Rumely Engine

See Mr. Fair's story.

W. B. Fair

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New Waverly, Indiana

I am a little 12 HP Rumely engine built in 1863 by the Rumely Co. of LaPort, Indiana.

In 1886 I was shipped to Logansport, Indiana and was sold by J. J. J. F. Gettie, who was the agent for the Rumely Company to the Skelton Bros., two miles east at what was known as Skelton Ford on the north side of the river across from what is now Spencer Park.

I was with the Skeltons for several years and then I was traded back to the Rumely Company.

Then Gettie sold me to three young men, L. E. Brown, Joe Buskirk and Corbin Adams. The boys operated for some time, then back to the company I went.

Then A. J. Marrow and George Brown of near Twelve Mile, Indiana bought me. I was with them for some time and then Mr. Brown took over. Mr. Brown roaded me over the road to the Benton Company, between forty and fifty miles from there and we threshed oats for several weeks and then home.

I later was traded back to the company again. A company of farmers then bought me and I pulled hand feed Rumely separator for them till it was worn out. Then I lost out as I do not have the power to handle the new separator. I was traded back again on a 16 HP Rumely.

Then along comes H. O. (Harry Gingrich of Adamsboro, Indiana) and takes me home with him. That was in 1911. Harry used me for anything that my power would take.

The last work I did was pull a cider mill in about 1917. I sat in one place until Thanks giving day in 1951. As you will see in my picture, I lost some weight.

Mr. John Harper of New Haven, Indiana found me surrounded with trees and bushes that had me covered. The writer tried to find me in the summer of 1951, but no luck.

Mr. Harper loaded me on a truck on Thanks giving day and took me to his farm east of New Haven and rebuilt me as you see me today. I am still able to do a lot of work yet. Take Take a good look at me before & after.

If you go out for a drive come out to Mr. Harper's and see me. I am east of New Haven on U.S. 24.