The Baby Keck

Baby Keck Model

Verble's Baby Keck with his son, Don and his dog.

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R. D. 1, Cairo, Illinois

I am a long time threshing machine man, I was 14 years old when I started operating machines for my father. I have never been able to get them out of my blood so I decided to build a scale Model of a Keck-Gonnerman engine. I made the boiler out of a 10-12 inch old well casing. Five feet long (82 in. overall). It is 51 inches high, 34 inches wide. The smoke stack is a truck axle housing. Boiler holds 12 gallon of water and the side tanks hold 6 gallons each. The boiler has two flues made of automobile drive shaft tubing. The firebox is 18 inches long by 7 inches wide. I carry 55 to 60 pounds pressure. The boiler is fed with a Penberthy injector one-half inch in size. Coal bunkers carry 25 lbs. of coal.

The rear wheels are 6:00x16 auto wheels mounted on front axle spin dies. The front wheels are 4:00x8. The engine is steered by a worm gear welded to the firebox and a chain connects the front axle in the conventional manner.

The engine has a 2 inch bore by 4 inch stroke. The crankshaft is in. xl4 in. long. The engine has stack blower, exhaust in stack. It is pulled with a chain and a V belt which is run by a cone clutch. It has an eccentric slide valve, a steam lubricator, inch safety valve and everything works perfectly.

My son Don Verble, who is seven years of age, is the engineer of this 'Baby Keck', and enjoys it very much.