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LESTER McKINNEY, 80, of Cairo, Missouri died February 10, 1975 in Woodland Hospital where he had been hospitalized one day. He lived in the Jacksonville-Cairo area his entire life. He had been a farmer, mechanic, garage operator and heavy equipment salesman for Cooke Co. at Chillicothe. Mr. McKinney was active in the Old Threshers Association and held many offices in the association as well as being the owner of many displays.

Submitted by Mrs. L.H. McKinney, Cairo, Missouri 65239

MRS. ALICE JOHNSON, wife of Gilmar, from Fredric, Wisconsin passed away October 22, 1974. I know she will be missed by many. Elmer and I appreciated her greatly. She was a blond with a very pleasant personality and a charming smile for all. Her efforts helped in promoting our business, particularly at Mt. Pleasant Show. Perhaps you can remember her by seeing them, she and Gilmar, helping Elmer. Later years, when my hubby could no longer make that trip, they 'took over' completely. They did a wonderful job getting you acquainted with our magazines, jewelry and books. To know her was to love her. Our sympathy goes to Gilmar in his hours of loneliness. Mr. and Mrs. Duward Steinmetz now also are doing an excellent job at the Mount Pleasant Show. We owe much to all these kind folks. Thanks and God Bless the three of you - Gilmar and the Steinmetzs.

Submitted by Earlene Ritzman [former editor] 808 Wertzville Road, Enolga, Pennsylvania 17025

DONNA MILDRED ARY-of Union City, Indiana, some called her 'Mid', others Mildred. But thousands knew her as the very first woman to balance a steam engine on the teeter totter which she did at the Darke County Steam Threshers each summer. There wasn't an Iron Man who ever stood by and watched her handle the throttle but what cheered for her, maybe even envied her. For the old 12 horse Gaar-Scott Iron Horse was not an easy one to balance.

For years Mildred helped out with the music at the Darke County Threshers by singing with the Sweet Adelines. She put on comedy shows; as well as played the piano while the congregation sang the old familiar hymn 'Bringing in the Sheaves.'

'Mid' was just different from all other women,' says Harold Ary who survives her. 'Rev. Lillie Black Mote told us, if anyone is in Heaven, Mildred is.'

Born July 8, 1908, Mildred passed away on January 2, 1975 at the age of 66 years.

Those who knew her will miss seeing her drive the little model Rumley Oil-Pull so lovingly constructed by her husband and nephew, Kim Besecker, to help her get around over the reunion grounds so as to not miss a thing going on at the shows. Her pluckiness, her many talents and willing hands, always ready to help, lent a joy that will be missed. Without her the Darke County Threshers just won't be the same.

Submitted by, Becky [Sharp] May, her granddaughter.

DANIEL V. BOOTHE, 78, Ellsworth, Wisconsin died January 4 in St. John's Hospital. At the time of his death, he was still actively engaged in the well drilling business, a trade he learned as a boy from his father. He was a steam engine enthusiast and operated a threshing run in this area many years. He used to be on hand at the Pierce County Fairs with his steam engine which was a great attraction to young and old.

Submitted by Gust hind, R.D. 1, Ellsworth, Wisconsin 54011

LEWIS R. CARROLL died August 14, 1974 at age 85. He lived on farm in his early years and loved seeing the old wheat threshing engines in action. Though a semi-invalid for seven years, he attended the Show at Layton's farm near Federalsburg for the first five years. He looked forward to receiving each new copy of the Iron-Men Album. He lived each year in great expectation for the next year's Show to roll around and was disappointed when he could no longer attend. The Magazine was the next best thing to being there in person.

Submitted by Mrs. Lewis R. Carroll, 404 S. Aurora Street, Easton, Maryland 21601