Floyd Anthes

This is a picture of Floyd Anthes on Seward Brubacker's Double Nichols & Shepard at Bird City, Kansas in 1961. Mr. Brubacker died March 26, 1964. Floyd Anthes passed away November 9, 1964. Floyd was a good hand with steam and most any other piece of gas o

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The Steam fraternity will be shocked to hear of the untimely passing of Mr. A. B. 'Jeff Jeffries, of Piedmont, Mo. who passed away on Sept. 28, 1965 at the age of 64 years. 'Jeff', as he was commonly known, had operated several movie theatres in South Eastern Mo. and without a doubt was one of the most well informed men in the U.S. on the history of Miniature Steam Trains that had been made since and before the turn of the Century. Along with this, as proof of his statements, he had pictures and write-ups of a good many of them. The Live steamers have lost an esteemed and valuable friend and business associate. This writer, on many, many occasions has found it necessary to ask and rely on his judgments on a good many controversial transactions and always found him to be a fair and unbiased correct umpire. He was a collaborator on the book 'Little Railways of the World' with the late Cap Shaw the author.

He is survived by his wife Maud, his Mother, one son who lives in St. Louis and four grandchildren. Burial was in Masonic Cemetery in Piedmont Mo. Henry McMillan, Galva, Ill.


Double funeral services for Cap Shepard, of 2130 West 59th St., Zionsville, Indiana, a partner in the Michigan Road Barber Shop for 13 years and his mother-in-law, Mrs. Leora Edith Shelburne of Zionsville were held at the Flanner and Buchanan Zionsville Mortuary. Mr. Shepard was 61, Mrs. Shelburne, 58. Mrs. Shelburne died Saturday, October 2 and Mr. Shepard died Sunday, October 3. Mr. Shepard leaves his widow and two sons and a daughter, at home. Mrs. Shelburne's survivors include two daughters. Sent in by Ralph W. Shelburne.

JOHN STEPHEN, 61, 1000 S. 36th., Terre Haute, Indiana passed away Sunday, October 24, 1965. He was a railroad engineer.

CHARLES ROUTH Charles H. Routh, 66, of R.R. 2, St. Joseph, Illinois died recently in Lake-view Hospital where he had been a patient 11 days.

He acted as host for an annual reunion of men who have done threshing with steam engines and other old fashioned machinery. The guests demonstrated their equipment on his farm at the north edge of St. Joseph. Mr. Routh also owned threshing machines, which he formerly operated. He was a member of the Central States Thresher men. He leaves a daughter and three sons and 11 grandchildren. Sent in by Paul Alsip of Ogden, Ill.