The Second Annual Old Timers Reunion

A Frick 8-1/2 X 10

Courtesy of James S. Ferree, Jr., The Old Time Historical Association, Box 70, Climax, North Carolina 27233.

James S. Ferree

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North Carolina 27233

The second annual Old Timers Reunion Show was held July 6 and 7, 1974 by the Old Time Historical Association at their showgrounds in Climax, North Carolina.

Saturday, July 6, 1974 began with rain which fortunately lasted only a short time and then we had sunshine for the rest of the two day show.

More than ten thousand people from as far away as California attended this year's show. The rain probably cut our attendance by 25% in quantity but not in quality. A finer group of people I've never seen at any show. They behaved well and enjoyed themselves.

Jack Johnson of Siler City, North Carolina was here again this year with his excellent Frick 6-3/4 x 9 double cylinder traction engines, ser. #23176. Jack acquired his engine from Albert Cooper of Maryland a while back and takes good care of it. Jack got the show off to a good start by belting up to our Moffit sawmill and several Old Timers took turns at the level to saw a nice pile of lumber. We had plenty of good logs and the sawmill was running most of the time! Our Moffit sawmill was manufactured in Sanford, North Carolina, many years ago and we have it set up permanently under a shed. The mill has been restocked and is in excellent condition.

Then came the wheat threshing with Mr. J.S. Ferree, Sr., 80 years young, setting up his Frick all steel machine and Frick 8-1/2 x 10 portable engine. His grandson Donald Neal Ferree was his engineer. Mr. 'J. S.,' as his friends call him, still enjoys threshing and hearing the steam engines work. Donald Ferree is only 21 but he is already a very good engineer even down to refluing boilers.

Our antique auto display contained about 75 cars of all kinds including Mr. R. A. Gibbs of Greensboro and his Stanley Steamer. The cars were displayed along the side of our nine acre lake which made a beautiful site. We also had several old fire engines on display. The children really love these old trucks.

A Frick 8-1/2 X 10 portable belted to a Frick thresher at the 1974 Old Timer's Reunion at Climax, North Carolina.

Gas engines of all makes and sizes from all over were a fine part of our show. Some pumped water and powered other equipment while some just ran. Mr. H.B. Macon of Greensboro, North Carolina had one of his engines running a stone mill grinding mighty good corn meal which was sold as fast as he could make it.

Mr. Willard Moore of Jamestown, North Carolina had one of his many engines pumping water which made a very interesting display.

The gas engines were set up in a grove of trees and the shade was mighty enjoyable for the operators and the lookers.

We had 12 steam engines of various sizes on display and running this year. Mr. McCollum of Colfax, North Carolina, reminiscing of his days on a steam railroad locomotive, ran our 9 x 10 Frick traction engine. This engine was made in 1906 and still does a good job. Mr. Robert Lylerly of Mocksville gave us a hand with our Frick 8-1/2 x 10 traction engine. Gas tractors of many sizes and makes were on hand to give added attraction to our show. Howard McCollum of Colfax had his 8-16 International and 27-42 Minneapolis in operation.

We had two parades each day, one right after lunch and another about 6 p.m. The parades added a lot to the show and are interesting to young and old.

Jerry Tuttle of Greensboro, North Carolina and Dan Brown of Climax organized a mighty fine Flea Market of about fifteen dealers of many kinds of goodies. The ladies really enjoy shopping at the Flea Market.

Jack Bowman and his square dancers delighted the crowd several times during the day and especially Saturday evening. Grady Hockett was in charge of the music and provided entertainment with blue-grass, country and gospel music almost continuously.

Rev. Mark Hodgen held church services on Sunday morning with Grady Hockett's group providing gospel music. We had good attendance for this service.

Max Ulrich of Winston-Salem, North Carolina was the Master of Ceremonies on Saturday with James S. Ferree, Jr. handling the microphone on Sunday.

Dan Brown celebrated his birthday on Sunday by signing up over one hundred members in the Association. A mighty fine way to celebrate!

The Climax and Julian Firemen's Auxiliary did a mighty fine job providing food and drink for the crowd and the Climax Firemen did an excellent job in manning the show wherever they were needed.

It seems like 100 years since I last saw a clover hulling operation. At Hamilton we watched Charles Orr, of Hamilton Missouri, feeding 'The New Birdsell Clover Huller.' Charles kept up a steady feed in spite of the high temperature that day in 1973 at the Hamilton Missouri Steam Show. It was while we watched this activity that Bob Grant, President of the Show, came around and talked with us. Bob and his group put on a GOOD show.

This picture was taken in 1915 at Vulcan, Alberta. It shows one of the five Reeves Steamers that were owned by W.H. Jurney & Sons. This 40-I40 C.C. Reeves [pulling 7 drills & harrows] would seed a 1/4 section which is 160 acres, in a day, burning Drumheller coal. All of the 7 drills are not seen in the picture as part of it is cut off. The engineer is my Uncle Clyde, the man at extreme left is my Uncle Loyd , and the man in the middle is my Dad, Howard Jurney, all brothers.

Early Sunday morning we had the flying of a hot air balloong which added much interest to the show.

Our show had its beginning in the early 1960's when Mr. J.S. Ferree, Sr. renewed his annual wheat threshing at this farm two miles west of Climax for the benefit of the young people of the community who hadn't had the opportunity to see old time wheat threshing and for the older folks who wanted to reminisce of the old days. In the early 1920's Mr. Ferree did custom threshing and baling in this community with the wooden Keystone #2 Champion threshing machine and International Harvester baler which he powered with two Fordson tractors.

In 1973 the Climax Volunteer Fire Department became interested in the show as a project to help support the Fire Department. The show was then expanded to cover what threshing, sawmilling, straw baling, old machinery exhibits, antique car exhibits, antique fire engine display and Flea Market. The new show was a big success, so in 1974 The Old Time Historical Association, Inc. was formed to plan and operate the show with the Climax Volunteer Fire Department as sponsors. The profits of the show go to the help support the Fire Department.

We are now off and running, expanding and growing this year. Our 1975 show will be held July 5 and 6, 1975. We had added a 34' x 200' machinery shed which will put part of this year's show under roof. Make your plans now to attend this fine show.

Robert Fields baling straw with his horsepower baler. All pictures from 1974 Old Timer's Reunion.

My Case engine - my son is on the engine. I have the complete outfit, in good running order, always shedded. I backed it in the belt 21 falls for threshing.

One of the first things we saw as we entered the grounds at the Hamilton, Missouri Show in 1973 was Roe Maxwell tending the 65 H.P. Case which is owned by Virgil Raines. This was one of many extra good exhibits at this 1973 show. I felt this was one of the friendliest groups I had ever mingled with at any show.