12 HP J. I. Case Engine

12 HP J. I. Case, return flue, straw burner, center crank owned by Calvin Whitaker. A real unusual engine!

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R. R. 6, Greensburg, Indiana 47240.

The Pioneer Engineers Club of Indiana held their 28th annual reunion at the Rush County Conservation Club grounds near Rushville, Indiana on August 6, 7, 8, 1976. Twenty-two large traction engines and over fifty tractors and oil pulls and numerous model engines were exhibited.

This year's feature engine was an 80 H. P. Case owned by Lawrence Walker of Morgantown, Indiana. There were a variety of other Case engines on display. They were: a 9 H.P. Case owned by Davis Sullivan of Markleville, a 50 HP Case owned by Jerry Moorman of Greensburg, and a 60 H.P. Case owned by Henry Youngblood of Monrovia. Perhaps the most unusual and rare engine was an 1898 return flue, centercrank J. I. Case strawburner owned by Calvin Whitaker of Pendleton. It is a real showpiece and created quite an attraction at our show. Mr. Whitaker restored and cleaned this engine to look like a new one.

Other large engines were: 12, 16, and 20 H.P. Russells; 2- 18 H.P. Hubers; a 20 H.P. Aultman Taylor; 2 - 20 H.P. Advance Rumelys; an 18, 19, 21-75, and a 23-90 Bakers; 19 H.P. Keck Gonnerman; 18 H.P. Gaar Scott double; 20 H.P. Double Rumely; 24 H. P. Port Huron compound; and the R.D.S. road locomotive owned by Roscoe Shiverdecker of Greenville, Ohio.

One engine that was a welcome return attraction was a little 12 H.P. Russell owned by Bruce Atkinson of Monrovia. This engine was formerly owned by our President Ray Jones and he exhibited this for many years.

The entire week before the show, good weather allowed the club to ready the grounds for one of the best shows; however, by Friday morning the rain started and forced all activities to a standstill. Friday afternoon a little sawing was done with Jerry Moorman's 18 H.P. Baker, but this was the only engine that ran that day. All other equipment was halted so that when the rain stopped, the grounds could dry off.

Saturday and Sunday the sun came out and made it ideal show weather. There was no fire danger and it was cool, pleasant temperatures. Both days were full of activities and all machinery operating. Lawrence Porter of Rushville provided the grain and separator for the threshing; a parade was held both days, and the Baker tan was operating throughout the days.

Saturday evening the Fiddlers' Contest was held with 8 contestants from Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Immediately afterwards a spark show was put on by Charles Geisler and his 18 H.P. Huber.

Both Saturday and Sunday were big days. Large crowds filled the grounds both days. Those who stayed away on Friday turned out on the last two days. Traffic backed up into Rushville, one mile away, but everyone who had to wait to get in said it was worth it.

Next year's show will be held on August 5,6,7. Officers elected at our annual October meeting for 1977 are: president, Ray Jones; vice president, Lawrence Porter; secretay- treasurer, Jerry Moorman. New Directors are Denis Schrank and Robert Crowell of Batesville, and Earl Walker of Paragon. The club thanks all who made the show the huge success and invites everyone back next year for our 29th reunion.