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We regret that we made an error in an obituary that appeared in our July/August issue. Under the tribute to Bob Hughes, the closing paragraph should have read:

'What a Man' Gone, But Never Forgotten!

Bob is sadly missed by his wife, children, grandchildren and so many friends.

ALFRED 'POPPA GUY' RAY, 83, of Elsberry, MO passed away May 3, 1989.

He was one of the organizers and charter members of the Lincoln County Old Threshers Association. He was treasurer and an active member as long as his health permitted.

He owned and operated large construction machinery had a rock quarry for many years which his son-in-law Marlowe Broscio and Sons operate.

Ray was a thresher and sawmill operator and used his Port Huron engine to run his mill at the show. He is survived by his daughter Shirley and her husband, seven grandchildren, twelve great grandchildren, sisters and brothers.

He will be missed by all who knew him.

Submitted by Edgar Lanuermeier, Rt 1 Box 74, Elsberry, MO 63343.

OTTO H. STEFFEN, better known as Happy, passed away January 17, 1989, at Northridge Retirement Center in Ortonville, MN. Steffen began his threshing career in Big Stone County, MN around 1915 as an engineer and repairman of steam traction engines. For many years it was he who cooked the sweet corn at the annual Sweet Corn Festival at Ortonville, Minnesota. Because of his love for steam, he remained active in various threshing reunions throughout Minnesota until 1980.

Submitted by Earl Steffen, 4050 NE Maywood Place, Portland, OR 97220.

Mr. Charles Spicer, 84, of London Road, Sarnia, Ontario died February 3, 1989. Born in Grey County, Ontario, Mr. Spicer was chief engineer of the steam power plant at Polymer Corporation for 25 years. He belonged to the Blue water Model Engineers Society of Sarnia, Ontario and was the last remaining founder of the Western Ontario Steam Threshers Association.

He was also a commissioner of the Sarnia Hydro Board from 1956-68, and owned three steam engines2 Sawyer Masseys and a Waterloo. After retirement, he moved to Florida and built a half scale Sawyer Massey and a half scale Case at Oneca, in Blackrick's Machine Shop. Steam was his first love. He is survived by his wife Maxine.

Submitted by Wm Jackson, RR 1, Wyoming, Ontario, Canada NON 1T0.