Thousands of People See Red in Winamac, Indiana!

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P.O. Box 237 Royal Center, Indiana 46978

The Northern Indiana Power from the Past hosted its 17th annual show July 14-17, 1994. The popular show located at Winamac, Indiana, drew thousands of people who enjoyed the shaded grounds surrounded by the Tippecanoe River. Pleasant weather, good food, lively entertainment, and friendly people all contributed to the success of the show.

Assembled were approximately five steam engines, four scale-model steam engines, a scale-model steam train, 250 tractors, 400 engines, 175 hog oilers, and a variety of cars, trucks, and other equipment.

The show featured International tractors, engines, and equipment; and faithful International enthusiasts arrived with more than 160 tractors, numerous engines, and a dozen trucks. Looking across the grounds, it almost looked like a 'sea of red!' It was the general consensus that this was the nicest and best variety of International tractors ever assembled at a show.

Featured at this year's show were hog oilers, whose proud owners arrived with an amazing array of them.

Throughout each of the four days, working demonstrations gave everyone a first-hand education of power from days gone by. Besides a saw mill and threshing machine, there was a baler, shingle mill, flour mill, edger, Baker fan, blacksmith, corn shredder, and corn sheller.

Music always plays an important part in this show, featuring fiddles and other stringed instruments playing country, bluegrass, and gospel.

The children were invited to participate in the kiddie tractor pull; in addition, they scrambled to hunt money in small straw stacks.

For the women in attendance, the art of wheat weaving was demonstrated, along with a large quilt show which also offered the opportunity to the ladies to 'try their hand.'

Other highlights of the show were the flea market of approximately 150 booths, horseshoe pitching, cross-cut saw contest, and square dancing.

Several work horses took up residence at the show, pulling wagons and giving everyone an easy and relaxing way to view the scenic perimeter of the grounds. As usual, the Saturday evening horse pull was a real crowd pleaser.

The 'Illinois Regiment of Virginia' set up housekeeping on the grounds, dressing in authentic costumes of the 1778 era and assisting in the colorful flag-raising ceremonies.

Officers, directors, and advisors of the Northern Indiana Power from the Past take great pride in presenting a family-oriented show which is full of fun and friendliness. They extend a hearty invitation to all for the July 13-16, 1995, show which is already being planned and organized.