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JAMES C. HOULSWORTH, 77, Anthon, Iowa died January 20, 1974 after a one month illness. His steam engine interest started at a very early age. He continued his interest with steam engines and gas engines throughout his entire life. He participated in many threshing bees and rode on a steam engine in many parades. He was a mechanic on old engines and tractors for 48 years. He will be greatly missed by everyone in this community and surrounding areas.

Grandpa devoted most of his summers to steam engines and threshing bees, of which he has many buttons and pictures that I will treasure. I will miss my Grandpa very much because he took me with him to all of these shows.

Submitted by his grandson, Todd Alan Houlsworth, box 250, Anthon, Iowa 51004 - age 10

HENRY J. VAN ALTVORST, 73 died January 7, 1974. He was a good steam man and maker of old farm implements. He was an auto mechanic specializing in Dodges. We will surely miss old Hank. Six members of the Inaldn Empire Steam & Gas Buffs were pallbearers.

Submitted by Clarence E. Mitcham, Route 1, Box 409, Mead, Washington 99021.

CLARENCE P. LANGLAND, Enderlin, North Dakota passed away November 2, 1973 at age 85 in Rollag, Minnesota and also had his 25 HP return flue Huber engine at the Central North Dakota Steam Threshers Reunion at New Rockford. Clarence loved steam threshing and will be missed by his family and friends.

Submitted by Norman Pross, Luverne, North Dakota 58056

GLENN J. BUCKWALTER, 73, of Jamestown, North Dakota passed away November 29, 1973. Mr. Buckwalter was a member of Western Minnesota Steam Threshers for nearly 20 years and also an active member of the Central North Dakota Steam Threshers at New Rockford. His favorite tractor was the Rumely Oil Pull. He also most always drove his 1917 Paige car to the Reunions - the same car he drove on his honeymoon 43 years ago. I am sure many remember Mr. Buckwalter and his 1917 Maroon and Black Paige Car. There will be an empty place on Threshermen's Hill at Rollag, Minnesota. He will be missed by his family and friends.

Submitted by Norman Pross, Luverne, North Dakota.

ADOLPH J. KATZ, 81, of Fredericksburg, Iowa, died March 2, 1974. From early boyhood, he helped around threshing rigs and in 1915, at age 23, became engineer of a Reeves C. C. In later years he was part owner of a Rumely engine and separator and was finally sole owner of an Advance engine. He threshed until 1928 with a steam rig, continuing after that with a gas rig until combines took over. He attended steam shows in Iowa and Minnesota as long as his health permitted.

Submitted by his son, Melvin L. Katz, Fredericksburg, Iowa 50630.