Threshing The Wheat From The Chaff

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Union City, Indiana 47390

It seems that so many threshermen and their wives even quite a few of the younger people develop aching joints that deprive them of much usefulness and enjoyment in life. Old-timers used to call it the 'room-a-tiz' or 'the misery' in say an arm or a leg. Our sturdy pioneer forebears often came down with the 'milk leg', while before that, the Middle Ages in both England and the European Continent witnessed much suffering among the more affluent citizenry from such ailments as the 'gout' or the 'ague'.

Suffice it to say that far too many suffer in our present day from the pains of arthritis the swollen, painful joints that result from deposits which will often solidify a knee joint, wrist or knuckle long before a person's time is run out.

It was during last Christmas holidays that we visited with some older relatives of my wife in Celina, Ohio. Onilee had been complaining earlier in her letters of having such pains in her shoulders, arms and legs that her housework was becoming more and more of a burden.

But the day we were there she walked briskly into the room and handed me a glass with a few ounces of some clear liquid in it.

'Here, taste this and then tell me what it is,' she said with a smile.

'Well, it looks quite clear like distilled water. But, wow is it salty! Tastes like just plain salt water, I'd say,' was my reply.

She smiled and said, 'Guess again.'

'Sorry, but I give up. What is it?' I queried.

'It's sea water,' she said. 'A friend of ours, the publisher of our Celina newspaper, got quite a few jugs of sea water for his wife when he was fishing down in Florida recently. She had been reading Dr. George Crane's article in the paper about the benefits of sea water in curing arthritis and other diseases.'

'See, I can bend my arms and fingers now without pain,' she said, flexing her muscles as evidence. 'My housework is much easier after taking the sea water, a little each day for several weeks.'

'I notice a great improvement in Onilee in the three weeks she's been drinking the sea water,' confided her husband.

Putting twenty cents in an envelope, along with a stamped, self-addressed long envelope for reply, I sent to The Hopkins Syndicate, Inc., Mellott, Indiana 47958, requesting the George Crane pamphlet on the benefits of sea water.

'Sea water, or sea salt contains a total of some 44 trace minerals which is tantamount to setting a mineral 'smorgasbord' for the body's glands to feed upon,' is what the pamphlet explained. In it, Dr. Crane tells how his father-in-law aged 97 and bedridden many years from painful arthritis, after taking a little sea salt in his beverage each day, was able to get out of bed, dress himself and do his own housework again. Dr. Crane relates how, after filling their own salt shakers with sea salt, he and his wife began feeling much better and even their hair began coming in dark again.

The doctor went on to explain that, since it was impossible for inlanders to buy any sea water from the stores, the best way to obtain it is to scoop it out of the sea or if you have friends along the coast, get them to catch you a few jugs full.

Not being able to obtain the sea water myself, for experimentation, I discovered that the genuine sea salt, sun-dried, can be purchased in the familiar round boxes at many of the health-food stores. I bought several boxes, emptied out the old salt from our salt shaker, and began using the sea salt for seasoning. I began feeling much better myself. I also filled up the salt shaker of my neighbor who had been having so much misery he could hardly walk from one end of his trailer to the other. In two weeks he told me he felt much better, had driven his car uptown for the first time in many months, and had walked four blocks without pain.

I gave a box of the sea salt to a watchmaker friend of mine who, in his eighties, had just been returned from the hospital to recuperate from a severe heart attack. In just two days his wife called me and said, 'After taking the sea salt for only the two days, I was able to walk upstairs without pain for the first time in a long while. And my nerves are much calmer. Even Bill got up and shaved himself for the first time since he's had his heart attack.'

After another week, I visited them and Mrs. Nill said she still is taking the sea salt since she emptied the old salt out of her salt shakers.

'I often shake a little onto the palm of my hand and lick it with my tongue, besides using it on our food,' she said. 'My nerves are so much better, and Bill is getting stronger.'

The Dr. Crane pamphlet tells that almost any disease the body suffers from can benefit from using the sea water or the sea salt. He tells how just a trace of iodine, over the years, in the salt we use has almost eradicated goiter. The 44 trace minerals in the natural sea salt or sea water, contain all the body glands and organs need, which they can draw upon and select for their needs to keep healthy.

Dr. Crane reports that other physicians and dentists who have been using either the sea water or sea salt have also reported near miracles in cures of many ailments common to their patients.

With sea salt in our shakers, instead of the old sodium chloride which has no health-giving values outside of its salty taste, it is now a pleasure to eat a bowl of tomatoes, or drink a glass of buttermilk, well-sprinkled with the health-giving sea salt and reap its benefits.

It is a well-known fact that, with our soils long ago depleted of their health-giving minerals, the sea has become the earth's last great supply of health-restoring minerals.

For ferreting out this information, should you try the sea water or sea salt and reap rewards in feeling better, you can thank Dr. George W. Crane. As for me, I deserve no thanks in sending the good word along but would appreciate hearing from anyone who has benefited there from.

As to the One who has made the sea and all the health-giving properties within it you can thank God, the giver of every perfect gift who healeth our diseases.

But by all means, try either the sea water or sea salt for whatever ails you. Amen.