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ROBERT DeBOSKEY of Annandale, Virginia, died on February 18, 1979. He had been an active participant at the Berryville Steam and Gas Engine Show for the past ten years. He served as a director for several years and as chairman of the flea markets at the show for several years.

Submitted by Mrs. Paul Giles, Route 1, Bunker Hill, West Virginia 25413.

GEORGE W. GILES, 76, of Winchester, Virginia died on August 27, 1979. He was the builder of various models and several model steam locomotives, which he had exhibited at the Berryville Steam Show. He was the father of Paul Giles, former president of the Shenandoah Valley Steam and Gas Engine Association.

Submitted by Mrs. Paul Giles, Route 1, Bunker Hill, West Virginia 25413.

WILLIAM EASTON of Kirkton, Ontario, Canada passed away on April 10, 1979 at the Stratford General Hospital, at the age of 75. Before his retirement he worked for the Town of St. Mary's.

He was a good friend of J. WINSTON (Win) NICHOLS of Lakeside, Ontario, who died in April of 1978. Both of these men were members of the Western Ontario Steam Threshers as well as other clubs here in Ontario. Win had a 20 HP Western Sawyer Massey steam engine which he and Bill displayed at the shows for many years until it was sold in 1975. Win and Bill then restored and showed a Massey Harris (model 25) gas tractor which was the type Win had farmed and threshed with years ago. Bill was also interested in and owned Rumely Oil Pulls.

Win was Secretary of the Western Ontario Steam Threshers in 1976. Both of these fine gentlemen were old time threshers who will be missed by their many friends.

Submitted by Francis Peers, Wallace burg, Ontario, Canada.

LESTER F. ROSENBERGER, 86, of Strasburg, Virginia, died early last spring. Many old timers will remember him as engineer for Paul Giles' Frick at the Berryville, Virginia, Steam Show from 1967 until the early 70s. In his early life he did custom threshing and farm work around Strasburg. He also worked on a sawmill and for the National Fruit Company.

Submitted by Mrs. Paul Giles, Route 1, Bunker Hill, West Virginia 25413.

EDITH R. CHANDLER, 76, of Lebanon, Indiana died recently. She had made peace with her God many years ago and the testimony she left has certainly left its mark on many. In the later moments of life she said, 'Jesus has hold of my hand!' She will be sadly missed.

BRO. RICE EVANS GREGORY, SR., 83, of 1618 Parrish Court, Owensboro died Wednesday, August 8, 1979. He was born near Sorgho in Daviess County, Kentucky, October 8, 1895.

Bro. Gregory's experience of Grace occurred while at home churning for his mother. In 1907 he was baptized into the fellowship of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, Daviess County. He received the call to preach the Gospel and was licensed by his home church, Pleasant Grove, March 18, 1917.

Having been raised on a farm he developed a fascination and love for the steam engine and wheat thresher. In his young adult life he was employed by a Mr. Moore who owned a Greyhound traction engine. This increased his interest and love for the steam engine. In the early 1940s he and his brother, William, purchased a 20-60 HP J. I. Case engine to steam tobacco beds. After selling his interest in the Case to his brother in 1945, he went to the Keck-Gonnerman factory at Mt. Vernon, Indiana and bought a 22 HP Keck Gonnerman, no. 1861. In the spring of 1956 he sold this engine and later that year bought a 23-90 HP Baker, no. 17660. Having sold this engine a year later, he then ran a 19 HP Keck Gonnerman, no. 1726, on the shares. This engine at the time was owned by the late Elmer Clark. In 1959 he bought another 22 HP Keck Gonnerman, no. 1859. He used this engine until he purchased a 22-65 HP Case portable, which he mounted on rubber tires. He continued to steam tobacco plant beds until failing health caused him to retire in 1972.

Believing that everyone should work for his daily needs, he never sought his living from the church. Over the years he had been employed as a farmer, by Southern Bell Telephone Company, as a carpenter, and for the Owensboro Planning Mill. Later he did custom mowing and lawn care work in Owensboro in addition to his plant bed steaming. During the winter months he was employed at the Center Brick Tobacco Loose Leaf Floor in Owensboro.

Bro. Gregory appeared in KENTUCKY WHO'S WHO in 1966.

'Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.' Matthew 11:28

'Blessed are the pure in heart; for they shall see God.' Matthew 5:8

Submitted by Thomas G. Lee, Route 3, Calhoun, Kentucky 42327.

EDDIE H. FIDLER, 69, passed away June 24 at his home in Hawleyville, Iowa, after suffering several months with cancer. He was a longtime thresher and sawmill man and really loved steam engines and steam showsalso the IMA. For a number of years he ran different engines at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa and the past four years he had been running a 40 HP Case at the Eshelman show near Elliott, Iowa. He will be sadly missed.

Submitted by Dallas M. Fidler, Clarinda, Iowa 51632.

DELBERT W. PICKERING, 70, of Galesville, Wisconsin passed away May 24, 1979. He was a retired farmer and thresher. At one time he and his father and Clause Mulder owned and operated an Illinois Engine. I believe E. J. Murphy of Council Bluffs, Iowa, has this engine pictured in the 'Encyclopedia of American Steam Traction Engines.'

Submitted by Wendell Herman, Galesville, Wisconsin 54630.