Threshing The Wheat From The Chaff

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About a year and a half ago, while shopping at the local market, a man told me how miserably crippled his wife was with arthritis. I told him about using the sea salt, and he said he would immediately get some, as all other hopes had failed.

Although I did not know the man's name, but his face was familiar, I recognized him walking out of a store just last week. I was in the act of buying a morning newspaper and thought that if I ran out after him, without first paying for my paper, I would immediately be picked up for shop-lifting. I paid for the paper as soon as the clerk was available, then ran after the gentleman in question, a full half-block down the main thoroughfare.

'Did your wife try the sea salt for her arthritis?' I asked, a bit breathless.

'She sure did,' he replied with enthusiasm. 'And she's much better. When you told me about the sea salt, she was almost helpless. But this summer she raised the finest garden tomatoes this big, everything grown the organic way.'

'I don't know your name,' he went on, 'But I'm very glad that you identified yourself and started her using the sea salt. She's not only much better, but she has gone in for everything organic and all the health foods. We even have our grown-up children using natural foods in their families.'

'People may call us 'nuts' for using health foods-but, don't you believe it. It really is the answer to health,' the friend concluded.

I gave the gentleman the address of our Natural Food Associates meeting, and he assured me that his wife would want to come to the sessions, being a confirmed believer that health comes from natural foods that enable the body to function as it was intended.

Just this past week-end we attended the big Tri-State Engine Show at Portland, Indiana. Red Fischbach, the veteran 77-year old steam engine man and owner of a small museum of early Americana at Kettlersville, Ohio, dropped by our IRON MAN 'office' for a chat. I had received a letter from Red, two years ago, asking where he could get some sea salt for his wife whose arthritis had left her helpless and unable to do her work. A year later when I saw him at The Darke County Steam Threshers, he told me his wife was well enough and relieved from pain that they no longer had to wait on her. She was already able to do her own housework. But this time, at Tri-State Show, Red assured me that his wife was even better than last summer.

'My wife even bakes cakes and pies. What a difference from two years ago, when she was in such pain she merely lay in a heap, not able to do anything,' said Red. 'That sea salt made the difference. We use it all the time.'

We are always happy to hear from people who have benefited by our suggestions. We're here in this world to help others, if only in a very humble way. It is our feeling that people often suffer too much. Some may be of their own making. But oftentimes the suffering is the result of things and forces out of human control.

Over a year ago I gave a box of sea salt to a neighbor. His wife had become a helpless invalid from arthritis. A few weeks later he told me he couldn't get her to use it.

I happened to see this neighbor just a week ago. I told him of the happy results the two people had experienced from using the sea salt over the past year. He again told me that he never could get his wife to use it.

'My wife's psychotic, and she rejected the suggestion of using sea salt,' he explained. 'She 's still sufferingso helpless I have to call in another woman to do the housework.'

It doesn't seem to make sense, that one would object to merely emptying their old salt shaker of its store salt and filling it with sea salttasting the same but having trace minerals beneficial to the body. But there are those who would rather 'suffer than switch'. If this woman had only used the sea salt, she might be much better, and in less pain, even doing her own housework like the others. But instead she is still in misery, and helpless from aching joints, a victim of her own prejudice.

We do not prescribe any medicines or. even patent drugs here. Only a physician is qualified to do that. But oftentimes, when the doctor does all he can, and we learn of some food that is beneficial we do our best to pass it on. Had our neighbor been wise, he would have emptied the old salt shaker and poured it full of the sea salt without telling his suffering wife. She wouldn't have known the difference, anyway, except she'd have been feeling better instead of suffering so much over the past year.

Another neighbor lady, across the street, complained about the pain of her arthritis. We immediately gave her a box of sea salt we had on our shelves. She said, 'I11 start using it today. I'm so glad to know about it, before it really cripples me. I feel I'm only sixty and too young to be an invalid.'

This summer, while attending the Blue Grass Steam and Gas Show at Harrodsburg, Ky., I noticed a young man sitting on the ground, propped against a tree.

'You've really picked out a comfortable seat for yourself,' I said.

But he replied, 'I'm leaning against the tree to relieve my back pains. My vertebraes are out, and I can hardly stand or walk.'

'I know how you must feel,' I replied. 'For years my spinal maladjustments made me almost a helpless invalid. When I was only in my twenties, I could get out of bed in the mornings, only by the strength of my arms my body was in such utter pain.'

Then I went on to tell him how I took some old cream-tester gears that I had used to make an astronomical telescope mounting, and dismantled it to make me what I call a 'back-stretcher'. After a chiropractor and an osteopath had both given up keeping my spine in condition and alignment, I succeeded in getting it in a much more live able condition by using this back stretcher. I was able to get the vertebraes back in line, and my sacro-iliac in proper relation, one with the other. Of course this took some time, but I persisted gently stretching the spine, then releasing the tension, stretching again, and so on, till the vertebraes lined up. And I was soon feeling better. For a while I did a hitch in a glass factory. If you could have seen me climbing over the machinery and up through the carton chutes of that factory, you'd have never believed I'd recently had chronic spinal troubles with double curvature resulting from a sacroiliac rotation, suffered since childhood.

I then proceeded to tell this young fellow how to take certain exercises, to help align his spine. I don't know whether he will try it, or take my suggestions seriously. But I hope he does, because he told me all that was being done for him anymore was the administering of pain-killers to allow him to live with his condition.

Life was meant to hold more for us than constant physical suffering. Yet many suffer excruciating pain every day, after the doctors have done everything for them, oftentimes for want of a little practical knowledge and application that can bring help and relief. In the days of the New Testament, Jesus healed every known disease and sickness that was brought to Him. His disciples, and later the Apostles even could heal the most difficult diseases by prayer and faith, in His name. But the next best thing that you and I can do, is to at least take some suggestions, or work out some of our own problems and improve our health conditions to the point of being able to live with ourselves. Many people suffer not only great pain and crippling, but often mental and spiritual torment as well. The Great Healer could erase all these torments for all who came. And today Christianity can heal when medicine cannot and the psychoanalyst has long given up. But we must give it a chance. In the Book of James is written a short, concise procedure for divine healing. 'Call in the elders and pray, and the prayer of faith shall save the sick.' It's very simple. But the hard job might be to get some elders of a church, these days, dedicated enough to their high calling to respond.

Meantime, you and I can, regardless of the lack of sincerity in many elders, do some helpful things for ourselves sufficient to enable us to live with ourselves and with others.

Jesus said, 'According to your faith, so be it.' It is a sad commentary on some folks that even practical suggestions are rejected, preferring continuance of their misery to using the simple remedies that God has provided to heal mankind.

Martin Luther said it a little more wordy, some fifteen centuries later. In a historical-religious pamphlet we picked up at the inter-faith building during this summer's Darke County Fair, we read:

'The tax collector in Torgau and the counsellor in Belgern have written to me to ask that I offer some good advice and help for Mrs. Korner's afflicted husband. I know of no worldly help to give. If the physicians are at a loss to find a remedy, you may be sure that it is not a case of ordinary melancholy. It must rather be an affliction that comes from the devil and this must be counteracted by the power of Christ and with the power of faith. This is what we do, and what we have been accustomed to do for a cabinetmaker here who was similarly afflicted with madness and we cured him by prayer in Christ's name.

Accordingly you should proceed as follows: Go to the afflicted one with the deacon and two or three good men. Confident that you, as pastor of the place, are clothed with the authority of the ministerial office, lay your hand upon him and say, 'Peace be with you, dear brother, from God our Father and from our Lord Jesus Christ.'

Thereupon repeat the creed and the Lord's Prayer over him in a clear voice, and close with these words, 'God, Almighty Father, who has told us through your Son, 'Truly, truly, I say to you, whatever you ask the Father in my name, he will give it to you;' who has commanded and encouraged us to pray in his name, 'Ask and you shall receive,' and who in like manner has said, 'Call upon me in the day of trouble and I will deliver you and you shall glorify me;' we unworthy sinners, relying on these words and commands, pray for your mercy with such faith as we can muster. Graciously deign to free this man from all evil, and put to naught the work that Satan has done to him, to the honor of your name and the strengthening of the faith of believers; through the same Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord, who lives and reigns eternally with you, forever and ever, Amen.'

Then, when you depart, lay your hand upon the man again and say, 'These signs shall follow those who believe; they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.'

Do this three times, once on each of three successive days. Meanwhile let prayers be said from the chancel of the church publicly until God hears them. Insofar as we are able, we shall at the same time unite with yours our faithful prayers and petitions to the Lord. Farewell. Other counsel than this I do not have.

I remain,


It took two pages, single-spaced, for Martin Luther to say it, but only two verses for the Apostle James. However, Jesus, the greatest of healers, said it in only five words: 'Ask and you shall receive.'