16 HP Advance steamer

Hubert Hamlin on his nicely restored 16 HP Advance steamer lined up to Herbert Reese's 1910 32 x 52 wood Aultman Taylor thresher at Portland Thresher Show in September 1972. The old Aultman thresher had been owned for 60 years by three generations of Cope

Herbert Reese

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EDWARD H. JACOBS, 83, passed away on January 24, at his home in Smith Center, Kansas. He was very well known among the steam engine fans. He was a good engineer and built eight model steam engines3/8 scale. Ed also took in a good many steam engine shows and had many friends. He was a contractor in building homes until his retirement when he then became more active with his steam hobby and had a work shop on South Main. He will be greatly missed by his family and friends. Sent in by Emil Badenhoop, Kensington, Kansas 65951.

WARREN PRESCOTT, age 83 of Lynch, Nebraska died January 7 at the Ponca Valley Hospital. Warren was an Early Day Thresherman and ran a Blacksmith Shop in Lynch for many years. After his retirement, he restored steam and gas engines and cars as a hobby. Sent in by Earl Conklin, Spencer, Nebraska 68777.

DONALD A. ARNDT, 57, of Memphis, died September 3, 1972 at Gravette, Arkansas. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Arndt of Noel, Missouri, whom are well known at the Steam Reunions.

LARRY L. RIES, son of Leland and Maxine Ries of Murray, Iowa was killed in a car accident December 15, 1972. The Ries family are well known in all steam shows in Iowa and Northern Missouri. Larry was active in all activities of antiques and was outstanding on collecting antique cast iron toys.

WM. FREDERICK SEYB passed a-way November 5, 1972, at the age of 89 years and 11 months. Bill, as he was known to his neighbors and many friends in this southeastern corner of Iowa and across the Mississippi River in Illinois, lived his entire life on the farm where he was born; in a log house (still standing), two and one-half miles northeast of Donnellson, Iowa.

For a short period of time Bill worked as a machinist in the Santa Fe railroad shops at Ft. Madison, Iowa. Later, he built a shop at the farm home where all the neighbors went to fix their broken machinery at no cost for use of his tools and shop equipment. He bought his first steam engine new, in 1908. During his lifetime he owned many makes of steam engines, tractors, threshing machines, clover millers, corn shelters and, at one time, a saw mill and steam-powered well-drilling rig. He did lots of custom work with these machines and for many years he did contract work for Lee County, grading roads with steam and gas tractors.

Bill was a member of the Midwest Old Settlers and Threshers Assoc. from it's beginning, and never missed a show at Mt. Pleasant. In 1956, he and I bought a 22 HP Wood Bro's Steam Engine which we restored and showed each year at Mt. Pleasant. Bill had kept for his own use a 32 in. Case Thresher when the combines took over, so after we purchased the steam engine until the mid sixties, he had a threshing show of his own. Each year he planted some small grain and then in the summer we threshed it at his show. Bill was also a member of the Southeastern Iowa Gas Engine Club and owned many makes and sizes of Gas Engines he had bought and restored.

His oldest grandson has purchased the farm so it should be in the Seyb name for many years to come. He will be missed by many and may he receive his reward in the Heavens above. Sent in by Dallas E. Kerr, Montrose, Iowa 52639.

FRED SLAY MAKER of Victor, Iowa passed away February 27, 1973. He was 90 years old. He threshed and sawed lumber and shelled corn all his life, around Victor. His last engine was a 19 HP Port Huron which he kept in his yard and many people stopped to see it and tried to buy it. his yard and many people stopped to see it and tried to buy it. Fred was a good man, always happy, liked to visit and liked steam engines. He was at the Old Threshers at Mt. Pleasant reunions for many years. Sent in my Warren Coonrod, Toddville, Iowa 52341.

JAMES F. KELLEY, age 65, died at Twinbrook Nursing Home, Greenfield, Indiana on February 27, 1973. Jim loved steam engines and worked with them most of his life. Dad had a new 22 HP Huber engine which he bought in 1920. Jim fired it while threshing when he was 13 years old and did it like a professional. He fired boilers at Evansville College 192934 getting his B. S. Degree. Later, he fired boilers at Richmond State Hospital and then he run the steam engine in our sawmill for a long time. It was a 25 HP center crank Frick. Jim's favorite was an 18 HP double Gaar-Scott. Sent in by Donald E. Kelley (brother), 4091 S. W. 'N' Street, Richmond, Indiana 47374.