1904 Model Miniature Steam Train

A 1904 Model miniature steam train (passenger coaches are not shown). It is being operated by Virgil Van Natta and niece. We expect to operate the steam train weekends and holidays this summer, 1958. Also plan to have some steam engines fired up Saturday

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The Van Natta Brothers WM. VAN NATTA GEO. VAN NATTA

The picture of the sawmill is one of my portable mills operating in 1946. It was powered by 65 hp. Case engine. Between the years of 1946 and 1951 this mill sawed about 5 million feet of lumber. Most of the time I carried 200 lbs. of steam on boiler that was a high pressure Butt Strap boiler.

I operated the engine at higher speeds than the manufacturer's specifications.

Some people that had experience with steam engines told me that I was running it at speeds that were too much for it. On all the bearings I used the best of machine oil and the best steam cylinder oil that I could get.

During that period I put in one new set of rings, also I had some trouble with the governors. The power output was increased greatly because of the higher speed and higher pressure.

This engine was running just as nice when I quit using it as when I bought it. I swapped this boiler to the late Mr. Arthur Young (Kinzers, Pa.) for a 40 hp. traction (Case.) engine.

The 40 hp. Case and the 8x10 Frick are at our home. These engines are both in good shape. The fuel bunkers which are in excellent shape are now on the Case. This engine has always been under cover and has only been driven a few miles on the road.

Also in the same yard are located a 20 hp. Bird sell traction, a 12 hp. Stevens portable and the Miniature Steam Train.

Mr. Wm. Van Natta and myself have more engines such as 6 hp. St. John Ville portable, 8X10 Frick portable, S.W. Woods on skids, made in Clyde, N. Y. A 6 hp. Westinghouse traction, new fluid that will be state inspected when we finish restoring it. Besides the ones mentioned we also have other stationary engines and boilers.

This machinery is located near Tioga Center, N. Y., phone 2451. However, our mailing address is R. D. 1, Barton, N. Y. These towns are located on Route 17, midway between Binghamton and Elmira.

If anyone wishes to run or learn how to run these traction engines we extend this service insofar as possible