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EARL MURRAY BRUBAKER, Des Moines, Iowa, died April 25, 1978. In the early 1900s Earl and Ben Buckingham built and operated the Prairie City Auto Company, selling and servicing automobiles, steam engines and threshing machines. He was actively engaged in the farm equipment business until 1970. In 1944 he served as president of the Iowa Retail Farm Equipment Association. He was on the County CROP Committee, also the steering committee for the formation of the Prairie City Medical Center and was a charter member of the Prairie City Lions Club. Brubaker and his sons have long been active members of the Midwest Old Settlers and Threshers Association and have exhibited tractors for many years.

Submitted by the Midwest Old Settlers and Threshers Association, Inc., Mount Pleasant, Iowa 52641.

RAY E. VORHIES, 87, Lockridge, Iowa died December 21, 1978 at the Henry County Health Center. He was an original member of the eight-member Midwest Old Settlers and Threshers Association Board of Directors. He served on the board from 1950 through 1960.

Submitted by the Midwest Old Settlers and Threshers Association, Inc., Mount Pleasant, Iowa 52641.

AVERY C. MERRELL, Elmdale, Indiana died November 10, 1978. He, his brother and father had threshed with steam power, hulled clover and shredded fodder for many years. Avery and his brother, Hugo, threshed for two years as Merrell Brothers. In all, Avery threshed with steam for 33 years. He was an excellent mechanic on steam engines, threshers, tractors, combines, etc. His favorite was the steam engine and often others called on him for help. Avery's favorite outfit was his 40-64 Advance Rumely separator and Case 65 HP engine. Both Avery and his wife loved to attend Old Time Threshers Reunions.

Submitted by Russell J. Merrell, R. R. 4, Box 34, Muncie, Indiana 47302.

RAYMOND LAIZURE, age 75, of R.D. 3, Cadiz, Ohio entered 'The Land of The Golden Whistles Beyond the Blue Horizon' on January 26, 1979. He had been in failing health the past year.

Raymond was the founder and organizer of The Stumptown Steam Threshers Club and served as the first president. At the time of his death, he held the office of vice-president.

He was an avid fiddle player, having played for square dances for many years. He entered several fiddle contests and brought home many trophies. He directed the annual fiddle contest held each year at the Stumptown show.

In 1970, he founded and edited 'The Stumptown Steamer' hobby magazine which has a circulation of over 600. He attended many of the Ohio and eastern Pennsylvania steam and gas engine shows, having a tent set up to sell subscriptions and always enjoyed 'shooting the breeze' with all who came by.

He will be sadly missed by the many 'steam enthusiasts' he came to know over the years and by his family.

Submitted by William Flowers, Secretary, Stumptown Steam Threshers Club.

PAUL GERARD, age 87, of Nebraska passed away recently. He was a booster of the Camp Creek Antique Machinery and Threshing Show. He attended most of the shows within 300 miles of his home and was well known by many. He was a good steam operator.

Submitted by the Camp Creek Antique Machinery and Threshing Show.

ROBERT LOWELL LITTLE, age 50, North Kansas City, Missouri, member of Branch 19 E.D.G.E.&T., died January 1, 1979. He was past secretary-treasurer and one of the original organizers of Branch 19. He spent many hours at the Agriculture Hall of Fame at Bonner Springs, Kansas. He was an engine man of the best kind. Rev. Owen Moody said Bob lived as JESUS wanted and was at work helping neighbors clear snow when JESUS took him home. His kind words and helping hands will be missed.

Submitted by W. T. Griggs, R.R. 3, Rochester Road, St. Joseph, Missouri 64505.

LEWIS RAY TROUT, Douds, Iowa, died August 19, 1978. He operated threshing machines for many years in the Douds area and operated a sawmill near Douds and the Mississippi River. He was a skilled machinist and had his own machine shop. He was an early member of the Midwest Old Settlers and Threshers Association in Mount Pleasant, Iowa.

Submitted by the Midwest Old Settlers and Threshers Association, Mount Pleasant, Iowa 52641.

CHARLES C. IDOL passed away on November 22, 1978. Humility was his greatest attribute. His display of a kindly nature, his assistance to others with his broad scope of knowledge and his insatiable desire to learn and contribute revealed his sincere concern for all people. He was a well-versed Bible student and a Christian witness. His avid hobby was steam powered engines. He was an authority on restoring, maintaining and operating the equipment. He shared not only his engines, but also his knowledge and enthusiasm. He was best known in steam circles for his exhibit of a steam-powered sewing machine. This was operated by his wife, Eudora, and powered by the small steam engine which he owned and operated.

Submitted by Eudora M. Idol, 730 Walkertown-Guthrie Road, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27101.

James Valley Pioneer Thresher-men lost one of its founders, HARRY CHANDLER, 83, of Aberdeen, South Dakota. Harry and his 75 HP Case were a part of the threshing show and Aberdeen parades. Harry worked for the Case plant in Water-town, South Dakota, rebuilding steam engines and was a Case dealer for 25 years.

Submitted by Gordon Bergh, President, James Valley Pioneer Threshermen.

EMIL C. JONES, Ohio, passed away January 26, 1979, at the age of 79. He was a thresher and water well driller in Champaign County and surrounding areas. He was a member of the Miami Valley Steam Threshers for many years and participated in the West Liberty Labor Day Celebration every September grinding corn meal with his homemade Byers Star 6 HP steam engine. He will be sadly missed.

Submitted by Mr. and Mrs. Jason T. Edwards, 200 N. Parkview Road, Woodstock, Ohio 43084.

JOSEPH WOLTER, 79, Greens-burg, Indiana, died unexpectedly December 30, 1978. Joe was a lifetime member of the Pioneer Engineers Club of Rushville. Joe never missed the show as he had a special interest at the reunion. Every year he would help run Tony Moorman's Advance Rumely. This engine was Joe's father's and Joe ran the Rumely when it was brand new. Joe was a firm believer in using an engine as they were meant to be and did not approve of any stunts that would injure people or ruin an engine. For many years Joe helped his fater operate a threshing rig and a sawmill.

Submitted by Jerry Moorman, Greensburg, Indiana 47240.

WILLIAM (BILL) COCHRAN, age 76, Marion, Indiana, passed away June 1,1978. He was a member of the Elwood Historical Club and the Mid-America Threshing and Antique Club. He was a former saw mill operator and had owned several steam engines. At the time of death he owned three: a 23-90 Baker (his favorite), a 65 Case and a 9 HP Case which he was restoring. He was a faithful subscriber to the Iron Men Album and had kept every issue since his first one in 1950. No one enjoyed the steam shows more than Bill did and he attended many each year.

Submitted by Mrs. William Cochran, 2320 Montpelier Pike, Marion, Indiana 46952.

J. D. MANTOR was a retired Rock Island railroad conductor and a collector of railroad items from the steam engine days. During his retirement he attended many special events, railroad museums and steam engine shows. He died December 17, 1978, while attending church.

Submitted by Mrs. Ronald Brown, R.F.D., West Liberty, Iowa 52776.