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JAMES BENEDICT passed away April 16, 1984, at the age of 74.

Jim was a charter member of Camp Creek Threshers, Waverly, Nebraska.

He never had a bad word about anyone and always had a smile. What a wonderful world we would have if everyone was the same.

Submitted by a friend, Warren Whitney and his family, Waverly, Nebraska 68462.

A life-long resident of Seymour, Indiana and a veteran of WWII, WALTER SIEFKER died November 1, 1983 at the age of 72.

Walter was a mechanic and welder and had a remarkable ability to make and repair machines. He was always ready to take time to explain and share, especially with children.

He operated a sorghum mill which used a 65 HP Case steam engine to power it and cook the sorghum. Walter made a scale model of the Case engine. He also operated a threshing rig for many years. He will be sadly missed.

Submitted by his nephew, Dr. Robert Siefker, 1805 25th St., Columbus, Indiana 47201.

OTTO KUESTER, life-long resident of rural Richmond, Ohio passed away on August 11, 1984.

Otto bought a case steam engine several years ago, but illness kept him from getting it restored. He was an avid whistle collector and was always on hand at Earl Hamilton's whistle-blow to blow the first whistle. Otto also helped his good friend, John Sell, on his shingle mill at several shows.

He was a member of Stumptown Steam Threshers since 1963 and a member of the Tri-State Steam Engine Club for several years. He will be missed by family and many steam friends.

Submitted by William Flowers, Sec., Stumptown Steam Threshers.