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JOHN KONNECK, 83, passed away April 10, 1972. He was a steam engineer for many years in Granville, Illinois.

Sent in by Mrs. John Konneck, Granville, Illinois.

FRANK L. CHARD, 75, died at his home in Brock, Nebraska. He owned and operated various kinds and sizes of steam engines and was a familiar figure at the Thresher reunions.

Sent in by Bruce McCourtney, Syracuse, Nebraska.

OLIN EVERETT SMITH, 88, departed this life, May 23, 1972. He will be remembered by his many friends as a top operator of steam engines at the Antique Engine and Threshers Association show held at Bird City, Kansas. He loved farming and was interested in improved methods of agriculture. During his life time he owned and operated different tractors, including steam engines and fuel burning tractors. His hobby was threshing rigs with cook shacks and bunk houses.

Sent in by Melvin Wright, Bird City, Kansas.

IREL E. ASHBAUGH, 64, passed away in a Toledo hospital. He was a member of the National Threshers Association and Auglaize Historical Society.

Sent in by Ilva Hoffer, Toledo, Ohio.

JOHN W. ROBERTS, 71, died May 16, 1972. He was interested in engines and sawmills and spent his leisure time reading and writing about them.

Sent in by Mrs. J. W. Roberts, Anderson, South Carolina.

NETTIE BOLLMAN, 73, of Everett, Pennsylvania, passed away April 25, 1972.

Sent in by Meal Bollman, Everett, Pennsylvania.

WILLIAM C. BENNER, 84, of Route 2, Clayton, Ohio, died May 5, 1972 at the Hillhaven Convalescent Center after an extended illness. Mr. Benner, who was born March 12, 1889, was engaged in farming in the Clayton area. He served in World War I with the Army. He was a Charter and Life member of The National Threshers Association.

Sent in by Ilva Hoffer, Toledo, Ohio.

OTTO ZWICKI, a well known member of the Mid-West Old Threshers & Settlers Association of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, passed away at the Washington County Hospital. Otto had farmed and operated a machine shop near Ainsworth, Iowa, for many years. 'Ott,' as he was known to his friends, attracted much attention at Mt. Pleasant and other celebrations in the area with his model steam engine, farm wagon and other equipment.

Sent in by Stanley J. Mouser, Wellman, Iowa.