Shenandoah Steam and Gas Engine Association ... 1974 Reunion Report

8 HP bevel gear Aultman Taylor

An 8 HP bevel gear Aultman Taylor #6396 owned by myself and operated by Joe Newton, Randallstown, Maryland. Joe is my regular engineer, age 14, demonstrates his ability to handle the job as he moves the thresher into position at the Shenandoah Valley Assn

William E. Hall

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15700 Santini Road, Burtonsville, Maryland 20730.

Our 14th Annual Steam and Gas Engine show was held on the last full weekend in July as usual, the 26th, 27th and 28th. We always try to have the show the last weekend in July, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We have our show at the Ruitan Club horse show grounds, one mile west of Berryville Va., on Rt. # 7. The grounds are well shaded and we have a beautiful grandstand, plenty of parking and good rest rooms. We also have the use of many fine covered buildings for our flea markets and exhibits. The Ruitan club is in the process of erecting two more enclosed buildings, one of which will be a fully air conditioned kitchen and banquet hall. They will be a beautiful addition to the grounds.

I and about 6 to 10 of the workers, engineers and helpers, have always found space in one of the sheds to camp, cook, and park a couple of cars. This is where Sheldon Jones of Hyatts town, Md., always sets up his portable foundry. We are one of the few shows to have a foundry in operation, and Sheldon is frequently called on to stop casting souvenirs and make a part for a gas tractor, steam engine, or car. Due to the expansion of the flea market, we may lose our precious shelter next year. If you see a big pile of greasy bums sleeping under a big oak tree, it will just be us.

The display of large traction engines was about the same as last year, with Geiser, Frick, Garr-Scott and Aultman-Taylor represented. The Farquhas was not with us, but was replaced by a Frick and a Geiser portable that had not been with us before. Instead of my 20 hp., which has been here the last several years, I brought my newest toy. It is an Aultman-Taylor 8 hp bevel gear, engine #6396. It and the 1884 Garr-Scott are a nice little pair. I wanted to get the two of them together for a picture, but the owner of the Garr-Scott and I did not get together in time. I just got it home four weeks before the show, and did not get out of the hospital until a week later. However, with the help of my excellent young engineer, Joe Newton, age 14, of Randallstown, Md., it was ready and able. It is 8 hp., serial #6396, and was purchased from Mr. Fred Gray, of Vinton, Va. If anyone can give me any of the history of this engine, please write me and I will reply promptly. Little Joe, as I call him deserves a lot of credit as he does more at the show and knows more about steam than many of our older engineers. We are blessed at Berryville with many young engineers who are learning and they are becoming quite proficient. Amongst them are Wayne Beerum, Sheldon Jones, and about 8 or 10 more.

Our fine President, Mr. Wayne God love, had things well organized. Our hauling seemed to be much less of a problem, and the weatherman co-operated by calling for a beautiful Saturday and Sunday. His call was answered. We had an excellent gas engine display, as usual. Our tractor, model, and antique car display was also very good.

Our well experienced thresher man, Mr. Frank Anderson, supervises the setting of one of our threshers at the Shenandoah Valley Show, 1974. Courtesy of William E. Hall, 15700 Santini Road, Burtonsville, Maryland 20730

Our village blacksmith was in operation as usual, and proved his skill when my guide chain broke Friday morning. A new link was quickly made and installed in the old time way. Our shingle mill, sawmill, thresher and other equipment was in operation all three days. The official car for the parades and show, a 1930 Cadillac 7 passenger limousine powered by a V-16 engine was provided by Tom Ackerman of Waretown, N.J. It was used for transportation for our young and attractive secretary, Miss Linda Giles and others, and was driven by one of our young engineers, Wayne Beerum, of Silver Spring, Md. I wonder why Linda always rides up front with the chauffeur? I lost my engineer several times also. Bill Sprouse, Crozet, Va. that is a beautiful Case engine you bring every year, but your daughters are sabotaging our young engineers.

As usual, our Board of Directors and Officers did a fine job. The rail road was in operation again, as was our helicopter rides. Mr. & Mrs. Shaeffer were on hand as usual, with their stand for books, magazines, and souvenirs.

The Ruitan club provided us with good food service as usual. The officers, I, and my fellow directors wish to thank ail of those who displayed, helped and worked. Our annual banquet and election of officers is tentatively set for Saturday night, November 2nd in Winchester, Va. For additional information contact Miss Linda Giles, Rt. #1, Box 97, Bunkerhill, W. Va. If you can't make the banquet put our show for next year, July 25, 26, and 27, 1975 and come enjoy some southern hospitality.