way to Hookstown Fair Grounds on September 21 and 22. There they witnessed another successful exhibition of power machines that were in regular use of the farm of fifty years and more ago. Two days of ideal fall weather and ideal surroundings made this event one of our best efforts.

The usual array of traction engines, gas tractors, threshers, balers, sawmill, shingle mill, Burr stone grinder, and gas engines were there and all went through their part in demonstrations. As in the past, some form of activity was being shown throughout the two days, all on schedule. We have been complimented numerous times on this idea of presenting a show. The manager and announcer, Nello Mungai, had everything planned well ahead and kept things moving constantly.

Daily operations consisted of threshing and baling, fan demonstrations by the 110 Case, sawing logs, shingle making, flour and corn-meal grinding, and steam models and gas engines. The Hatcher Case Models always add to the interest, in addition to several antique automobiles and trucks. The whole-wheat flour and cornmeal was sold as fast as it could be handled, and we had fresh cider made right on the grounds and sold.

Two daily parades of all engines, tractors, horses and automobiles remain to be one of the most popular attractions for us. Featured this year in the parades were all the Case engines on the grounds being grouped together, four generations of one family appearing on one of the Case engines, and three engines running abreast, owned and operated by three still active members who were instrumental in having started the Association some 17 years ago.

For the threshing and baling, naturally our best attraction, we had the finest binder-cut wheat and oats we have seen in a long time. It had never gotten wet from the time it was cut and was supplied by Rambo Brothers.

J. L. Cotter showed his ever-popular display of operating stationary engines and the small gas engine department gets better with each year.

Lest we forget the women, they were on hand, in charge of another successful bazaar. They handled our subscriptions to magazines, memberships in the Association, and other important tasks. The gate and parking duties were in charge of Hooks town Volunteer Fire Department, and they turned in another fine job. Bill Burris' Green Valley Band continues to give us two fine performances on Saturday noon and evening and plays for the large square dance which adds the final touch to the show.

We initiated a new feature, which we hope to continue during each reunion. This year, we honored the memory of Jerome Increase Case (1819-1891) as the builder of approximately one-third of all the steam engines-farm engines, that is in the United States, and who was the undisputed leader in the threshing machine trade. At our show, we were proud to present one 110, two 50 Horse Power Case traction engines, one 17 x 22 Case Baler, and the superb ? scale and ? scale Case Models built by Tom Hatcher and Sons. We hope to so honor other makers of similar machinery each succeeding year. Plans have already been laid for a similar event to be held in 1974. The officers are grateful for the continued support we are receiving from the public. Officers of the Association are: Lester Lee, President; Craig Kern, Vice-President; Evelyn Crow, Treasurer and Paul Crow, Secretary. Directors are: Clark Colby, William Mungai, David McDonald, Glenn Fullerton, Charles Seeley, Willis Abel, Earl Hamilton, Tracy Lewton and Nello Mungai.