The Clinton Jacksons

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Pontiac, Illinois

Mr. Zehr made a visit with the Jacksons and then wrote to us about them. We liked it so much that we readily pass it on to you. We think we know the Jacksons now. Maybe you will too. Elmer

ARLY THIS WEEK MRS. Zehr and I were on our way home from Rhinelander, Wisconsin, and by driving a few miles out of our way we were able to pass by the beautiful country home of our good friends, the Clinton Jacksons, near Eleva, Wisconsin.

The setting of this old style country home is of unusual beauty, nestled among the rolling hills, with plenty of very rich farm land. Mr. Jackson is a college graduate and a real thinking person, especially about steam engines and other machinery, such, as saw mills, revamping some of the old thresher engines, putting two steam domes on an Avery undermounted 22 making a real Hot Rod out of a 14 Minneapolis return flue, which Mr. Jackson is asked to show at many gatherings, and most generally gets paid for doing it.

Mr. Jackson has patented and perfected an unusual portable saw mill which can be set and operated in 20 minutes with but one person, being head sawyer, carriage man, log turner, saw dust carrier, in fact he does all but roll the logs and pile the lumber. This can be hauled down a paved highway at a speed of 50 miles per hour, is very sturdily built which causes it to produce almost perfectly cut lumber. He also is a designer and draftsman.

Mr. Jackson has recently patented and is manufacturing what I call a 'miracle'. Personally I have had some years operating a portable saw mill and feel I am qualified to comment on this new invention. It is a portable saw filing machine. He can file and swedge a 60' saw in five minutes. These machines can be attached to a mill and left on it ready to be put into service on a seconds notice. In fact it grinds the tooth to a perfect sharp edge and keeps the two high points square as they must be to do clean and straight sawing. It beats anything I have ever seen.

Mr. Jackson has a collection of several good steam engines and has them all cleaned up and painted, and as ready as the old time steam fire engine, which I think is very commendable. So many of our so-called hobbyists are a little careless about getting engines in shape but not so with Jackson.

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson have a very beautiful daughter, who is not only a capable private secretary, but a good help to her mother and a good handler of this big Avery 22. She has promised me a ride on the old Avery. Last, but not least by any means, Mrs. Jackson is a real mother and helpmate around this fine home. She is a real hostess and a real housekeeper and also is able to plant several acres of Wisconsin pines. Mr. Jackson saw an opportunity to get water pressure to his lovely home without much effort since he dug his well on top of one of the nearby hills, and also erected his aerial on top of this same hill, which gives him very good reception of his TV set. Jackson has a machine shop on his farm which would have put some of the smaller thresher manufacturers to shame. He is also a real welder since he understands the handling of steel and other metals and knows the reaction of certain metals when put under a great heat.

It is time well spent to visit the Jackson Proving Grounds and enjoy the real hospitality which is so freely given by all the Jacksons. In fear that this letter might tire you, Mr. Reader, it is my personal impression I should bring this to a close, and if Brother Elmer doesn't pile this in his cob shed I might try another time.

I have wondered for many years just how many old timers have ever told our good friend Elmer just how much we all appreciate his efforts in getting out his little magazine. Let's tell old Elmer. He is human you know.