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TO BE ABLE TO SEE IS one of the greatest Gifts God has given mankind. They say that most of the information we retain is that which is received through the eye. Much of our modern education is presented with the movie camera. For a long time we have had blackboards in our school rooms. Our magazines are loaded with vivid pictures, mostly in color.

I have a feeling we should never cease to thank the Good Lord for our eyes. Many people have lost their sight and they, most of all folks, will say the same.

We had a trip this summer that reminded me very emphatically of the above truth.

We saw the Wisconsin Dells with the boat ride on the Wisconsin River. We were thrilled with the wonderful rock formations on either side of the river. Then there was the Indian ceremonial with their colorful costumes.

The Johnson's took us to Spooner, Wisconsin, to see the life-size wood carvings of the Lord's Supper and other life-sized Biblical scenes carved from wood.

In Minnesota, Fred Gronninger showed us the beginning of the Mississippi River. We had the privilege of wading across that 'Father of Waters.'

Rev. and Mrs. Chas. Kepler, of Cando, North Dakota, escorted us to see the Peace Garden. While it was still in the process of building it was a beautiful thing.

The Bad Lands of North and South Dakota is just 'out of this world' as far as aesthetic beauty is concerned. So ugly they are beautiful.

The Black Hills of South Dakota is another outstanding beauty. Except for the road it was made by God alone. Mt. Rushmore is an example of what beauty man and God can create when man cooperates with the Divine.

Another indescribable feature of sight is the vastness of what we call the West. When you behold the landscape-miles and miles of straight road and flat land you come home with the impression that God is big and cares.