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By the time this issue is out, we will probably have seen our first signs of the oncoming season popping from the ground and the whole world will be awakening to the glory of spring. As for me, I got my first inkling yesterday morning when I sleepily stumbled to the window to shut it after being awakened by the horrible alarm clock. I was caught right in the middle of a yawn that stopped me short and Bingo I was wide awake, for sitting outside were two beautiful fat chirping robins. Maybe I'm 'corny' but to me that is always a thrill to see the first robin of the year. I wonder if the robins ever realize how folks up north await their arrival I feel differently already, for although I love all the seasons, I feel like telling everyone, Spring is just around the corner. We'll probably have our spring spirits dampened more than once though until the March Lion gets through growling at us but nevertheless that feeling is everywhere hope the robins don't get too discouraged though if something happens like this poem suggests:

Northward the robin flew in Spring. It left him quite exhausted to find his bird-bath not yet thawed his worms, not yet defrosted.

Had a nice letter this week from Mrs. R. E. Maxwell and she says 'Sometime I'm east I want to visit our IRON-MEN ALBUM friends in Enola.' Well, you come right ahead, we'd be happy to chat a while. She is from Indiana but tells us her father was born and reared just back of Enola and many of her relatives are buried in the Enola cemetery. It's wonderful how a publication such as this brings many folks in touch with each other who have a lot in common or are from the same vicinity, that otherwise may have never met. It also proves 'It's a small world.' Many letters arriving now telling of the Reunion dates already for the forth-coming summer. Everyone If bubbling over with enthusiasm for the big events whereby good friend; and good engines will have the 'time of their lives.' It's a fascinating hobby and I can understand how it captures the emotions and undivided attention of the individuals involved.

Heard from Frances and Leonard Mann of Indiana they tell us they made a quick trip through central Indiana calling on the Rex Johnsons of North Terre Haute. Rex has been ill and would appreciate hearing from any of his old friends. They also visited the Stoll Brothers of Monegomery who are about to complete a fine model Case engine, and then had a good visit at the Jake Marners of Loogootee with their 21hp. Keck-Gonnerman and 25hp. Kitten. The Johnsons, above mentioned, have two engines, a 21-75 Baker and a 16hp. Huber. So you see the folks are getting 'steamed up' already for the reunions.

Would you folks like me to insert a recipe each time here again I want to please you, not what pleases me, for I have many interests but I don't know that others share them with me, so I'll try starting with this recipe Graham Cracker Delight:

1 cup butter
1  cup sugar
2  eggs
1 can crushed pineapple
1 cup nuts
1 cup shredded coconut
3  packages gelatin

Cream together butter, sugar and eggs. Add pineapple, nuts and cocoa-nut. Line a large shallow pan with whole graham crackers. Spread above mixture over it and then when the gelatin has been allowed to come to a setting point pour over the mixture. That's it! This dessert can be made 24 hours before and will serve 16-20 persons. Add whipped cream for garnish.

It's about the time of year too when young folks are looking ahead to a new life as they leave the school doors behind them and go on to college or some other step of life. I'd like to leave this thought for them especially and it has meaning for all of us. Our world is a college, events are teachers; happiness is the graduating point, character is the diploma God gives man. Think about this there is a lot of sense and meaning in it and that's it for now and Bye bye have fun, get those engines in shape and head for the reunions.