Soot in the flues

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Hi Dear Ones! When you are reading this issue the shows, reunions, meets, festivals, whatever will be in full swing - folks will be enjoying each others hobby interest and planning ahead for the future shows which are always anticipated as bigger, better, beautiful isn't it fun?? I know it is for I get the satisfied comments from all you wonderful folk and I know how much you enjoy these get-togethers. The good times pass all too quickly, don't they?? But then, you do have to have time to get back to the normal pattern of daily living and creating and working towards next year's goal. God bless each one of you - enjoy these times to the fullest.

A new group is having their first show on September 25 - their name is Williamsburg Lions Club Gas Engine, Steam and Tractor Show! They'll be meeting for this first show at the Williamsburg Lions Club Community Park. And we just want them to know the Magazine Families are wishing them much success and enthusiasm to continue for many years - and do let us hear how your first show was accomplished.

OTTO TILKER, R. R. 4, Metropolis, Illinois 62960 sounds happy as he writes: 'Just want to thank you for a wonderful picture on the July-August issue. It is just great. And I think most everyone will agree with me. Give us more of that if possible.

I was raised right up with steam and spent over thirty years doing all kinds of work with the engines, Jumbos and Kecks. They were all good. Ran the last steam rig to thresh in my county in year of 1949. We had no radios on them at that time, but we got some real music from the exhaust. Either on sawmill or thresher (Keck could out talk Jumbo) and neighbors have told me that late in the evening they would like to sit out in the yard and listen to old Keck talk.

I go through the Iron-Men first whenever it comes. Keep up the good work and good luck. I have sold some things through your paper and I must say I feel they are all a group of wonderful people.' (Thanks for a friendly note, Otto bet we could have a good chat if we met.)

DENNY KURTZNEIN, R. R.2, Box 88, Montevideo, Minnesota 56265 is restoring an A. D. Baker steam engine believed to be in the early 1900s. It is a 16 HP with an engine number of 459. He would like to know if anybody could tell him the original color and any other information.

A friendly letter comes from GUY E. KENYON, Box 997, Yermo, California 92398 as he begins with: 'Dear Anna Mae - I've been a subscriber to Iron-Men Album Magazine for many years - since it was first started and have practically every copy except some I loaned and didn't get them back. I consider you an old and trusted friend since I have been reading your column for so many years.

I want to commend you on at least two things: that beautiful cover on the July-August 1977 issue, and also for wrapping it in cellophane so it reaches us in decent condition. As you know, a hobby magazine such as yours arouses the curiosity of everyone who sees it. They can't resist thumbing through it, reading a little; soon its dog-earned and untidy. So keep up the good work and keep the magazine coming - we would surely hate to be without it.' (Well, I'm glad to hear from you Guy, but in both the above mentioned subjects, I can take NO CREDIT that credit goes to Editor Gerald Lestz and I'm sure he'll be pleased to read this. Thanks for writing and best wishes for continued I.M.A. reading - Guy is 80 years young and also has a nice handwriting.)

CLYDE D. BORDER, 1473 Westgate Drive, Kissimmee, Florida 32741 sends this 'I have to write you a short note to express my feelings regarding I.M.A. I enjoy it so much and I think the color cover is just grand - sure brings back memories. Keep up the fine work. First thing I read is about the cover, then to Soot in the Flues. Thanks again!

As I.M.A. is a farm magazine I am enclosing a poem that I think our readers would enjoy.

My wife learned it from her father over sixty years ago - author is unknown:

From PETER M. LEDWITH, Project Assistant, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and food, Ontario Agricultural Museum, Box 38, Milton, Ontario, Canada L9T 2Y3 comes the following paragraphs:

'We have recently acquired a couple of unique tractors for the Ontario Agricultural Museum for which we can find very little information. I would greatly appreciate a line or two in your 'Soot in the Flues' column, requesting your readers to supply us with whatever information they might have concerning the history of these pieces of machinery, or leads on parts, literature and so on.

The first tractor is a Stinson, built by the Stinson Mfg. Co., Superior, Wisconsin, powered by a Beaver engine, made in Milwaukee. This tractor is in poor condition, and requires a number of parts before it can be restored.

The other is a garden tractor, called the 'Bull Terrier,' made by the Haney Mfg. Co., Philadelphia. This tractor has been restored, but we have literally no information on it, other than its name and manufacturer.

I would greatly appreciate any help you could give me in this matter, and I hope that you have further success with your fine magazine.'

We extend best wishes to Appalachian Fall Farm Festival and Heritage Show with their upcoming Reunion - This is the first we have heard from them - certainly hope it won't be the last time. I noticed in their activities along with steam engines - wheat threshing and etc. they have a cow chip throwing contest (sounds different) and a tobacco spitting contest, log rolling-so lots doing in Ohio - keep it up! This is at Lake Snowden, one mile east of Albany, Ohio on US 50 - October 1 and 2.

CHARLES A STARK, Route 2, Box 167A, Republic, Missouri 65738 sent a letter and one of last year's souvenir programs from The Ozarks Steam Engine Association Steam-O-Rama. Thank you Charles, I appreciated seeing it. Quite a nice lot of pictures along with short stories and program data. Charles says they are a small show but have lots of fun and that is what the shows are all about. He is thankful they can get together for this type of fellowship, see old friends and make new ones.

The family came to Miles City in 1911 and filed on a homestead north of Miles City in the Taylor Creek area. Dad Nelson supported his family working for the 'Big Farmers' operating around Beach, North Dakota. Kelly Nelson, son of Robert W. Nelson loans this picture to Mr. John Anderson of Miles City, Montana for use in your magazine.

Also, The Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association will hold their National Meet at their show this year so they are looking forward to a big crowd.

Charles, wife and two daughters keep busy with family affairs, church work and engine shows.

Welcome to another new club known as The Northern Indiana Historical Power Association. It was formed early this spring when a group of men who were interested in the preservation of antique farm equipment and power joined together to form the organization. First show will be September 3, 4, 5, 1977. They tell us there will be something of interest to everyone so to another new group having the same interests as our reader shats off to you and may your efforts and desires prove fruitful. We're glad to have you in the Iron-Men Album family. Make yourselves at home in our midst we'll be happy to hear from you. By the way this show will be in Valparaiso, Indiana at Porter County Fair Grounds.

Had a nice visit one day from CHRIST B. STOLTZFUS, Route 1, Box 275, Gordonville, Pennsylvania 17529. Through our conversation he told me of a Frick Engine Club -now I had never heard of this and he sent me some material later to pass on to our readers as I'm sure some of you will be interested in it.

The Frick Engine Club in an association of Frick engine owners or enthusiasts. They are a clearing house for information about Frick engines, gathering and supplying this information to their members. They publish an annual list of Frick engines and owners. They provide reprints and books of interest to their members at discount prices. They help locate parts for Frick engines. They help you buy or sell engines. They are a non-profit club affiliated with The Old Time Historical Assn., Inc.

If you own, or are interested in Frick engines, you may want to become a member of The Frick Engine Club and enjoy associating with other Frick engine enthusiasts. For more information you can write Frick Engine Club, P. O. Box 70, Climax, North Carolina 27233.

I've been in touch lately with WILLIAM FOSHAG, Project Coordinator, Folklife Program, Smithsonian Institution, 2100 L'Enfant Plaza, Washington, D. C. 20560. He had hoped to reach some of you folks who might be interested in participating in the Folk life Festival, but after our conversation, I don't believe there would be enough time for anyone to apply, but I would like to tell you a bit about it - in case you are able to attend it as a spectator. You see, although this won't be held for a few months, all plans for such a large undertaking must be squared away at a very near date.

The Festival of American Folklife, presented yearly by the Smithsonian Institution, features musicians, dancers, cooks, craftspeople, and others in demonstrations of the rich traditional heritage of the American people. One part of this year's Festival will be a program concerning the traditional use of energy for the production of food. This demonstration will be a large part of the 1977 Festival, to be held from October 5-10 on the National Mall. During the six days of the Festival, up to one million visitors will attend and observe the presentations.

The energy conversion program will demonstrate the use of raw energy sources of wind, water, fire and muscle power. These power sources will be developed by various engines and mills, and transmitted by various means to food processing machines. Food will actually be processed and produced by these machines, and, when permitted by health regulations, distributed to the Festival visitors. (So that gives you a bit about what to expect and if possible, it would be well worth it to visit this affair. I suppose if you had any questions you could contact Mr. Foshag at the address given above and you probably would receive an answer.)

I think that about winds it up for this time and in parting might I remind you - just as soon as you know next year's show dates, get them to me I'll really appreciate it.

And might I leave you with this thought from Charles H. Spurgeon 'Be good, get good and do good. Do all the good you can, to all the people you can, in all the ways you can, as often as ever you can, as long as you can.'