Soot in the flues

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Well Howdy to all you folks all over the world and I do hope the sun is shining there it surely isn't here! We've had wet, damp, misty, moisty, wetter, rainy weather, but I suppose before the summer ends, we'll be growling again for rain. Reckon the Good Lord has a mighty hard time trying to please this group on earth. Just hope it dries up enough the engines don't sink in the ground, or have to be put on floats and rowed in a parade.

Had a letter last month from E. P. Nelsen, Box 237, Bird City, Kansas, who mentioned that we have had several articles about using the steam engine for steaming tobacco beds and he wonders if this steaming is to kill weeds or worms or for what purpose. He wishes somebody would tell us as he would like to know. Let's hear from you.

Here's hoping Donald V. Philpott of Route 1, Box 127, Bonanza, Ore., is really feeling 'up to par' again. He was ill for quite a while and is now recovering. Cheery wishes, Don!

I was housecleaning the files the other week and was wondering if some of you people might be able to help me. I had received money from an Arthur Sears for a subscription some time back, and I threw the envelope away before I realized he had just his name and no address on the enclosed paper. I was in hopes I'd hear from him when he didn't get his magazine but I've never heard. Anyone know Arthur??? The same thing happened with a W. L. Vacura of Vacura Motors (evidently sells automobiles) as the letterhead indicates, but no address. Also from one of the reunions a slip was sent to me for a subscription for a Wayne Metz of 117 N. Freemont, Indiana, but it does not say which city in the state of Indiana. If you folks can help me on any of these, I would appreciate it. We certainly do not want to take people's money and give them nothing in return!

And here's a poem many of you will like, called:


If you have a hobby when growing old,
Pleasures of life will still unfold.
If you still love people and like to add
A bit of cheer to make them glad,
Your life will respond to the help you
And you will find it a joy to live.
Not counting your ills and your grief
and pain,
But holding your blessings that still
Then looking backward, may come
this thought -
That you prize the benison years have
Though the epics of youth have all
been sung,
You are not old if your heart is young!
-Agnes Davenport Bond

And that's about it for this time except for some quotes and remember to have a good time at the Reunions. Here's one for the steam engineers - The more steam you put into your work, the louder you can whistle when it's done. Folks used to make their own clothing on spinning wheels, now they lose their shirts on them . . . Don't blame a successful man for bragging a bit - when you catch a good string of fish, you don't go home by the back alley, do you??? Every day is judgment day use a lot of it! . . . Old Noah had his troubles with the weather and the clime, but he didn't have to struggle with daylight saving time. -(Ruth Smeltzer)