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EARL S. HADDOCK, 91, passed away February 23, 1986, at his home in Battle Creek Michigan. He was a retired garage owner, and was a member of the National Threshers Association for many years

He worked as a young boy with his father and uncle running their 10 HP Advance, and also their 16 HP Advance, in their 55 years of custom threshing and silo filling business in this area. In 1922 they bought a new 24-40 Rumley Oil Pull (which we still have) to finish their last 20 years of their threshing business.

He loved the Steam Shows and would attend at least six of them every year. We miss him dearly. It was so hard to give him up.

Submitted by his son, George R. Haddock, 160 S. Wattles Rd., Battle Creek, Michigan 49017.

STANLEY MACK of Bethel, Ohio, passed away February 24, 1986 at the Christ Hospital. He was born May 24, 1928. He had been retired about 3 years from the Ford Motor Company.

He was one of the original founders of the Ohio Valley Antique Machinery Inc., of Georgetown, Ohio. Stanley was very active in the machinery shows for 16 years.

He will be greatly missed by his many friends from the Tri-State area.

Submitted in behalf of his wife, by John Metcalfe of Milford, Ohio.

AVALYN O. SCOTT passed away March 6, 1986 in Riverside Methodist Hospital, Columbus, Ohio. She was 47 years old.

Avalyn was the secretary to the Marion County Steam and Gas Engine Society, Inc.

Those who knew her best, remember her as a loyal friend and a joy to be with. She knew no strangers and stood ever ready to help wherever she was needed.

She was considered one of the very best women tractor drivers and many times won first place in tractor pulls at various shows in and around this area.

She will be sadly missed by her family and friends.

Submitted by Delbert and Dorothy Rush for the Marion County Steam and Gas Engine Society, Inc.

Winfried J. Kern passed away at the age of 77 years on March 15, 1986 in Frankenmuth, Michigan. A self-taught engineer, 'Winnie' Kern's last effort was the restoration of the Nickless-Hubinger Flour Mill. For 40 years Mr. Kern ran a 100 HP steam engine that operated the mill at the Bronner Lumber Co., front-runner of Furstenberg Lumber. At the closing of Bronner Lumber in 1967 Mr. Kern went to work for Weiss Farm Equipment from where he retired in 1974.

Mr. Ken's love of the steam engine found him working toward the restoration of a 1922 Port Huron steam engine and a Baker Threshing machine, owned by Wm. Zehnder Jr. Winnie replaced every part of the engine that could not be fixed, and made it work again. The mechanical equipment purchased for the flour mill was over 100 years old and was brought back to operation through Winnie's efforts. He and two other volunteers recast many parts no longer manufactured today. His most recent work was to see that the stone grinding mills operate with water power.

Submitted by Wm. 'Tiny' Zehnder, Jr., Frankenmuth, Michigan.

EMERY (MIKE) HURST CORDILL passed away on February 13, 1986. He was one of the Pioneer Harvest's oldest members.

Mr. Cordill was born in 1896 in Bern, Kansas and lived in the Ft. Scott area his last 50 years. During his earlier summers he did custom threshing throughout Bourbon and Crawford Counties. He later sold his equipment to Ross Dugan, a neighbor who continued using the machinery until the modern combines came into fashion. Cordill, however, never lost his admiration for the lumbering giants who changed the waving wheat fields into stacks of straw and bins of grain, and after they were acquired by the Pioneer Harvester, he again became their master.

As a member of the Pioneer Harvest Fiesta, Cordill operated the tractor and thresher for several years at the annual show in October.

Both men are gone now, but the big 18-36 Hart-Parr Tractor and its 28 Red River Threshing Machine are here in our present collection. They are still continuing their work in stately dignity a visual tribute to those men who loved them so long ago.

Submitted by George Jackson, President, Pioneer Harvest Fiesta, Ft. Scott, Kansas.

WILLIS A. SALTER died April 5, 1986 at the Garden Valley Retirement Village, Garden City, Kansas.

Mr. Salter, a Hamilton county farmer, was a resident of both Garden City and Syracuse for many years. In addition to his farming operations here, he operated Salter Implement Co. in Syracuse for several years.

He was well-known for restoration of old farm machinery and tractors and was instrumental in establishing the antique machinery show at the Hamilton County Fair. His antique steam engine tractor was one of the highlights of that show and of the fair's parade for several years.

Submitted by his wife, Ethel Salter, 1610 N. Main, Garden City, Kansas 67846.

M. C. DeBRUIN passed away December 29, 1985 at the age of 94. A great lover of steam engines, he ran an engine on a threshing run when he was young. Later, he owned a steam engine along with some stationary engines. For many years he ran engines at Midwest Old Threshers at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. He was active until the past year and still enjoyed the steam engines.

Submitted by his daughter, Mrs. Homer Hasselman, R.R. 3, Oskla loosa, Iowa 52577.