The 1977 Stump town Show

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Route 2, Box 332, Adena, Ohio 43901

The 1977 Stump town Show was blessed with two days of sunny, dry weather for their 15th annual reunion held on September 10 and 11. A large crowd attended the show both days. Memberships were bought from as far away as Missouri, Alabama and Florida and exhibitors traveled as far as 200 miles. Equipment at the show numbered 7 antique cars and trucks, 9 full sized steam traction engines, 4 scale model traction engines, 4 model stationary steam engines, 248 gas engines, 30 gas and oil tractors, 1 scale model oil pull, 4 threshers, 2 stationary balers, 1 sawmill, 1 scale model sawmill, 1 shingle mill, a stone burr cornmeal grinder, several feed grinders powered by gas engines, water pumps, corn shellers, power eater generator and other related old time farm machinery.

The Ladies Auxiliary sponsored the Thresherman's Queen and the Thresherman of the Year Award. Mrs. Dan Trushel was selected the Thresherman's Queen and Edgar Flowers was selected the Thresherman of the Year.

A slow engine race was held Saturday and Sunday at 1:00 with a trophy awarded each day. Joe Harrison, a young engineer and grandson of our president was the trophy winner on Saturday operating a 12 HP Russell owned by his grandfather, Charles Harrison, and Clarence Saffell. Sunday's winner was John Griffith operating his 16 HP 1920 A.&T. engine. Mr. Griffith was also the 1975 winner. Six engines entered the Saturday's contest and eight engines entered the Sunday's race. Both days after the slow engine race, a block race was held. The object of the block race is to see who is able to turn his engine completely around, back into a standing block and pull away from it without knocking the block over in the least amount of time. Competition was keen among the engineers in both of these races.

The sawmill, threshers, power eater generator, shingle mill and cornmeal grinders were kept busy by the steam engines and tractors. 'Gasoline Row' was very active with 248 gas engines registered. The gas engines were busy grinding corn, shelling corn, pumping water, generating electricity and many other chores that gas engines were built to do or just plain running! Cornmeal and wheat flour was ground on an antique stone burr mill powered by a 1916 Russell steamer and sold daily.

Cups featuring a Domestic gas engine and plates featuring a 16 HP A.&T. engine were on sale both days. The Ladies Auxiliary sponsored a quilt raffle with the drawing being held on Sunday before the parade. There were several flea markets and craft displays. Food concessions were kept busy serving good things to eat. Soup beans cooked in an iron kettle on an open fire and corn bread were on sale both days. Noon each day was signaled by a mass blowing of whistles.

Saturday's parade was lead by the Thresherman Queen and the Thresherman of the Year riding in a 1923 Model T. 1 ton truck. After the parade a whistle blow was held. Whistles were blown that had not been heard for years.

A Blue Grass musical group featuring guitar, banjo and fiddle music entertained the crowd. Before the fiddling contest, a man played the dulcimer accompanied by a guitar player.

Fifteen contestants entered the fiddling contest which was in charge of Raymond Laizure. Trophies were awarded to Don Wilson, 1st place, Cliff Hardesty, 2nd place and Jim Ady, 3rd place in the under 60 category. Trophy winners in the over 60 category were Gene Dudley, 1st place, Paul Hood, 2nd place and Bill Ross, 3rd place. A 1977 cup and plate and entrance money was given to each contestant.

Sunday's festivities began with an inspiring church service lead by Mr. Rogers and Mr. Burkhead. The grand parade was lead by the Thresherman Queen and the Thresherman of the Year riding on the rear of a 1932 Chevrolet pick-up owned by the Ralph Simmers Family of New Philadelphia, Ohio. Plaques were awarded to all exhibitors. An added attraction on Sunday were several antique cars and trucks.

'Mickey' MacDonald from Grafton, Ohio served as M.C.

The Stump town Club wishes to thank all who helped make the show a success: the exhibitors who provide the equipment, the people who gave their time and talent to put on the show and the spectators who pay the expenses. Without the cooperation of all, no show can be successful.

Next year's show will be the weekend after Labor Day, September 9, 10, 1978.