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Approximately 500 persons attended the first annual Golden Spread Antique Machinery Show Saturday and Sunday, August 19, 20, 1978 at the Donald Sell farm, southwest of Booker, Texas. They saw the old time threshing demonstrations, antique machinery and other attractions.

Besides the threshing demonstrations and showing how wheat and other grain crops used to be harvested, the show featured a demonstration of the old wheat header and header type barge driven by mules, some old time baling, and a plowing demonstration by an old-time horsedrawn plow.

They also put on parades of the old time machinery, held a slow tractor race, and on Sunday morning held church services with the Rev. Richard Edwards of the Booker United Methodist Church giving the sermon and Onnie Griffin of Booker leading the song service.

Side features included some horseback rides for children given by Glenda Sell, Donald's daughter, and a ride on a fire truck.

Members of the association and Donald Sell had more than 50 tractors, steam engines, threshing machines and other antique farm machinery on display at the show and some 6 or 7 steam engines or Rumely oil pulls were in operation.

A tent was set up at the site and the weatherman cooperated with cooler weather that was only in the 70s and 80s on Saturday and up to the low 90s on Sunday.

People from Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas and even Nebraska attended the show and from all neighboring towns, plus Pampa and Amarillo.

A concession stand was operated by Alpha Epsilon Delta Sorority of Booker.

Donald Sell and association directors thanked everyone who helped put on the show, moved the equipment and did the various work involved.