Threshing Show Queens

Photo are some of the past threshing show ,'Queens'', special guests of the ''King Show''. Courtesy of Jeanette A. Draus, Route 1, Box 153, Davis Junction, Illinois 61020.

Jeanette A. Draus

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A beautifully tied bundle of oats stood symbolic of the common interests and goals discussed by the large group of representatives of the area shows who were invited to Kings, Illinois on the evening of February 24th, by the North Central Illinois Steam Power Show, Inc. The Harm Hayenga farm home, where the N.C.I.S.P.S.I. meetings are held, was the site of the thresherman's-style dinner, cooked and served by the ladies of the Kings Show, with Ethyl Svanda in charge. A delicious meal of roast beef, potatoes & gravy, vegetables and home-made relishes and salads was topped off by a dessert of rainbow sherbet and a large cake, artistically decorated with a colorful steam engine.

About eighty people attended the dinner and meeting; most of these were officers and their spouses, or other representatives, of the following six shows:

Stephenson County Antique Engine Club, Freeport, Illinois

Northern Illinois Steam Power Club, DeKalb, Illinois

Rock River Thresheree Association, Janesville, Wisconsin

Will County Threshermen's Association, New Lenox, Illinois

Antique Engine and Tractor Association, Geneseo, Illinois

Rock River Threshing Association, Prophetstown, Illinois

Hosts for the evening, were the officers of the North Central Illinois Steam Power Show: George Hedtke, President; Floyd King, Vice-President; Emil Svanda, Treasurer and Jon Schwartz, Secretary.

The Threshing Show Queens of the past shows were also on hand to help represent the North Central Illinois Steam Power Show.

Also, as guests that evening, were Mr. & Mrs. Peter H. Burno, of De Forest Wisconsin and Mr. & Mrs. Norman P. Radtke of Mundelein, Illinois. An informal and interesting speech was given by Mr. Burno, National President of the National Association of Power Engineers, concerning the possibility of future license requirements for operating engineers and the obtaining of a license now under the 'Grandfather's Clause', without examination. Norman Radtke, Secretary of the Illinois Board of Examining Engineers, of the same association, and Mr. Burno, answered questions regarding this licensing. Applications for licenses were filled out by many of the attending engineers.

A general open discussion was held concerning other matters of interest about threshing shows.

Entertainment, furnished by Mr. Rhinehardt Luebbers, of Roselle, Illinois, consisted of a beautiful slide presentation, 'America the Beautiful'. A narrated, color movie, made at the Kings Show, told the story of harvesting of golden grain, from the days of the grain cradle, through the steam and early gas tractor era, up to the present era of modern combines. This movie also depicted the typical operation of a threshing show.

It was a very friendly and lively event, all of the shows were well represented, having the common goal of improving our shows in the spirit of neighborly cooperation. We hope that get-togethers like this one will become commonplace among neighboring shows in the future.