50 hp Case Engine

Courtesy of Paul F. Crow, R. D. 1, Charleroi, Pa. 50 hp Case on thresher at Canfield Fair, 1965 owner Paul Crow.

Paul F. Crow

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R. D. # 1, Charleroi, Pa., Secretary

A really big engine, ideal weather, planned events and more than six thousand persons combined to make this our best reunion. The show was presented at the M. D. Fullerton farm, Burgettstown, Pa. on September 17 and 18, and the large group who attended attested to an attractive and entertaining exhibition.

In all probability, for the first time east of the Mississippi River, and certainly in Pennsylvania, a 110 H.P. Case was shown in daily operation. Sam R. Redd, Charleroi, Pa., had purchased the engine during the past year, and had exerted every effort to have it in splendid condition for the occasion. And he may feel well rewarded, for he had a constant and interested audience, and persons came for hundreds of miles to view this monstrous engine.

Steam engine royalty paid us a welcome visit in the persons of LeRoy and Lucille Blaker, president and secretary, respectively, of National Threshers, Inc., Alvordton, Ohio. They commended us for the success we have had in our few years of existence. We noticed many prominent figures of our hobby from throughout the area.

Always popular, the old gas tractor department which already consisted of Oil Pull, Minneapolis, IHC, Fordson, and Case, received a welcome boost this time when Arthur Dougan brought his IHC 10-20 Titan, Joe Hough entered his 1925 Fordson, and Nello Mungai & Sons showed their unusual 1939 General Purpose 4-wheel drive Massey-Harris. An early model John Deere was displayed, driving a New Holland lime pulverizer. We were proud, indeed, of this unusual display.

Scheduled daily events of threshing, baling, sawing, feed grinding, shingle making, and fan demonstrations kept some activity before the audience at all times. Lee Brothers demonstrated a near-perfect job of clover hulling with their 19 0 0 model Birdsall Monitor. Jr., and the old horse-powered baler fascinated hundreds who crowded around to witness the demonstrations. Twice daily, a parade of engines, tractors and horses was staged around the spacious barn-vard.

In attempting to provide something for everyone, the following added attractions were provided: antique cars and trucks. Bill Burris' Green Valley Boys Band. Crown Metal Products Co. steam train, John Barny's Civil War Mock Battle, and square dancing. A large button with the actual picture of the 110 H.P. Case was provided everyone who entered the gate.

Due to illness, our announcer of the past two years. R. A. (Red) Booth. Salem. Ohio, was unable to be with us. (We miss you. Red). In his absence, the spot was filled by Roy Fletcher and Manager Nello Mungai. Mr. Munsrai had prepared the grounds and was in charge of all direction of the Reunion.

The Ladies Auxiliary handled the bazaar, registrations the Iron-Men Album subscriptions, and many other tasks that we always heap upon them. And they came through in fine style. The rate and parking of cars was done by the Hickory Lions Club, who use all their revenue for worthy community projects. The Hickory chanter of Knights of Pythias conducted two lunch rooms and the Boy Scouts from Hickory kept everyone well supplied with cold pop.

The association is well pleased with the continued response from the public, and plans will soon begin for another exhibition during the coming year.

Officers are as follows. Pres Lester Lee: V-Pres. V. M. Paul: Secretary Paul F. Crow: Treasurer Evelyn M. Crow. The following are directors: Earl Hamilton, Nello Mungai. Dean Fullerton, Ed. Aten, Dell Weaver. Glenn Fullerton. Dean Redd. David McDonald.