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LLOYD W. (WHITEY) BEECHY, age 71, of Sugarcreek, Ohio passed away of an apparent heart attack on August 9, 1976. Whitey was a well known Master of Ceremonies and steam club member. He emceed the Tuscarawas Valley Pioneer Power Show from its inception 13 years ago. This show was his home show of which he was a trustee for quite a few years. The Richland County Steam Threshers Association, The Historical Engine Society, Burton, Ohio, The Old Steam and Gas Club of Old Washington, Ohio, and was to have emceed the Stumptown Steam Threshers Show for the first time this year.

Whitey was probably best known as Master of Ceremonies of the Swiss Festival at Sugarcreek, Ohio for the past 23 years. He and his nephew, John McDowell, conceived the idea of using a large D.C. electric motor as a generator belted to traction engines to test their power. They called it the 'Power Eater' and it received a lot of attention at the shows in this area. He also was a Ham Radio operator for many years and had thousands of friends through his association with antique power shows, radio and the Swiss Festival. He will be sorely missed by all of his many friends from all over the United States. Submitted by James E. Sloan, R. D. #2, Box 76, Dover, Ohio 44622.

JACK WILTMAN of Le Mars, Iowa died January 5, 1977 of a heart attack at the age of 70. Jack was a long time machine shop operator and steam enthusiast. He was a well-known steam man and ran steam engines at many shows and was well known by show goers in the midwest. Jack was a perfectionist in his work and never did a slipshod job of anything, if Jack couldn't do it right, he didn't do it.

After farming for many years, Jack worked at the John Deere plant at Waterloo, Iowa; then he moved to Le Mars, Iowa and worked at the Plymouth County maintenance shop as a mechanic. Later years he ran a machine shop of his own in Le Mars. Several years ago Jack suffered a severe heart attack and was laid up for a few years. The past years he was again active in steam shows and had set up a shop in the basement of his home where he sharpened saw blades and did light mower and chain saw work.

Jack was a charter member of the Pioneer Machinery Club of Merrill, Iowa, he was also a long time member of the Gas &Steamers Club of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Jack will be missed by many members, friends and customers, who Jack always had to stop work and visit with. We as club members will miss Jack at our Merrill Show and also at the Museum Show at Le Mars. Submitted by Harry Bonnema, Le Mars, Iowa 51031.

LLOYD KING RICHARDSON, age 69, a Gilliam, Missouri resident, died January 27, 1977 at Fitzgibbon Hospital in Marshall, Missouri.

Being a life member of the Brotherhood of Locomotive, Firemen and Engine Men, his interest in steam engines is shown by the associations to which he belonged: The Iron Men Album; the Missouri Steam Engine Association of Boonville, Missouri; the Midwest Old Settlers and Threshers Association of Mount Pleasant, Iowa; and the Lincoln County Old Threshers Association of Elsbury, Missouri.

His wife, Gladys, shared his interest in steam engines and always accompanied him when he went to the different shows.

His life as expressed by a friend, Leonard Yarbrough, characterized the generation to which he belonged when a man's word was accepted the same as his bond. He stood tall among his friends. Submitted by Haston L. St. Clair, Rural Route 1, Box 140-A, Holden, Missouri 64040.

ALLEN H. HANSON, a great champion in the walk of life, lost his last challenge in this world when he was stricken with a heart attack and passed away January 20, 1977. Mr. Hanson, from Sherburn, Minnesota, had been with the Interstate Power Company for years as one of their key officials. He was also a great enthusiast in the antique engine world and had many friends. Mr. Hanson was a big man with a big smile for his loved ones and all of his fellow men. His passing will cause a great loss that I know time will never ever heal. From all the engine men who knew Mr. Hanson, I wish to express our wholehearted sympathy to the family. We are all truly sorry. Submitted by Nathan Hickok, Amboy, Minnesota.

DALE HEMPFING, 38, of Glen Rock, R. D. #1, Pennsylvania died suddenly of a heart attack on October 29, 1976. He was an active member in Maryland Steam Engine Show and the Mason Dixon Steam Show. He attended other shows in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Canada. Dale was a school teacher of Spring Grove and a parttime bus driver for Lincoln Bus Company of Hanover, Pennsylvania. He was in the Navy for two years. Dale was a devoted husband and a wonderful friend to a lot of people. He was a community planner and neighbor. He is greatly missed by all.  Submitted by Gene E. Nafe, R. D. #1, Brodbecks, Pennsylvania.

DANIEL. L. EVANS, 84, Cambridge, Illinois died Friday, January 7,1977 at Hammond-Henry District Hospital at Geneseo. Mr. Evans operated a sawmill and was a real steam fan. He built steam models and helped his buddies repair and restore their engines. Don was a member of our Geneseo Engine Club for many years. Submitted by Lester L. Roos, 328 N. State Street, Geneseo, Illinois 61254.

ALFRED H. WALDEN, 44, of 132 Center Street, Waverly, New York died unexpectedly December 30, 1976 at his home. He was a teacher in the Tioga Central School District and a member of the Waverly Board of Trustees. He taught Social Studies. He was very active in many community organizations and was a subscriber of the Iron-Men Album Magazine. Submitted by Jesse L. Mix, 148 Center Street, Waverly, New York 14892.

A. E. MAUGANS, 72, Route 2, St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin passed away on October 19, 1976 at his home. Funeral service was held October 22nd at the United Methodist Church at St. Croix Falls with Rev. Kendall Anderson officiating. 'Lonny', as he was known by his friends, worked with Alden Morell, Dennie Magnuson and John Achey to organize the original Gas Engine Club No. 1. He restored many gas engines and more recently catered to the restoration of old clocks. He will indeed be missed by many. Submitted by Gilmar Johnson, Route 1, Frederic, Wisconsin 54837.

GORDON R. WILSON, 59, of Haines City, Florida passed away suddenly of an apparent heart attack on January 17, 1977. Mr. Wilson is well-known among the flea market dealers as the Wilsons have participated in many of the steam and gas engine show flea markets for the past seven years in many states. Submitted by his wife, Mrs. Berniece B. Wilson, Box 173, Haines City, Florida 33844.

CHARLES E. SMITH, 51, died December 10, 1976 from a long illness. 'Charlie' of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin was a member of the Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association Branch #2 of Wisconsin (The Sussex Show). He will be remembered by all for the exhibit of his 1923 Baker steam engine at our shows. Charlie, along with his father, Charles F. of Columbus, Ohio always enjoyed the shows and meetings of the club. Show time will not be the same without Charlie Jr., but we all will be looking forward to the Baker engine and Charlie Sr. for more shows to come. Submitted by The Sussex Show Members.

HAROLD C. FLEISCH, 73, of Eaton, Ohio and owner of Pena Machine Shop in West Alexandria, Ohio, passed away on April 6, 1976 from a heart attack. Harold was very well known for his mechanical ability and his pleasant personality. He was The Iron Man of the Month in the Iron-Men Album, August 1971 issue. He had repaired steam engines for men in Ohio and several surrounding states. He made his undermounted Avery Steam Engine, The Bull Dog, in 1955. He took this engine to many shows. He enjoyed attending the shows, including the one in England. He was raised on a farm near Eaton, Ohio and started working in the machine shop in June, 1929, when he was married. Over the years at the shop, Harold has met and made many friends and has solved a lot of their problems. He is very much missed by his family and many friends. Submitted by his wife, Mrs. Harold Fleisch, 919 N. Barron Street, Eaton, Ohio 45320.