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R. D. 2, Belleville, Ohio

The Richland County Steam Thresher's Club show was a success, thanks to the cooperation of your paper and the many other people who spent a great deal of time and effort to bring a Show of this type to the public.

The first day was kept at a slow pace because of the heavy rains the previous week. The heavy engines and big tractors were getting mired at the fan and brake. With the help of other engines they were pulled out. This made good entertainment for the spectators. The second day went off much better as we were blessed with fair weather.

The Rev. Mr. Dodson, our minister, started the day with a fine talk and prayer. After this there was Prony brake testing and the Fan made the engines do their stuff. There was wheat threshing by handfed machines and also later style machines with self-feeders. The wheat being plenty tough made the old machines do their stuff.

The saw mill demonstration was very good with Mr. Logan and Mr. Moomaw at the feed lever. The Advance Rumely furnished the power.

The Seritoma Club of Mansfield, kept the people's appetites satisfied and Swiss cheese and Trail balogna was tasty.

There were 14 large steam engines and several Models including exhibits of small engines.

The officers would like to compliment all the men and women who helped this Reunion of ours to be a success. We would like to offer our sincere thanks to all you people who attended the show and we hope you will return next year and bring a friend. We will try to improve our Reunion for 1959. Hoping to see you there.