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A member of the Western Ontario Steam Threshers Association since 1979, HENRY FLEMING of Oil Springs, Ontario, passed away at the General Hospital, Sarnia, Ontario, on March 22, 1983 at the age of 44 years.

Henry was an implement mechanic and he had a great love for aged machinery, particularly, steam engines. Although he didn't own an engine, his desire was partly fulfilled when he became a member of the Western Ontario Steam Threshers Association and was able to help around the steam engines at the annual show at Brigden, Ontario. He also operated the Dynamometer at the Show and took a very active part in all the activities of the Association.

His prize possession was a Bell City threshing machine, which, after his death, his family of two brothers and one sister, donated to the Association, and it is used for the Threshing Demonstrations at Brigden. Henry made many friends in the Association, and he enjoyed traveling to other Shows in Ontario, as well as to the Shows at Wauseon, Ohio and Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.

Only a W.O.S.T.A. member for four years, but Henry Fleming enjoyed every hour of his time given, and is greatly missed by members who knew him.

Submitted by Mrs. Jeanne Forshee, Florence, Ontario, Canada.

A member of the Western Ontario Steam Threshers Association for several years, WALTER H. HULL, 80, of Dutton, Ontario, Canada, died on April 13, 1983, at the General Hospital, St. Thomas, Ontario, of a massive coronary. He was born in Woodford, England and a Dutton resident since he arrived with his parents, at the age of two years.

For some years, he worked in a machine shop and at the age of 19 he obtained his first license as a stationary engineer. His great love was steam and at the age of 16, he started his collection with a single cylinder steam engine from Dutton's original power plant. He worked for a week to raise the $3.00 to buy it after the engine was retired. Of all his collection, his pride and joy was his little horse-drawn 1905 Case steam engine, which he exhibited at the Western Ontario Steam Show, held annually at Brigden, Ontario, as well as at other area shows. In 1965, he rescued the engine from a junk yard and restored it to the present condition.

In 1982, Walter was made an Honorary Member of the Western Ontario Steam Threshers Association. He spent most of his life as an electrical contractor. During that time he was also Superintendent of the Dutton P.U.C. for over 30 years and a Voluntary Fireman, part-time Chief, for 45 years, but the work he loved best, was the time spent among his treasures, restoring his old tractors and steam engines anything mechanical.

Submitted by Mrs. May Hull, Box 104, Dutton, Ontario, Canada.

IRA D. EDGER was one of the founders of the Darke County Steam Threshers Organization. He was born March 23,1900 and passed away November 2, 1983. He was born and raised on a farm in Neave Township, near Greenville, Ohio.

He was always mechanically inclined growing up with steam engines. His father had four Gaar Scott steam engines; he threshed and ran a saw mill. Ira went to school in Kansas City in the 1920's attending the Sweeney Auto School. He rode motorcycles from an early age and had threshing outfits for years.

Ira started out with an International tractor and separator and threshed different threshing rings in Darke County, especially in the Greenville and Palestine areas. He then went to a Huber tractor and separator and also worked for the Huber Company selling tractors and combines. His next threshing outfit was an Aultman Taylor tractor and thresher which he operated for many years.

Ira wasn't one to travel away from home too much, but he would manage a trip to Michigan each year to fish.

Ira enjoyed the steam threshers and it was always a thrill for him to listen to an engine work, especially pulling a threshing machine. He never missed a motorcycle race at the Darke County fairgrounds, nor did he miss any of the Steam Threshers reunions. He traveled to several in Ohio.

Submitted by George Edger, Member, Darke County Steam Engines & Threshers, New Madison-Coletown Road, Greenville, Ohio 45331.

OREN T. LINNEMAN, age 76, of Forest Green, Missouri, died April 7, 1984. He was born April 12,1907 and would have been 77 in a few days. Mr. Linneman was the son of Emil and Elvira Linneman and was born in and lived all his life as a farmer in Forest Green, close to Glasgow. His father owned and operated steam engines before him.

He was a very active member of the Boonville Old Threshers Association. He owned a Russell 25/75 steam engine which he was restoring.

He was well known and respected among those interested in antique engines. He will be greatly missed by all his neighbors and friends.

Submitted by Otis G. Madden, 116 Dolbeare, Louisiana, Missouri 63353.

CHARLES RAY SWAFFORD, 69, of Liberty, Indiana, died after he was stricken with pneumonia and a lung (which had a cancerous tumor) collapsed.

Charles was born in Liberty and lived and worked there all his life. He was a fuel-oil distributor for one of the major companies before his retirement. He was a member of the Lions Club, Eagles, Elks, and the volunteer Fire Department in Liberty. For the last two summers, he helped on the train for the Whitewater Valley Railroad in Connersville as conductor, caboose, and engineer.

He attended steam engine shows in this area and for several years had a display at some of the shows.

Submitted by his daughter, Dona J. Jones, 306 Eaton Street, Liberty, Indiana 47353.

WILLIAM RALPH LEACH, 72 of Bird City, Kansas, passed away September 20,1983, after complications developing from his hip surgery.

Ralph was born September 23, 1911, in Denton, North Carolina. He moved to Bird City, Kansas, where his career in farming began.

For many years he was a board member of the Tri-State Antique Engine and Thresher's Association. He donated some land to the association for their annual show. In his spare time he would help restore old tractors and engines that the association wanted to add to their collection. During the show he was responsible for setting up parking areas and directing people to proper locations.

His grandchildren enjoyed helping him at the show. A fun task was moving the stationary engine, which ran the sawmill, to town. A favorite of the children was driving his G Allis Chalmers tractor in the parade.

He was always busy and thoroughly enjoyed life.

Submitted by Angela Leach (grand-daughter), R.R. 1, Bird City, KS 67731.

IVAN LOYD, a life time resident of Cheyenne County, Kansas, was born April 7, 1917 and passed away suddenly of a heart attack January 23, 1984.

He was married to Leona Nelsen in 1940. They lived in the country and farmed until his wife's death in 1979. He moved to Bird City shortly thereafter where he was a very interested in the Tri-State Antique Engine & Thresher Show, of which he was Secretary-Treasurer at the time of his death.

He was always willing in any way to improve the show. He will be missed by his relatives and friends, by his good deeds and concern for others.

Submitted by Harold Nelsen, Vice President, Tri State Antique Show, Bird City, Kansas.