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ROY CALAME, 66, of Orrville Road, Dalton, Ohio died November 4, 1975. He was a lover of steam shows and fine working steam engines. He had a Russell engine that he had been putting in a new fire box, all new stay bolts and new rivets around the end of the flue box. He was a thresher in the late 20s and early 30s. He was a member of Tuscarawas Valley Pioneer Steam Engine Assn. Submitted by Elmer K. Wenger, R.D. 1, Box 54, Dalton, Ohio 44618.

WARREN COONROD, of Toddville, Iowa died January 30, 1976 at the age of 91. Just the Sunday before, he was our guest for dinner. He was in high spirits, planning what we would do at the Mount Pleasant, Iowa Show. He always looked forward to this event, for it gave him the chance to visit with his many friends while operating his steam engine on the separator and driving in the daily Cavalcade of Power. 'Pappy' as he was known to some of his friends was acquainted with Mr. Ritzman and respected him highly. Iron-Men Album was his favorite publication, and knowing that I would enjoy the magazine, he bought me a subscription for Christmas years ago, and I have been an appreciative subscriber since. We will all miss his good natured joshing, his eagerness to help and his warm friendship. Submitted by George W. Bare, 1506 Pawnee Drive N.W., Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52405.

ERNEST NOHRENBERG, 76, Pingree, North Dakota died April 16, 1976. 'Ernie' as we all knew him at the Central North Dakota Steam Threshers was an active member of our shows, from the beginning in 1959. As long as his health, permitted, he showed his 15-45 Case steam engine here. Ernie made many friends here and will be missed in the Pingree community where his activity in church, school and public affairs was well and favorably known. The writer has lost another good friend. Submitted by O.R. Aslakson, 317 N. 9th Street, New Rock ford, North Dakota 58356.

LEONARD J. MANN, 75, died March 5, 1976. Last December, Leonard was presented the Meritorious Service Award by the Warren County Purdue Ag Alums in recognition of his many significant contributions to the agricultural, social and civic life of his community. He was a collector and conserver of tools and artifacts of the pastevery part of the early settlers lives. He was a member of a number of steam and gas engine shows from Pennsylvania to Iowa. He had built a 5 HP Huber and also a small model Nichols & Shepard steam engine. Since he was a small boy, he had worked around steam engines and he bought his first one in 1925, a N & S and a wooden separator. In later years he had become very much interested in restoring old gas engines.  Submitted by his wife, Mrs. Frances H. Mann, Warren County, Otterbein, Indiana 47970.

THAYNE I. HODGDON, 66, of Pownel Road, Auburn, Maine died November .20, 1975 at the Central Main General Hospital, Lewiston, Maine, following a long illness. A retired well driller, he was a twenty five year member of Danville Juncion Grange #65 and was the founder and treasurer of the Maine Antique Power Association, Inc. Submitted by Albert F. Durgin, Route 2, Mechanic Falls, Maine 04256.

ALBERT R. PATTON, 6081 Raindrop Road, Amsterdam, Ohio, age 65, died October 21, 1975 after an illness of one year. He was also known by the name 'Pat'. He was a sawmill man and an owner of a Baker steam engine. He enjoyed attending the steam shows. He also was a member of the Stump-town Steam Threshers. Submitted by his widow, Mae Patton, 6081 Raindrop Road S.E., Amsterdam, Ohio 43903

WALTER THOMPSON, 87, Nevada, Missouri died November 28, 1975 at Nevada City Hospital. A retired machinist for the Wabash Railroad, he had worked in the mines for several years. He was a consulting engineer for the Midwest Old Settlers and Threshers Association. Submitted by Mrs. Leo Turley for Midwest Old Threshers, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa 52641.

WENDELL TURNER, 69, died February 28, 1976 at Mercy Hospital in Council Bluffs. Turner was a long time resident of the Oakland community where he served as a machinist, trucker and mechanic. He was a member of the Midwest Old Threshers of Mt. Pleasant, and of the Prairie Village Historical Association of South Dakota. Submitted by Mrs. Leo Turley for Midwest Old Threshers, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa 52641.

GEORGE H. HILDRETH, 80, of Five Corners, Genoa, New York, died February 27, 1976. He was a long time member of the New York Steam Engine Association, Inc. He was foreman for the Penn-Dixie Cement Co. He owned and operated a Frick engine (now owned by Charles Hitchcock of Levanna) for the town of Lansing 1919 to 1923 and also threshed grain in the Lansing area for many years with the late Charles Scofield, his brother-in-law. In 1962 he completed a 1/3 inch working scale (entirely handmade) model of a Lang and Button traction 10 HP steam engine, made in Ithaca, New York 1909 - which he displayed in Canadaguia, Levanna, Genoa and other places. Submitted by Mrs. Tyrone Sheils, Route 34B, King Ferry, New York 13081 [granddaughter].

R. GUY MARTIN, 82, a retired farmer and a resident of the Jordan's Grove Community died September 3, 1975 at his home. Mr. Martin had operated the Virgil Coonrod engine at Old Threshers   this year and died suddenly the  day after returning home from the   Old Threshers Reunion. Submitted by Mrs. Leo Turley for  Midwest Old Threshers, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa 52641.

FRANK W. JOHNSON, 84, died October 14, 1975 at the Henry County Memorial Hospital, Mt.Pleasant, Iowa. He was a member! of the original board of directors of Midwest Old Settlers and Threshers Assn., Inc. and was founder of Golden Valley Methodist Camp. Submitted by Mrs. Leo Turley for Midwest Old Threshers, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa 52641.

PAUL BRINK, 83, of New Lon don, died September 19, 1975 at Burlington Memorial Hospital after a short illness. In recognition for his years of service Mr. Brink was awarded the Old Thresher of the year award in 1975. Submitted by Mrs. Leo Turley for Midwest Old Threshers, Mt. Plea sant, Iowa 52641.

WARREN J. COONROD, 91, re tired steam engineer and machinist died January 30, 1976 in a Cedar Rapids Hospital. Mr. Coonrod was a former member of the board of directors of the Midwest Old Settlers and Threshers Assn. He was an active supporter and promoter of Old Threshers throughout its history and was named an 'Old Thresher' at the 1960 Reunion. Submitted by Mrs. Leo Turley for Midwest Old Threshers, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa 52641.

PALMER J. ANDERSON, 58, of Rural Glenham, South Dakota, died December 2, 1975. He was a great collector and restorer of antiques. He had a large collection of engines, tractors, cars, plows and antiques in general and held an annual threshing bee and hobby show at his farm located North of Glenham. His sons hope to carry on with these events. Submitted by Fred Bruns, Hecla, South Dakota 57446.

LAWRENCE BRETZ, 67 of Gettysburg-Webster Road, Bradford, Ohio died March 7 at his home. He was a farmer and a retired thresher and sawmill operator in Northeast Darke County. He was Sawyer for the Darke County Steam Thresher Assn., Greenville, Ohio since its origin 20 years ago and for the Brookville Engine Show. He was known to many as the one armed sawyer and he lost his right hand and arm in a sawmill accident in 1939. He loved steam engines and owned several, a Baker and two Cases and a Keck Gonnerman at the time of his death. Submitted by Ed Troutman, 14 March Avenue, Brookville, Ohio 45309.

HOWARD W. PROSS, Luverne, North Dakota passed away October 7, 1975. Howard was a very active and respected member of the Central North Dakota Steam Threshers for many years. He had a long background of steam engine and threshing experiences. His presence was of much value to the show. He was well known and respected in his home community. To this writer, he was a very Special man. It is a privilege to have known him. Submitted by O.R. Aslakson, 317 N. 9th St., New Rock ford, North Dakota 58356.