Soot in the flues

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I don't know about you Folks, but right here it is COLD! I suppose this is the time the folks in the sunny South chuckle at all of we people who claim to love the four seasons-well, probably some would change their minds about now, but not me-I'll still take the good old Pennsylvania area for weather, beauty and etc. I'll admit though, I surely would enjoy a visit to the sunny South--well, who knows, maybe sometime.

I realize this is the Mar-Apr issue, but we are still picking up pine needles and trying to get rid of the last bits of cookies and Xmas candies.

Hope you had as nice a Christmas as we enjoyed. No. 1 son was home with us for two weeks and it was wonderful just to all be here together. Even Dad's luck held out and he made it home late Christmas Eve-from working on the railroad. (After all, he wouldn't want to miss all the excitement and shrieks of delight from the younger set). It's really a mad house until all presents are opened. Then of course it takes quit a while until we figure how to unpack the Cuckoo Clock, which was a gift to our five-year old Keli (she has been fascinated for a long time with them and was delighted when she opened it-a gift from Grandma and Pappy). We had no clock here in the dining-room, or office, or playroom or etc. (that's all the same room) so now the Cuckoo graces our wall. I never cared much for them, but I guess they're all right. I still feel insulted sometimes when he comes out with that COO COO.

Then Donald, the seven year old had among his toys a Johnny Reb Cannon. It's not harmful, but I had a fiendish thought (it would be lots of fun to un trim the tree with an item such as that-(and we wonder where our children get such impulses. I restrained myself though and had Father take down the tree in the proper manner.

Thirteen year old Dana, was more concerned with clothes and one of the absolute necessities of this modern age, a hair-dryer. I know, you are probably thinking-now-back when I was a you gun' - never heard of such things-but time marches on and we want to be in the parade of progress

Eighteen year old Eddie, was also interested in clothing (particularly warm ones-it's colder

at East Stroudsburg, than it is here.) He was very happy to receive a Hot-Pot (a pitcher-type pan or pot that heats water for tea, in just a few minutes-can be used for milk, soup, or etc.). It's quite a handy gadget and I'm sure will be used nightly for that ' break' in studies, just as so many of us take a coffee-break.

Now, it's very hard for me to get this column finished each time, for I don't consider myself a writer, and I'm not too good on 'steam talk', so I hope I haven't bored you too much with family chatter.

The state Farm Show is being held this week in Harrisburg, and I'm sure lots of you people would like to take it in, if you could. It is common knowledge in these parts that Farm Show week is always the worst week for ice and snow and bad driving conditions-but this year proved differently - it's just COLD.

And I'll close now with this little poem, entitled, IF YOU REFUSED - What would happen if each drop - Of rain refused to fall, - Or every sunbeam ceased to shine- Because it was so small? What would happen if each day- We chose to leave undone- An act of kindness, just because- It was a little one??

CARL E. GIBSON. Carl E. Gibson of Moumee, Ohio died Oct. 5, 1961. He was born in Edwardsport, Maryland. He was 69. He lived in Holland 12 years, worked for Standard Oil Co. as a plumber for 28 years. Mr. Gibson was active in the National Threshers and loved to attend the Reunions.

In his youth he ran Advance engines in Indiana. He helped obtain portable steam engine (the last one) from Standard Oil for the NTA organization.