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Yes, Friends, it is about time I was making a sketch or two for my friends to read up on Steam. My wife and I took a big trip this past summer and I will say that Iowa is a great state. We met lots of nice people and the steam engines I saw I will never forget.

You know, I've been told by certain men, that there is a special fellow and if you go to his home, he would take the rest of the day off. Well, if a man wants to come to my house and talk about steam, I will take the day off. When it gets in your blood, you can't help it.

I said one cold morning years ago in the cook wagon with the threshing machine that the syrup was as thick as steam cylinder oil - that steam cylinder oil was good to put on hot cakes (Say, fellows, try it sometime).

Ladies, you know how you women enjoy the program on T.V. called 'Girl Talk'? Well, now you understand.

On our trip to Iowa and toward the Mississippi, we stopped several places. We were in Yellowstone five days and I got some very nice slide pictures, and talked to lots of people on the way. I got some pictures of the worlds largest steam locomotive - Number 4004 in Holiday Park, East Lincoln Way, Cheyenne, Wyoming. This was one of a series of only 25 of this type ever built. It was retired from service on Dec. 21, 1956. I wonder how many times this engine has had its picture taken?

Another big stop was at Minden, Nebraska at Pioneer Village which shows mans progress since 1830. There are over 30,000 items in twenty two buildings, on twenty acres. It is 132 miles west of Lincoln, Nebraska. The founder is Harold Warp and the manager is T. C. Jensen. They will surely make you feel welcome. Mr. and Mrs. Jensen took my wife and I to lunch while we were there. Anyone taking a long trip and if you are within 100 miles of this place and don't stop and see it - your trip is not complete.

There were a few more stops. Our next big stop was at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. We were there nine days. What a show! The main show was five days and I believe the state of Iowa turned out for it.

Had a pleasant surprise as I met a friend from Spokane, Washington - Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Harsch. We had arrived at Pioneer Village almost at the same time and had a fine visit and then we met again at Mt. Pleasant.

Tom Graves and his wife were at Mt. Pleasant. Tom is the gas engine enthusiast from Tigard, Oregon. It's always nice to see someone you really know. We met people from New York, Canada, Alaska, Panama and all over the U.S.A., England and many more. The man from England showed pictures and slides from England.

Ed Vogel of Buhl, Idaho showed pictures too and gave a great talk on the steam engine in England. We also met Gilmar and Alice Johnson of Frederic, Wisconsin. Mrs. Johnson had a stand and sold the Iron-Men Album Magazine. Gil was a real handy man. Also a Mr. and Mrs. Williams from California.

Around 8 p.m. we would go to the Ladies Auxiliary tent and listen to country music and this is where they showed pictures too. A cowboy by the name of Mr. Yaws, would sing.

And a wonderful fine man was Leon Vandervoort of Tomah, Wisconsin with his little steam engine and miniature saw mill. He is a cousin of Wally Getman of Washougal, Washington. Wally is a steam engineer, an automobile mechanic and an all around wonderful man. He has a little beagle dog, Buster, that is a Mascot. And I want to say Thanks to all these good men at Mt. Pleasant.

We came back by the way of St. Louis, Missouri saw the Big Arch went to the Zoo and went to several caves in Missouri Monument Valley-saw where the four states come together at four cornerstook the narrow gauge train ride in Colorado, the greatest train ride I have ever taken and we were on this train ten hours.

In Salt Lake City, Utah, we went to see the Morman Temple visited L. K. Wood's home in Mendon, and saw the cemetery where he is buried - and he has a carving of a steam engine on his tombstone.

From Utah, back through Idaho and hit Oregon again. We had a wonderful trip covered 6500 miles without car trouble. We were unfortunate this winter though as I lost my brother, two brother-in-laws and one Uncle.

After we were back home about two weeks Wally Getman and wife and dog, Buster came over and ate Sunday dinner with us.

Two weeks later we went out for a ride on the Sunset Banks and Veronis Steam Railroad - saw Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fisher on the train.

We were glad we could make the trip to Mt. Pleasant as this trip was in my mind for ten years.

We have been working to sell our home in town so we can move out on our place we call the farm. When this happens, we'll let you know.