SUBJECT-GENEALOGY-in a Steam Magazine????

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Route 1, Meade, Washington 99021.

Did you ever consider your magazine connected to Genealogy? Well, I will and have. It all started about three years ago when I answered an ad from your magazine of a J. Lewis Meachem in Chillicothe, Ohio. That little ad in your paper changed my whole life.

My name years ago was Meacham and my grandfather, who was a steam engineer, changed it to Mitcham and married my grandmother 'Stanley' under the name Mitcham.

Lewis Meachem, who also has changed it from Meacham gave me a lot of Meacham history and put me into a new hobby Genealogy.

I have found over 250 new relatives and have traced the Meachams back to 1750 to North Carolina and Virginia and I have just started.

This summer we took in only one steam-up and that was the Pinckneyville, Illinois Show and it was O.K.

My wife and I took a trip back to Kentucky from August 2nd to October 15, 1969. We wanted to take in Mount Pleasant Show but we were snowed under with relatives. I visited nine first cousins of my father (he died in 1925). They were ages 71 to 90. Near Hopkinsville, Kentucky, I climbed the Pilot Rock, 960 feet, where my grandfather played when he was a boy

I have always been a steam fan, but now I have another hobby and I have this to say to others don't start in Genealogy for if you do, you will never want to die.

(And I have this to say, Clarence Meacham, Meachem, Mitcham, don't gel too carried away with Genealogy and forget the steam interests but then on the other hand all these relatives you're finding could become interested in steam through you so that is the optimistic view, I'll take. Anna Mae. -No kidding, we're happy for you and tickled that it was through our magazine you are finding such pleasure in another hobby.)