The Bridgewater Volunteer Fire Company Show

Russell engine

Russell engine owned by Sam Osborne, New Oxford, Pennsylvania. At the controls, Lewis Clemmer, Dayton, Virginia, Frank Stoutamyer riding along at the Bridgewater Fire Company Show, Bridgewater, Virginia. Courtesy of Charles Clemmer, Dayton, Virginia 2282

Charles Clemmer

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Another year has rolled around and time for a show report. On July 19, 20, 21, 1973, our Fourth Annual Lawn Party, Steam and Gas Meet was held in Bridgewater, Virginia.

In steam, the exhibitors were: Ray Mace, 'S' Peerless, Mike Williams, 10 HP Frick, Martin L. Good, 50 HP Peerless, Wilson 'Bill' Harper, 50 HP Peerless, Steve Shirkey, 15 HP Case, Gary Shifflett, 10 HP Garr Scott, Harlan Singer, 50 HP Frick, Stanley Evers, 'G' Peerless, Don and Rudolph Evers, 9 X 10 - 60 HP Frick, Sam Osborne, 60 HP Russell and 'TT' Peerless, Gilbert Purdam 'TT' Peerless, Mason Machine Shop L. Spence, 6 HP Erie Steam Shovel, Buckeye Engine, Ralph Rhodes, 8-? X 10 Frick, large portable boiler, Farquhar 82-3' flues. Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Idol, Winston-Salem, N.C. exhibited a Cretors steam engine powering a sewing machine.

In the gas tractors: Bob Burkholder, John Deere AO, Pat Burkholder, John Deere AR, Harold Burkholder, Moline Universal 9-18, Dennis Randolph, McCormick Deering 10-20, Cecil Knicely, McCormick-Deering 10-20, Bill Eckard, Farmall F-20, Dale Hallen, Farmall Regular, Norman Puffenbarger, McCormick-Deering W-12, Carl E. Rhodes, Jr., Farmall F-12, Raymond Foltz, Titan 10-20, Howard Hartman, Titan 10-20, Dan Rhodes, John Deere A, Curtis Kiser, John Deere GP, Vickie Kiser, John Deere AR, Nelson Brunk, Farmall F-14, Gene Kauffman, Oil Pull 20-35, Carlton Shickel, Oil Pull 20-40, Charles Sheffer, McCormick Deering WK-40.

We were real proud of the gas engine exhibitors as the number increased from 86 engines to 118 engines this show. A good variety of different names were on display.

Saturday, being the last day of our show, we have an Antique Car Show and Parade. We had 124 antique cars attend this show. Anyone interested in the Antique Car Show write: T. C. Craun, Jr., Mt. Crawford, Virginia 22841.

Our show in July 18, 19, 20, 1974 promises us new faces, new exhibitions at this writing. The Bridgewater Volunteer Fire Company welcomes all steam and gas enthusiasts.

A letter of appreciation to the young folks comes from DUANE KING, Oskaloosa, Kansas 66066 -'We hear a great deal about all the fine middle-aged and older men, which is good. But, I would like to share with you a recent experience with a brand new (Buff).

This young man I have known for about two years. His name is Wayne Walker from Pottawatomie County, Kansas. His home is between Onaga and Wamego, in very beautiful farm country. On a recent visit to his home, we had the pleasure of meeting his Dad, two brothers and the pet Bobcat, who very leisurely lies on top of the piano or the rug, where he feels like. (Yep, I'd let him lie wherever he wanted to!! - you betcha!)

This young man is a Senior at Wamego High School and one of his subjects there is mechanical drawing and he may very well help teach the class. He has quite a collection of engines, large and small. Several are restored by Wayne. But he impressed me most with his ability to sketch drawings for each engine, with every nut, bolt, every part in exact position. He gave me the feeling that his great interest in engines may have made it hard to stay at school work some days.

He is a very quiet young man and seems real steady for his age. You may find him at home farming or busy on his engines, or out hunting an engine he has heard about. I have such a good feeling from knowing him. I just thought I would attempt to share it with all of you. Still better yet, look him up when you come to Kansas. He is nearly always at our Steam Engine Show at Mc Louth, Kansas, the first week-end in August.

Let's not overlook these important young people for they may soon be antique May they all be good ones! (Amen to that and may we never fail to recognize these young men that are interested in your hobby - they would probably like your assistance and in return you may well be enlightened by their innovations to the fascinating hobby).

PAUL H. MINCER from 4410 NE 13 Terrace, Oakland Park, Fla. 33308 sends a request for help. His letter goes like this: 'Perhaps you can help me with some information.

I enjoy model making and have made a McCormick-Deering binder and now wish to make the separator and steam tractor. I have made the reaper-binder from photos I took and have enough photos to make the separator but need someone to direct me to prints or similar matter on a steam tractor Case, I prefer. I would appreciate any information you could render.' (Notice his letterhead symbol - that's different and tells you of some of his interests).

And now it's time to finish this column and I know all you diligent steam fans are painting and cleaning and fixing and dreaming of the soon forthcoming Reunions -they'll be here before you know it -and once more you'll be greeting your good friends at the Steam Shows and enjoying all the makings of next winter's memories

In the meantime (weather) -spelled wrong on purpose - it's Spring or not - Say it with flowers!

Sincerely - Anna Mae.