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The members of the Illiani Steam and Hobby Club and their engines helped make money for the Home Hospital Fair at the Tippecanoe Co. Fair Grounds at Lafayette, Indiana, September 15, 16, and 17.

The following men furnished engines:

Merlin Warwick, Dayton, Ind. - Baker Uniflow. (Clinton Crider used his low boy to pull Warwick's engine to Lafayette.)

Carter Dalton, Ambia, Ind. - Case model and model Case threshing machine. M. C. Lake, South Bend, Ind. - model Advance.

Robert Smith, Woodland, Ill. - model engine and model corn sheller, operated by son, Bob Smith, Jr. Charles Dilden, Dayton, Ind.-model walking beam engine and a model mill engine. A1 Torrenga, Lafayette, Ind. - model antique engine. Wilmer Ransom, Talbot, Ind. - worked all three days.

Leonard Mann, Otterbein, Ind. - model 5h.p. Huber, Kelly Duplex mill, Kenwood stone burr grist mill with burrs from France with which they ground whole wheat flour and corn meal. He also took a National Coffee mill beautifully painted with two coats of bright red enamel, all restored, and all letters gold painted. Used to grind whole coffee beans.

The above men worked from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. every day. The demand for stone ground flour and corn meal was tremendous. There was a booth inside that sold it.

The booth next to it was a Muffin Shop where women made and sold whole wheat muffins and corn meal muffins and a pat of home-made butter for 10cents. One woman donated over 560 pats of butter with a picture stamped on each one.

The whole Fair netted over $17,500 which will be used to equip the new Emergency Unit for the Hospital.