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The following is an account of the trip to the Early American Steam Engine and Old Equipment Soc. show at Stewartstown, Pa. last July, by several members of the Md. Steam Hist. Soc. Inc., Upperco, Md.

'The Stewartstown Safari'

Dear friends of steam please lend an ear

An interesting tale your're going to hear

About some boys from here around

Who headed one Friday for Stewarts-town.

After much tugging to get on their loads

They now headed for the open roads Mt. Carmel Road was the place to meet

Some were late because of the heat.

Finally they all did get together

And followed their leader despite the hot weather

On up the expressway they did go

Heading for the Stewartstown show.

That night after eating and enjoying the display

They all decided to call it a day

Then there followed much chat about steam

Until tired eyes no longer did gleam

Then it was decided for all to retire

They'd have to rise early in order to fire!

But alasnot all could go to sleep

Someone kept talking and awake they did keep

Then too, there seemed to be a clown Playing tricks on those around Ask dear Walter what he found

As he lay his tired head down.

His pillow was not as soft as should be For there was something under it you see!

(He's still wondering who to sock for slipping in that hard, hard block!)

At last these characters settled down And things were quiet in Stewartstown.

Bright and early the next morn Even though no one sounded a horn All were up early and on their feet They were hungry and wanted to eat So all together they descended on the town

Went into a restaurant and sat themselves down.

After filling up, they decided to go Back to the grounds and the big steam show.

Poor Walter again was tricked by the clown

He was very sure he had cut his steam down

But upon returning, alas he found, His little engine was jumping all around

In conclusion we surely know The boys are very glad they did go Anddespite the dust and bugs and heat

Despite the work and problems and tried feet

These fellows surely enjoyed their trip

Thanks to the wives for granting the permit.