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Secretary, Stumptown Steam Threshers Club

The Lord again smiled down on the 1980 Stumptown Steam Threshers Show. Good weather prevailed both days. Several wet spots caused the show grounds to be somewhat crowded but a nice crowd was on hand both days. The show opened with the singing of 'God Bless America' by Mrs. Anna Burton while the flag was being raised and then Lester Nabb offered prayer. Then the saw mill, generator, shingle mill, corn meal machines and the threshers got into action. Young and old were entertained by Gary Arnold with his scale engine sawmill and boiler.

At 1:00 the slow engine race began. Joe Harrison on his grandfather's 20 HP Russell took the antique engine trophy and Bill Arnold on his 'Goat' -scale engine won in his category. The block race with the antique engines was won by John McDowell on his 21-75 Baker in 42 seconds and Bill Arnold won the -scale block race with his 'Goat.'

At 2:00 Jim Fisher was chosen to be the Thresherman of the Year and Virginia VanDyne was crowned the Thresherman's Queen. The parade started at 4:00 led by the newly chosen Thresherman of the Year and the Queen riding on a 1922 1-ton Model T. truck which was owned by Ralph Jones of Woodsfield. Following the parade, the tobacco spitting contest was held. Twenty entrants entered the contest and the winner, Terry Kellermeyer, spit 20 feet and won the bronze spittoon. Helen Cobbs was the only female brave enough to enter. She spit 6 feet, 1 inch and won a T-shirt for her efforts.

At 7:00 the wagon-backing contest got underway. Only two contestants were able to back the wagon over the full course and park. The tractors were divided into two categories, wide front end and tricycle front end. All tractors had to be built before 1945 and all were hooked to the wagon by the rear drawbar. Dick Lyle completed the course in 45 seconds on his J.D. B tractor and John Miller took one minute, 30 seconds. Henry Niemiec was the closest with the wide front end J.D. L tractor.

The Ladies' Auxiliary auctioned off a quilt that they had made. It was bought by Carroll Garrett of Glenford. The old time fiddlers contest was held at 8:00 under the direction of Bert Toole. Fifteen fiddlers entered in two categories, under 30 and over 30. First place winner in the under 30 class was John Jefferies, second place was Mike Gerber and third place was Larry Stalk. Dorman Jefferies, father of the above winner, took first place in the over 30 class, Don Wilson won second and Jim Addy won third. Bill Able and Skipp Brenniger were the M.C.'s.

Sunday's activities began with church services conducted by Marion Rogers. Music and singing was provided by Thelma McConnell, Anna Burton and Kathy Sleuts. The usual activities got underway after the church services. At 1:00 the slow engine race was held. Henry Niemiec was the winner in the antique class on Saffell's 12 HP Russell and Chris Arnold won on his dad's 'goat' in the -scale competition.

In the block race, Phil McDowell, son of Saturday's winner, was the winner on his dad's 21-75 Baker in 38 seconds. Chris Arnold took the -scale race by beating Earl Hamilton by two seconds and Tom Hatcher by three seconds.

The Ladies' Auxiliary raffled off another quilt that they had made. It was won by Lee Phillips of Wells-ville. Plenty of good food was served by the New Athens Firemen's Auxiliary and the Lafferty Womens Club. The warm weather kept the ice cream and snow cone stands busy and the soft drinks flowing.

At 4:00 the grand parade got under way. All rolling equipment entered the parade and plaques were given to all entrants. 230 gas engines, 50 tractors, 20 model steam engines, 3 antique cars and trucks, 9 full size steamers, 3 -scale steamers and 2 -size steamers were registered.

Our prayers and thanks go to Mickey MacDonald who has been our M.C. for several years but was unable to come to our show this year because of sickness. He was so kind as to send his equipment with his brother-in-law so that 'the show could go on.' Our prayers also go to the family of John Sell, who was unable to attend our show with his engine and shingle mill. John has since passed away.

Special thanks go to Lester Nabb who filled in as M.C. and did a marvelous job. Also thanks go to 'Auggie' Keyser who assisted him and to the New Athens Firemen for the fine job of parking cars in the muddy fields.

The Stumptown officers and directors wish to thank all who worked so hard to make our show a success and all the exhibitors who displayed. Also thanks go to all spectators for without them we could not afford to have a show. See you this year on September 12 and 13, the weekend after Labor Day.