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I sense a feeling among our readers that they would like some stories other than stories about threshers, tractors, steam engines, and gas engines.

How many readers know that the same company that built Sandwich gas engines also built grain elevators to use on farms?

About 1942, 1 needed a grain elevator because of my back problems. No new elevators were available due to restrictions, but a friend told me of one in a farm windbreak of trees that could be bought. It turned out to be an all wood Sandwich elevator, 40 feet long, with steel wheels and steel axles.

I looked it over and the owner offered to take $25.00 for the whole mess. Take it all, or nothing.

I dismantled it the best I could, keeping everything for patterns. The horse power was not known and the wagon hoist was missing.

I took it home for tool measurements. A 1' x 12' fir board just fit for the bottom with 6' sides. So, I went to the lumber yard with my list of materials that I needed. They had a good stock of 20 foot 1' x 12' boards that I needed, with a full stock of sizes in half inch interval lengths.

I took my material home and went to work. In a week's time, I had a completed elevator (and it worked)!

The chain drag was all one piece that went to the end of the fold down hopper, no joint at the hinge up where the elevator section, and the dump hopper joined the elevator. It is the only elevator designed this way and was the only one I've ever seen. We liked the fact that there was no spilled grain at the joint.

Now this 40 foot elevator mounted on four wheels, 2 axles, was a lot harder to maneuver into place than a single axle, mounted elevator. I built my own design speed jack for use with a tractor.

Then when I was forced to quit farming, it was sold at my auction, and the buyer was the envy of the neighborhood because he had a 40 foot elevator and they had only a 32 foot length elevator.

It was equipped with malleable chains and soon wore out in five seasons. Then they were replaced with a Nico 40 steel unit.

Do any readers remember such an elevator manufactured by the Sandwich Company? Let's hear some early day potato digger stories because I always hated potato digging time, as well as corn picking time.