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EDDIE H. HORNBAKER, 63, lifelong Herndon resident, died May 1982 at Fairfax Hospital in Reston. Mr. Hornbaker retired after 26 years of service as a salesman with Sears Roebuck Company.

During World War II, Mr. Hornbaker served as a staff sergeant with the U.S. Army. He was a member of Shenandoah Valley Steam and Gas Association and the Tuckahoe Steam and Gas Association.

He will be missed by many who knew him well.

EDWIN A. 'ED' VALENTINE, 81, of Orville, Washington, died May 27, 1982. He served in the armed forces and was a mechanic by trade until his retirement in 1965. He was a member of the Orville Catholic Church, American Legion, VFW, founder of Orville Senior Citizens, Machinist Union, Okanogan Historical Society, Western Steam Friends Association and he did a great deal of work to preserve and rebuild the 'Ghost Town' of Molson, Washington. Before his death, he was gathering photographic and personal histories on old homesteads in Okanogan County.

He was a true pioneer in his efforts to preserve early history and Western Steam Friends Association has lost one of its most faithful members. His historical work will be carried on by his good friend, Harry Sherling, of Orville.

Submitted by Walt Thayer, Wenatchee, Washington.

SEXTON G. PERSON, 73, 1820 North Court Street, Rockford, Illinois, died April 20, 1982 after three years with cancer. Sexton was an electrician, employed by Miller-Santee Company for seven years and by Wilson Electric Company for 37 years. He retired in 1974. He was a member of North Central Illinois Steam Power Show of Davis Junction and both Sexton and his wife, Ella, were loyal and annual workers at Hedtke's

Hickory-Oaks Showgrounds. He will be greatly missed by all his steam show associates and numerous friends. Sexton and Ella Person were the 1981 'King and Queen' of the North Central Threshing Show.

Submitted by Emit Svanda.

FRANK N. REEDER, 72, Monroe Center, Illinois, died February 10, 1982 after a short illness. Farming became Frank's entire life but he retired in 1974. He was a member of Esmond United Methodist Church, Farm Bureau and VFW Post of Rochelle, Illinois, and a member of North Central Illinois Steam Power Show. Davis Junction. Frank will be greatly missed by all his steam show friends, relatives and other acquaintances.

Submitted by Emit F. Svanda.

FRANK E. STEELE passed away April 8, 1982, peacefully in his sleep. He was a participant in a few of the steam shows in the Pennsylvania area. He was a resident of Beaver Falls and had built some small steam engines. He was a retired operating engineer for Pittsburgh Coal Company, Negley, Ohio. He will be greatly missed.

Submitted by James K. Ledbetter.