Threshing The Wheat From The Chaff

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It was nice getting to The National Threshers at Wauseon, Ohio, once again. There were the old friends as well as the new ones to meet. Being the Silver Anniversary, there were the additional ceremonies, the wrestling with problems of electing a new president, vice president and secretary to take over the reins so capably handled by the LeRoy Blakers for a quarter of a century. Then there was the lovely reception held for the retiring Blakers for whom a very impressive cake had been baked with a Port Huron Engine adorning the center of the top icing. Many and long were the handshakes, the well-wishes, the years of happy memories from the folks who'd come from many states to attend and pay their due respects.

Then, too, there stopped by those who'd remembered the article about the sea salt and wanted to tell us it was doing them some good already. But one of the happiest occasions was the Editor-Chaplain, Elmer Ritzman and party who made it again, as promised, and had already set up their Album stand beside us. We never argue, but just visit and let the world pass us by while the aroma of engine oil and coal smoke perfume the atmosphere.

I asked Elmer if he got a good whiff of steam engine smoke and oil and he said, 'Yes I did. If I hadn't I'd have probably died.'

Noteworthy was 85 year old Mr. Coonrad of Iowa a well-known fixture around the Mt. Pleasant Reunion who said the sea salt was making him feel better and was so glad he was able to make the trip to Wauseon for the Silver Anniversary. How I later regretted not taking a picture of this rugged and outstanding old Iron Man for a future write-up. But so many things were transpiring at once, we had to do just what we were able in the few days we had.

Iron Man Coonrad said he just had to come and smell the steam engine smoke, once again.

'When I get too old to go to these reunions, I'll just pour some engine oil and wood ashes in a pan and heat them on a stove so I can enjoy the aroma,' is the way Iron Man Coonrad said it.

I went fortified with ten boxes of the sea salt, just in case an old friend or some reader stopped by and wanted to know where to get some. The tax man needn't bother his head, for what salt went over the counter was given away not charged for.

Then there were my good friends, Carlton Weisel and Sam Schnurr who always head up the steam and gas engine model department at Wauseon each year. Weisel wouldn't dream of tasting the sea salt (I saved money here). He prefers getting his 'sea water' it seems out of his fish aquarium. (Yuk!) But Sam Schnurr latched onto a couple of boxes. Sam's quite interested in health foods, herbs and anything for feeling better.

It was of no little interest to me to have Sam relate his winter's experience with high blood pressure. Seems he had been reading those herb books again for tonics to perk him up a bit and be well enough to attend the Silver N. T. A.

'My blood pressure was well over the 200 mark,' says Sam. 'But in one of my books I read where a teaspoon of cane syrup (not corn syrup) and three teaspoons of lemon juice, taken in a glass of hot water before each meal can cure high blood pressure soon. The doors and windows of my room were whizzing around my head in circles, I was so bad.'

Well, in but two months, Sam's blood pressure was down to 155, and he was feeling fit again. Now that he's well, he just takes the cane syrup, lemon juice and hot water three or four times a week to keep in shape. Nice going, Sam, and thanks for the suggestion. Others might try this, for no harm could be done and certainly some good.

My wife and I have been reading books from the Association for Research and Enlightenment, an institution dedicated to interpreting the many cases of healing attributed to Edgar Cayce years ago. One of the reports explains that Edgar Cayce revealed years ago that, if a person would eat five amonds (skins on) each day, it would prevent a person from developing tumors in the body. Cayce attributed it to the latrile element that was in the almonds. This is also available in the eating of apricots. Now, some forty years later, medical science is reported working with the same ingredient, latrile, in experimenting on the healing and control of cancer. Certainly five almonds a day would be very pleasant as a remedy would do no; harm, and might do much good. It's easily worth trying and keeping at it.

An acquaintance well-known for his knowledge of herbs once told me that tea made up from the leaves of the blue violet plant would heal cancer. He said it contained natural potassium, and that cancer cells couldn't live in natural potassium. My friend told me that the tea should be made fresh every couple days from the leaves of the blue violet plant, then stored in the refrigerator. Every time a person that is afflicted needs a drink just drink the green tea instead of water or any liquid.

The same subject came up with Sam Schnurr, and he reported reading of the same remedy, curing cancer by tea from blue violet leaves, in several of his herb books.

Every other day make new tea, keep it in the refrigerator and keep drinking it instead of any other liquid. The body will become saturated with natural potassium. These are all foods natural foods and harm no one, but can be of great benefit to those who keep trying them. A healthy body can eradicate most diseases. The body is our greatest healer, if it is kept healthy, so says my old friend, Dr. Wilbur K. Bond of Greensfork, Indiana.

Man has many wonderful things that are his for the asking, if only his knowledge can decipher the mysteries of nature around us. Health should be free to everyone. People are born into this world with an unwritten promise of life, well-being and health. Good health and healing of disease should be as free as the air we breathe.

Whenever Jesus, or the disciples or the apostles healed anyone, it was free and they were made whole. Many times as I've read the scriptures, I've thought how wonderfull it must have been for some blind man, or crippled person, to see or to walk and the bill for new health was merely a blessing and an admonishment to live right from then on. Modern psychologists and psycho analysts are realizing more and more that deep-set guilt-complexes, hatred, prejudice, envy and a host of other mental maladjustments are deep-set not only in the mind, but also the soul. Jesus never healed a person without saying, 'Thy sins be forgiven,' or 'Go and sin no more.'

When I was a school kid, I used to enjoy reading the Bible, especially The New Testament. Then for years I neglected reading it and it seemed that, during those years, I just couldn't get anywhere in life. But the Bible is a great book to read all through life. It reveals how good people tackled great problems much like the very problems we face every day and every year of our own lives. But so many seem only to read it when faced with trouble. Later I began reading the Bible more again, and enjoying it, although my adult mind didn't seem to understand it as well as when I was just a boy. An adult questions things more. A child believes easier. Jesus said, 'Father, thou has kept the meaning of this from the wise, and revealed it unto babes.'

I am reminded of that great parable Jesus told about the prodigal son.

'The kingdom of heaven is like a son who requested his portion of his father and left home, spending years in riotous living.'

The son got so low that, one day when he was feeding the swine for his employer, he was so hungry he felt like eating the very husks that were being thrown to the stock. Then his senses returned to him. He felt he would be much better off if he returned to his father's household and was merely an employee out in the fields. But when he returned, his father espied him coming in the distance, and ordered the fatted calf to be fetched and a great celebration. He placed his ring upon his son who had returned. Another son who had stayed all the years with his father became jealous.

'I remained home and served you all these years while my brother spent his life in riotous and wicked living, and now you make a great feast for him,' this son said.

But his father replied, 'You have had my blessings all these years, but this, my son who was lost and is now found has returned and made my heart glad.'

The story reminds us that it is never too late to return from whatever kind of life we've been living, and to begin living right from now on. The good Christian people will welcome us, whatever we've done and regardless of how long or how low we've gone. All will be forgiven and we'll be treated even better than those who've spent their whole lifetimes in church pews and telling others how to live. It!s worth trying. And the change can go a long way to healing what ails us, either in mind, soul or body.