Thrashing Day at Nelsons

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Sr., 4375 W. Oregon Road, Lapeer, Michigan 48446

At Bob Nelson's Farm, 4 miles west of Lapeer, Michigan, was the scene of his 3rd annual 'Day for Thrashing and Sawmilling' on August 3, 1974.

It seems that it always likes to rain on a certain day that you choose for an event and last August 3rd was no exception. It had to rain a little in the morning, just to keep up tradition. (Of course a little rain is welcome, as evaporation is always cooling.)

We were prepared in the event it did rain, as we had our bundles of wheat loaded on wagons and under cover for several days in advance.

As the time of day advanced the clouds cleared and all was well.

Several days before the show, Nelson Scott and Pete Pierson of Ortonville, Michigan came driving in with their 2 Port Huron Steamers and several old time gas tractors. Bill Leach was the engineer on one of their Port Huron's while Pete Pierson did the honors on the other.

Meanwhile, 'Scotty' was proudly showing' his stuff with his tractors.

Mark McCarty of Ubly, Michigan had his 3rd scale Steam Engine on display for the crowd to enjoy. He sure enjoys it too, because he kept it hopping all day, such as running the lumber edger, baker fan and just plain running it around.

Ernie Beebe of Lapeer, Michigan has a corn husker and shredder. He even had a load of corn to run through it. It was a big attraction and a crowd pleaser.

Horace and Kenyon Davis displayed their drag saw. They had it in operation and it sure looks good to see a cross cut saw cut into a log without having to pull the saw by hand.

Bud Robinson of Davison, Michigan displayed his 6 h.p. Fairbanks Morse Gas Engine and burr type feed grinder, not much feed was ground, but it showed the people how our forefathers did it. Bud was also our official separator man.

Lloyd Fox of Lapeer, Michigan came over a couple of days in advance and he had a maple syrup boiling setup with him. He set up a real syrup camp and he kept the imitation sap (water with mapleine flavor added) boiling all day. What a sight to see a sap bucket hung on a maple slab.

Ron Mayer of Elba, Michigan, Butch Lilly of Lapeer, Michigan, Bill Brazie of Lapeer, Michigan, Charley Setter of Brown City, Michigan and Lloyd Chapman of North Branch, Michigan displayed the teams and wagons. Many people sure like to see well matched teams of horses and their harnesses were a sight to behold.

Leon Knight and Bud Reamer, both of Lapeer, Michigan and Junior Perron of Davison, Michigan, proudly presented their antique tractors. They tried them out on our Baker fan.

George Pearce of Lapeer, Michigan, among others, had a nice display of antique gas engines.

The Lapeer County Mounted Sheriff's Posse was on hand as usual and did a fine job of parking cars and controlling traffic.

Bob Nelson's part of the show consisted of furnishing a Port Huron 19 h.p. Steam Engine, 28-46 Red River Special Grain Separator, Meadows Mobile Sawmill, Sawmill Edger, Baker Fan, 8 ft. cut power take-off grain binder, cider press, corn sheller, grain to thrash and logs to saw.

A box 'Chicken Dinner' was enjoyed by the helping hands.

Bob Nelson Jr. and his 4-H Club provided the lunch stand.

Bob Nelson the 3rd had a big day. He operated the fork lift, helping the folks with items that are too heavy to handle by hand.

Bob Nelson Jr. thought he could take a Case 830 Tractor and out pull our 19 h.p. Port Huron Steam Engine. So we hooked them together back to back and went at it. It ended up in a draw because the steam engine could not pull the tractor backwards and the tractor could not pull the steam engine backwards either.

We really had a good time and a good crowd. The wheat was thrashed and the lumber was sawed. Many stories were told and I'm sure some were stretched quite a bit.

Last but not least, a big thank you is due to the ladies that did the 'kitchen work' for the help. No show would be complete without the help and guidance of the women folks.

If all goes well and the Good Lord willing, we expect another great day at 'Bob Nelson's', August 2, 1975.