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R.F.D. 1, Box 193, Sharon Road, Bridgeport, Ohio 43912

Our 7th Annual Reunion is now history. Our crowds are getting larger and larger every year or our grounds are getting smaller and smaller, we don't know which. It rained off and on all day on Saturday but did not seem to dampen the spirits of the crowd. They just took a plastic rain coat out of their pocket or purse and went on their merry way. Sunday, the rain stayed off until the very end of the show and then came down in bucket fulls. Every one ran for shelter. Several cars had to be pulled out and the grounds looked like a mud hole.

Our working engines were as follows: 9 hp. Case owned by W. C. Dunlap, New Athens, Ohio; 20 hp. Russell owned by Charles Harrison, Scio, Ohio; 16 hp. Russell owned by William Humphreville, Mt. Pleasant, Ohio; 16 hp. Huber, Herbert Holmes, Moundsville, West Virginia; 16 hp. Frick owned by Raymond Laizure, Cadiz, Ohio; a Home Built Engine owned by Harry Rogers, Kensington, Ohio; 19 hp. Port Huron owned by Elmer Wenger, Dalton, Ohio; 24hp. Greyhound owned by Edgar and William Flowers,

Adena, Ohio; 6 hp. Russell Portable, Francis Young, East Sparta, Ohio; 15 hp. Peerless, Herbert Holmes, Moundsville, West Virginia; 20 hp. Farquhar, Glenn Fullerton, Burgettstown, Penna; 16 hp. Russell, Raymond Laizure, Cadiz, Ohio; 20 hp. Aultman-Taylor, George Richey, Norwich, Ohio; 19 hp. Baker, John McDowell, Plainfield, Ohio; 20 hp.

Reeves, Asel A. Gabel, Bridgeport, Ohio; 1/4 scale model Case Engine, 1/2 scale model Case Engine owned by Thomas Hatcher and sons, New Concord, Ohio; Scale Model Frick, Russell Gay, Waynes-burg, Penna; Free Lance model Engine, Gary J. Arnold, Marietta, Ohio and Oil Field Steam Engine, William Flowers, Adena, Ohio.

Our separators on display and working; 30' Champion Hand Fed Build in 1895; one 28-46 Case; two 28-46 Red River Specials and a Geiser. The Geiser is not quite ready for working yet. We just received it a few days before the show.

Our Balers were one John Deere 18 x 22, and one Oliver 16 x 18. Our small model engines and gas engines display are getting larger every year. Our mule team and covered wagon was there again this year. We also had a Birdsell road wagon pulled by a beautiful pair of Belgin Horses which attracted a lot of attention and was in our Parade.

We had two baker fans and an Ash-craft Test Fan which were set to turning often. Our saw mill buzzed away both days turning out some fine lumber. The

This picture shows the % scale model Case engine and right behind it the scale model Case engine owned and operated by Thomas Hatcher and Sons of New Concord, Ohio. Right behind them is an International Tractor pulling an Oliver Baler which is owned by C. W. Saffell of Belmont, Ohio. This is Sunday's Grand Parade. Courtesy of Asel A. Gabel, R.F.D. 1, Box 193, Sharon Road, Bridgeport, Ohio 43912

20 hp. Reeves engine owned by Asel A. Gabel, Bridgeport, Ohio, operated by Mr. M. D. Pickering of Scio, Ohio. Mr. Charles Harrison of Scio, Ohio, Coordinator of our show is seen at the left of the engine. The engine is pulling a Case separator. Courtesy of Asel A. Gabel, R.F.D. 1, Box 193, SharonRoad, Bridgeport, Ohio 43912 shingle mill was kept busy and every one went away with a souvenir shingle. The logs were sawed out for the shingle mill on a scale model saw mill owned by Mr. Thomas Hatcher and Sons, New Concord, Ohio.

This year we brought the corn crib, which is rodent proof, to the show so people could see how our corn is hand selected and kept for our corn meal. It is owned by Mr. Edgar Flowers of Adena, Ohio. We shelled the corn right at the show. Our stone burr corn meal machine was kept busy making corn meal. People stood in line to buy a bag or two of that good old fashioned corn meal.

We also had a horse power feed mill which was put to work to grind corn and oats for the horses. Our Whistle Chorus is at 12 noon each day. Quite a few antique cars and trucks were in our parade. Doc Saffell of Belmont, Ohio, had a wonderful display of antique clocks which was enjoyed by all.

The Ladies of our group had a bazaar, antique show and bake sale. Many lovely old antiques were on display, including a washing machine way over a hundred years old.

Our picture gallery is always a popular place. The pictures are all owned and displayed by Mr. Raymond Laizure, Cadiz, Ohio.

Every day at 4 p.m., we had our grand parade which gave the crowds an opportunity to see the antiques and models pass in review. Mr. Kenny Cope was in Charge of the P. A. System. Mrs. Ginevra Dickerson was crowned queen of our show and she headed the parade both days riding in a buggy pulled by a beautiful Belgin horse.

On Saturday Evening, we had a garden tractor pulling contest. This was followed by square dancing for several hours.

Sunday Morning at 9, we had our worship service which always features the hymn 'Bringing in the Sheaves.'

On November 1st, we had our fall fun meet at the 4-H building at Cadiz, Ohio. We had a covered dish dinner with ham, turkey, rolls and coffee served by the club. Our tables were decorated with pumpkins which had faces drawn on them. A kerchief around the neck and an engineers hat on top. The name of an officer and director was at each one of them. As part of the program, while every one was at the tables, the following poem was read by Mrs. Charles Harrison:

The Success of our Steam Club leaves no one surprised Because we all know of the good men which it's comprised. Now let's take a moment just to review

A few of the men on this STUMP-TOWN CREW! There's Raymond Davis just dying to 'Tussell' With any part of an engine, especially a Russell. Just give him a wrench and a problem that's tough And hell solve it like that, no huff no puff.

Now Bill Humphreville's reserved and quiet, but witty Always willing to serve on just about any committee. A guy kind of thin, but his body's all muscle, Could it be that at times he pushes his Russell?

Poor Bill Flowers his problems are four, But who knows what kind of good luck is in store. For they all could marry owners of steam tractors, too, And we hope they 'll all join the STUMPTOWN CREW!

Then there's a guy that can do anything with Engines, antiques, and building he's got lots of zing. That's Edgar Flowers as proud as can be when he's running his Greyhound around merrily!

From Moundsville, W. Va., comes Herbert Holmes With his Peerless and Huber quite often he roams. Our Club is real happy and we 're not hesitant To say we 're lucky that we have him a vice president! Out from the army came young Lester Toole. A darn Good Worker and Nerves that are cool, He knows those Cat Tractors inside out, And When he rebuilds them there's never a doubt! They say that Ray Laizure can fiddle till three, His hearing is lousy, but boy can he see. Cause he picked him a marvelous Russell and Frick Engines with power and steam that is thick! One half of an engine is better than none Cause even a half can bring hours of fun. Clarence Saffell's the guy, a thresher-man past, When he's thru with that engine, it surely will last!

We're lucky that Gabel and his wife do record All of the things that our club can afford. The hours he spends are not in vain, When he reviews all decisions, it makes things quite plain! and last but not least, tho he's not on the board to the club he's devoted and his energies poured. That's Charles Harrison who contributes his own steam to the best interests of the STUMP-TOWN TEAM!

Billows of smoke and clouds of steam We will never forget our STUMP-TOWN TEAM! After dinner, we showed movies and square danced for several hours. Our attendance was estimated to be between 265 and 300 and came from four states. The prize for coming the fartherest was won by a lady member from Baltimore, Md. The oldest person present was 83 and the youngest ten months. Our officers are Mr. Charles Harrison, Scio, Ohio, President; Mr. Herbert Holmes, Moundsville, West Virginia, Vice President; Mr. Asel A. Gabel, Bridgeport, Ohio, Secretary-Treasurer. Our Board of Directors are: Raymond Davis, Scio, Ohio, Raymond Laizure, Cadiz, Ohio. William Humphreville, Mt. Pleasant, Ohio, Edgar Flowers, Adena, Ohio, William Flowers, Adena, Ohio, Herbert Holmes, Moundsville, West Va., C. W. Saffell, Belmont, Ohio and Lester Toole, Cadiz, Ohio. We were very sad indeed at the passing of two of our beloved members, Mr. Ralph Dickerson, our former Secretary-Treasurer, who passed away in May and Mr. Sherman Busby, a former director who passed away in August. Now remember folks our show is always the Saturday and Sunday following Labor Day. Hope to see you all next year.