Gregg and Rick

Courtesy of Robert Rogers, Acres of Antiques, Cheraw, S. C. 29520.

Robert Rogers

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Exhibitors, helpers and honored show officials from thirty states and Canada were more than generous with their exhibits, advice, know-how, can-do and unitive effort.

Nearly three hundred exhibiting families literally moved into or near Cheraw; some for a few days, some for a week, and some for several weeks.

They came to enhance and utilize a SPRING VACATION PLAYGROUND, a playground, hobby oriented, to antique agricultural equipment powered by steam, gas, water, wind, mule, dog, and Grandma.

Ninety-seven families brought temporary homes onto the grounds; some campers, some tents and some of those big 'Motorized Apartment Houses.'

Sixty-five families filled Cheraw's Motels. Motels in Chesterfield, Bennettsville and Rockingham was 'home' for others from afar.

Never before in the History of South Carolina has so much Volunteer Talent assembled to play while building a playground.

The Spink's, Dick, Irene, Gregg and Rick returned to Cheraw, S. C. for Easter VACATION. Dick is President and MC of the popular Western NY show. He also MC's here and at Canadagia. This year he 'kinda' wanted a taller speaker stand, and he 'kinda' wanted sewage to a certain camper spot, SPINK'S SPOT. After procuring 4' pipe from our JY he introduced sons Gregg and Rick together with Royce Roberts (NY) to some shovels. Within an hour they extended lines to 'Spink's Spot' and 'Robert's Rotunda.' Another visit by Dick to our JY produced appropriate steel from which a two story speaker stand (above) was so neatly assembled and in keeping with the gardens that Margaret keeps it all year to fly the flag. No wonder the WNY Association made him President. He 'does things' faster than this learner dares 'think things.'

Bus and Norma Longrod, NY, unload the first Models ever to arrive in Cheraw (1970). His favorite is steam trains and steam boats. To us. Bus is DEAN OF MODELS. He is Model Mgr. of Shows at Alexander, NY, Canandagia, NY, Mead-ville. Pa. and Cheraw, S. C. Our Model bldg. is Named LONGROD'S LOOKOUT. They are VACATIONING Longer and are bringing son, Dana, and Norma's Mother to Cheraw's Fourth Annual Apr. 27-28-29-'73. Picture by S. C. Department of Parks, Recreation of Tourism, 1970.

Prior to Steam-up dates, always, FRI-SAT-SUN FOLLOWING EASTER, TV Stations in both Carolinas televised our two, 30 Minute Videotaped Color Programs. The Press arrived two weeks prior to receive press material and a free dinner. We extend everlasting gratitude for their splendid cooperation. From the High Peaks of the Blue Ridge to the Sand Dunes of Kitty Hawk and the oyster beds of Bulls Bay, spectators by the thousands came to see Buffs work and play with Vintage equipment and to observe unequalled fellowship.

Engine Running and other Exhibitors say they can keep themselves fully entertained in Cheraw, and requested that we now provide equipment and procedures whereby wives, daughters and sons can do likewise. Spelled out; they said write a report putting 'Women and children first.' So here we go, plowing New ground, previous show reports provides no pattern.

We did find leads in some of the Association Publications and wish to thank the Editors for focusing attention, and connecting ENGINE RUNNING, hobby etc., with SPRING VACATION (family style).

Ross Calder, Editor of BOILER BULLETIN, Canada, writes .... 'There was a good turn out of Canadians at Cheraw, S. C. in April at Bob Rogers' Antique Acres Show. Many of them like myself, combining a holiday with a little hobby and getting the season started early.'

Dorothy Smith, Editor of THE PIONEER ENGINE BUGLE, NY writes 'For those of you who want to combine some engine doings with an early SPRING VACATION, plan on attending the Steam-up at Antique Acres, Cheraw, S. C.

Bus Longrod, Editor of FLY WHEEL NEWS, NY, writes 'We are eagerly awaiting to go down to Bob Roger's place in Cheraw, S. C. next April, and absorb some of that sunshine after a long Winter. Hope to see you there.'

Ladies put emphasis on their VACATION HOME as well as their permanent.

So Mama camperites and Dad's little eyeball; per Dad's order, emphasis has been placed on landscaped sites for your VACATION HOME, your convenience, and your pleasure. Signs on Two small rooms Located in the Mini-Museum read 'Exhibitors Dressing-Ladies' and 'Exhibitors Dressing-Men'. Exhibitors staying at Motels therefore have special on grounds facilities.

The Roberts of NY returned for EASTER VACATION. After getting Isabelle and son Royce settled, Don (Camper Mgr.) parked 97 campers in 66 spaces. This increase was a welcomed surprise. Six campers attended Cheraws first Annual in 1970. In '71 there were 36. We erringly landscaped for only 66 in '72. Don Named his permanent Cheraw campsite'Roberts Rotunda.'

Reserved camper space inside fence is solely for Exhibitors, Helpers and Honored Show Officials. The Cheraw State Park has nice camper facilities for spectators.

The Terrain; building locations, lakes, streams, water wheels and especially Margaret's Hundreds of Thousands of blooming plants prohibits one big Camper area.

Well identified camper areas will expedite the locating of reserved spaces, hopefully saving many steps for Don Roberts and his helpers.

GASOLINE ALPINE (new for 73) adjacent to Gasoline Alley, water, elec, flush & showers, 30 landscaped spaces.

RILEY'S RIDGE-Centrally located, elec, water, flush, 18 landscaped spaces (named for The Rileys, Md. Gas Mgr.)

MID WEST-(New for 73) water-elec.-chemical, 15 spaces.

JUNQUE JUNCTION adjacent to our Junk Yard, elec, water, chemical, 10 Semi-landscaped spaces.

HELPER FLATS-adjacent to HELPER HQ & OFFICE. Hopefully suitable to Exhibitors and to wives who help in the office, ticket sales, registrations, etc. Elec, water, flush & showers, some sewage hookups25 spaces. We hope Dot (Mrs. Vern Gardenier) NY and Betty (Mrs. Ken Shultz) NY will insist on camping in HELPER FLATS. These ladies effectively organized more ticket sellers, gate watchers, office helpers, etc in three minutes than this Sandlapper had in three years.

We hope Babe (Mrs. Milo Powers) NY will use our water powered Sewing Machine (built in 1850 by inventor Howe) to sew some 'light fall clothes.' In trying to get Logs for his Saw Mill (above) Milo fell from the tree and busted 10 ribs and a few other bones scattered around.

Joe Hanson, a Fla. transplant, built that little working Westinghouse Traction from photos he took during Cheraws April '71 Show. This rebel was afraid to ask Dot (Mrs. Hanson) if she got much grass cut during the crash construction period. (Bottom)

PRESIDENTIAL PLATEAU, hopefully for 36 Presidents and Honored Show Officials. Elec, water, chemical (18 Campers and 18 Motelers cars.) Each Associations' exhibiting Members meet annually and select Members that they think will work harder and longer (53 Weeks per yr.), and who has the know-how, can-do, etc. You call your 'selectees' Presidents, VP, etc. We figure if 'your selectees' VACATION with us Long enough, some of their planning, know-how, advice, etc. will rub onto us. You better bet this Rebel with Limited Show experience and Limited local help will reserve space for their Campers and Cars. You give them titles up there, we respect those titles when they come here. Everybody bring and wear your home show Buttons and Ribbons.

MISC. NOOKS-several small un-named landscaped nooks each suitable for 3 to 6 self contained.

Don Roberts finds spaces we overlook.

THE ANNEX-(New 73) several acres, connected property, outside fence, elec, water, chemical. Un-landscaped as of 73.


The key word is REGISTERED. To provide Equipment and Proceedures for Wives, Daughters and Sons to entertain and be entertained we need FAMILY REGISTRATION including Ages of Daughters and Sons.

Steam-ups are somewhat like Wars, it takes many workers in the background to supply one shooting Soldier up front or one engine runner up front.

Helpers, workers and family in the background receive identical recognition buttons etc. as those that operate equipment. For example; Lyle and Jean Stisser, brought daughters Bruce and Kathy. Stickers on four identical oversize Buttons with Ribbons attached read:

Exhibitors Buttons are family addressed and serve to differentiate between Exhibitors families and individual Spectators. Bruce and Kathy demonstrated swimming, thereby entertaining teenagers. Jean was Pool Watcher. These buttons work wonders in that they instantly say 'who is who' & therefore eliminate strangers among exhibitor's families. Exhibitors Oversize Buttons are used year after year. Clean stickers and Ribbons are issued annually no charge. RE-Registered Exhibitor and RV-Recreation Vehicle (Campers etc.)

We kinda Copied Model Security Procedure used at Alexander, NY. Chicken Wire affixed to perimiter posts of the Model Shed will exclude everyone other than in-sleeping Watchman after hours. A few steel 5 foot high Postman's package boxes can be used as Lockers. Polyetheline Will be Sandwiched between Chicken Wire if u-no-wat. Yawl bring'm all back. The South will rise again!. Courtesy of Robert Rogers, Acres of Antiques, Cheraw, S. C. 29520.

Family addressed Exhibitors Buttons also do things beyond which they were intended; things like .... a New Wife .... Charlie Harrison from Scio, Ohio was being given 'that look' by friends of Anna, his wife. His Family Addressed Button read: THE HARRISONS, CHARLIE & HILDA. Hilda is Mrs. Charlie Harrison of Fredericktown, Ohio. Both Charlies being Good Charlies rectified matters by exchanging Buttons. The Scio Charlie is President of Shows in New Athens and in Dover. The Fredericktown Charlie has many Tractions and exhibits in the Darke County and Mansfield Show area.

The Camping Calders from Canada set up their self contained near cypress lake, beyond water lines etc. Ross fired the Farquar, Gladys (Mrs. Calder) recorded Models (about 200) while daughters, Sandra and Lorre, probably demonstrated the Canadian Crawl in our Spring fed swimming pool during Fridays (Not Sat.) 83 degree sunshine. President Calder must caldron his exhibitors at Milton. Barnum & Baileys high wire acrobats would take second place in a precision and timing contest with The Big Tractions, the Big Minnie, the many Mobile Exhibits and nearly everything at Steam-era.

Poppa's said to entertain 'women and children,' so what say Sandra and Lorre Calder from Canada, yawl team up with Stisser Sisters, Bruce and Cathy (NY), the Bishop Sisters, Blair and Cynthia (Va) and others to get swimming pool and other youthful games started. We have some equipment but No Diving Board. (Insurance Co. No No.) The Spring fed (no pollution) pool is 72 degrees year round. Pool is solely for those wearing Family Addressed buttons as outlined herein. Pool depth tapers from 3 to 9 feet & Minors must have parents consent. OK Volunteers, Supervisors are Needed for Games, registrars are Needed to List 'all Members' of Exhibitor families.

The HONOR ROLL is far from complete in 'youth registration.'

The Names of all attending (entire exhibitors family) including the ages of Minors is Necessary to accomplish what POP 'ordered'.

What say Betty, you team up with Iowans' Mary Ann, Mearita, Mildred and Kathryn and take charge of one of four registration booths. Bring your (Hawkeye) buttons, regalia, flags etc.

The Jones, Basil and Mary, Pa., SPRING VACATIONED on grounds 3 or 4 weeks during which time he Masterfully converted one of our rusty piles of abandoned junk back to a smoothly operating Stanley Steamer Mountain engine (30hp). Mrs. Mary was in charge of the Mini-Museum and was responsible for many happy moments for would-be buff widows.

They are Returning before Apr. 27-28-2S-'73. Basil will restore our Delco's while Mrs. Mary arranges many acquisitions for the Mini-Museum.

Blair and Cynthia Bishop, Va. did not watt for others to provide their 'youth entertainment.' They got Grandpa and Grandma Bishop (Frank & Dover) Va. to bring this 1906 Stanley Steamer. What say, does BISHOPS BIVOUAC Suit yawl Bishops as your permanently named campsite? The sign man wants to paint before Apr. 27-28-29-73. Courtesy of Robert Rogers, Acres of Antiques, Cheraw, S. C. 29520.

In reviewing and taking stock for this 'women and children first' endeavor, the 'why didn't we's' flooded us.

'Why didn't we' get Buff Widows to take turns operating our electric golf cart and ride the physically handicapped through the two miles of pathways lined with azaleas, camaleas, dogwood, etc., that cross and re-cross streams and Lilly Pools.

Mrs. Bill Strayer (Verna) Pa. was in a wheelchair, Mrs. Titus Brubaker (Erma) Pa. was using a cane, heart condition, etc. prevented others from extended walking.

'What say Mildred Ary, bring that Indiana shenanigled publicity wagon back and ride physically handicapped Ladies down to pan for Gold and Rubies?

'Why didn't we' get those Quilting frames and material out?

'Why didn't we' .... do, all the things planned?

Wives will be provided operable Antique equipment to work with as well as look at; WOW-LOOKOUT Grandma, bring your Monday wash day clothes. Our Vintage operable devices includes washing machines that are; water powered, gas powered, steam powered, dog powered, and Grandma powered. Plenty hot and cold running water and hot irons to actually wash and iron Grandma style.

Use our water powered sewing machine, made by Howe in 1840, to Mend snags, or make a dress.

The media was executively represented; THE SCHOOL MARM' (Mrs. Earlene Ritzman) publisher of IMA & GEM: Don and Judy Knowles, publishers of E & E; Raymond Laisure, Stumptown Steamer.

I know of no Christmas present that is appreciated more than subscriptions to these magazines. It is like being on the 'package opening' end of six Christmases a year. What else can one give, that can equal it at six times the cost. What better way can the hobby be perpetuated than a subscription given to our Successors.

Dayton Nichols, (NY Buff Unlimited), Ernie Hoffer, Pres. Ohio's National Threshers, Martin Peterson, a Florida transplant and many others sent pictures of exhibitors, helpers, steam events and Garden Views (of our first two annuals) that dictated our printing a Souvenir Album.

The Philadelphia Sunday Paper carried a half page Color Picture of Bomar Water Gardens and in associating Steam power, headlined the write-up FLOWER AND POWER DOWN IN DIXIE. We entitled the forty pages of exhibitors, helpers, engines and Gardens FLOWER AND POWER IN DIXIE. The front and back is an aerial photo of the 22 acres. The price, $2.00 postpaid. We think you will like it, if not, write us and your money will be refunded NO QUESTIONS. You keep the album.

Eighty-five year young Bert Messersmith along with 75 other Snowbirds from Pennsylvania and Maryland welcomed Fridays 83 degrees when their buses arrived in nearby Florence. Then! 'That Fateful Saturday.' Thirty-three is 'Don't go outside' temperature in Cheraw. This was the third time in 28 years that after Easter coldness required 'all day' shoe wearing. We mailed each a personal letter containing Group Photos and a rain check. Shade temperature was 102 at Noon the following Sat. Lets hope Dale and Ann Hempfing will be successful in getting this group together again, and again and again.

We wish to thank the Publishers of IMA-GEM-E&E for their generosity.

We cannot be but Sad in that limited Media space precludes writing 300 pages that individually compliments about 300 exhibitors and helpers.

Rit by a Rebel with orders to plow Newground.