Soot in the Flues

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Well, this is one of the issues that is so full of ads and the coming events that I'll try not to 'gab' so much as I imagine you are more interested in the other pages.

First of all in the March-April issue on pages 45 and 46 we printed an article on the Riverboat known as the River Queen. The article was sent into us by Willis Wilcox, 349 East Arch, Madisonville, Kentucky 42431 and it was a very interesting one. HOWEVER, on February 14, we received two letters to tell us that this story is no longer true, that the River Queen is sinking. I quote from Ernest H. Drewel's letter (Labadie, Missouri 63055) as follows: 'After reading your article of the River Queen in the March-April magazine I thought you might be interested in the article of the Globe Democrat, (a paper from St. Louis). It was a good place to eat and well preserved-all except the hull. Don't know what made it sink. After firing a steam boat, I am a little close to these old boats.' He sent along 2 photos of the newspapers, but no permission slip to print them, thus I'm just telling you about it, but they show the boat over on her side and this was in February 1968.

Then--the other letter was from Geo. J. Kuhn, Jr. Route 1, Box 88, Golden Eagle, Illinois 62036 and he writes: 'The story on page 45-56 of March-April Album is about as far off as it can get. The River Queen has been at St. Louis for quite awhile and has been sunk for a month or more.' George went on to say how stories get so mixed up and how once they are given for print they are so different from the truth. He too, sent pictures from same paper as Ernest.

Well, fellows it was an interesting story and it was printed as we got it from Willis and as you can see it was taken from the Louisville Courier Journal and the staff writer, Harry Shaw, had done the write-up on it. So we surely feel it was the true picture at the time it was printed, but 1 don't know when that wasbut we thank both Ernest and George for bringing this to our attention. We could not have known this at the time of the printing or ever thereafter had they not written us. I'm wondering if there could have been two boats of this name as the photos in the Globe Democrat are, as I understand it, of a ship in St. Louis, Missouri while in Mr. Shaw's article it describes the ship as being in Florida. Any more comments will be appreciated. 1 did think I should let you folks know of these two letters though and I don't think any criticism was meant - we just want to keep the facts straight.

Another letter of interest and 'food for thought' comes from Perry Cramer, 1335 Church Street, Indiana, Pennsylvania 15701 and he says, 'I am a reader of Iron-Men Album and enjoy it very much and when reunion time comes, I like to attend the steam displays and meet the good country folks. We only had two of them last year, namely New Centerville, Pa., and Burgettstown, Pa. and they were both very interesting.

I tend three natural gas fired boilers (200 HP each). They furnish hot water and heat for the hospital. There is also an 8000 gallon tank of oil for emergency. Many times I look at these boilers and vision a huge traction engine with 12 ft. drive wheels, with 50 m. rims and front wheels 6 ft. high, also a big red fly-wheel.

Now, along with the praise for Steam Meets, I would like to offer somt criticism, because I don't favor running the shows on our Lord's day. God gave us 6 other days to work and play and to do what we choose. He only asked us to observe one out of seven as his day. Do you know why America became the greatest nation on earth? It's because it was founded on Christian principles by God fearing men. One by one these principles are being cast aside and our Creator becomes secondary. People are saying, at a more convenient season, we will call for Thee. Communist principles are being adopted, while the present generation drifts smoothly down the stream of time toward the Falls of Destruction. 1 am neither a minister or a lay minister, but 1 can see these things so plainly. Please don't feel angry at me. I love the country folk and hope to see many of you.'

I felt this letter was worth printing and it is 'food for thought' and 1 felt Perry was very dedicated to his convictions and that we ought to read his opinions. None of this to cause dissention among any of us and if it does nothing else - perhaps it will help someone along the way to stop and think a bit not about just how he lives on Sunday, but on every day of the week.

In closing, I'm going to print this prayer I've seen it before and wanted to keep it and misplaced it and then George Massey Gum of Box 127, Frankford, Delaware sent it in he had seen it in Ann Landers column. It's entitled 'Prayer for Older Folks' (and this means every one of us, no matter what age, for none of us are getting any younger)-Lord, thou knowest that I am growing older. Keep me from becoming too talkative, and particularly keep me from falling into the tiresome habit of expressing an opinion on every subject. Release me from the craving to straighten out everybody's affairs. Keep my mind free from the recital of endless details. Give me wings to get to the point.

Give me grace, dear Lord, to listen to others describe their aches and pains. Help me to endure the boredom with patience and to keep my lips sealed. For my own aches and pains are increasing in number and intensity and the pleasure of discussing them is becoming sweeter as the years go by.

Teach me the glorious lesson that, occasionally, I might be mistaken.

Keep me reasonably sweet; I do not wish to be a saint (saints are so hard to live with) but a sour woman is the crowning work of the devil.

Make me thoughtful, but not moody; helpful, but not pushy; independent, yet able to accept with graciousness favors that others wish to bestow on me.

Free me of the notion that simply because I have lived a long time I am wiser than those who have not lived so long.

If I do not approve of some of the changes that have taken place in recent years, give me the wisdom to keep my mouth shut.

Lord knows that when the end comes I would like to have a friend or two left.

AND isn't that some Food for Thought? Reminds me of my favorite prayer, 'Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things 1 cannot change, the Courage to change the things I can and the Wisdom to know the difference.

Bye bye do have a good summer-enjoy those reunions and those good friends, old and new.