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Just winding up the big Tri-State Gas Engine and Tractor Show at Portland, Indiana, this week, I sauntered down Flea Market Avenue in quest of a small V-belt pulley. Omer Swartzendruber had told me that, if I'd get a smaller size pulley on my old Pierce Governor, it would be much more sensitive in throttling the power into the 'mighty' Joe Dear. So, coming across a new-looking five-inch pulley, I purchased same from a brother flea marketeer who hails from my old hometown of Union City, Indiana.

'I'll have a lot of fun trying this out, to see if 'Swartzy' is as smart as he thinks,' thought I to myself, tossing my prize pulley into my truck cab.

But I no sooner got back to 'Uncle Elmer's Iron Man-Gem Mobile Circulation Dept. than Mildred Ary stopped out front in her Buick.

'Mercy, I don't know what to do. A pulley dropped off my power-steering, while I was coming over from Union City, and I don't know whether to try and drive home tonight or not. It steers so hard, and I'm afraid it might damage the power-steering.''

I said, 'We'll put in an emergency call over Brewer's Sound. With all these engine mechanics here on the grounds, there should be someone who can help out with your power-steering.'

Returning, I saw a tall, gaunt figure, bent almost doubled, his bearded head underneath Mildred Ary's car hood.

'Someone has already answered your call,' said Mildred, a bit relieved.

It proved to be none other than lanky Larry Smith of Williamsburg, Ind., who had that very afternoon informed me he had collected all the serial numbers of the Maytag Gas Engines.

'We need a pulley to fit this shaft,' said Larry. 'Driving without it would not harm your power-steering mechanism, but it would be very hard to steer.'

I took out my steel tape measure and 'eyed' the shaft as being about five-eights. Then I said, 'I just purchased a five-inch V-pulley with the same size bore.'

Going back to my truck, I retrieved the pulley and soon Larry was putting it onto the power-steering mechanism shaft, while Cal Barry kicked the components back into line with his cowboy boot.

'I'll need a screw-driver,' said Larry. Which I promptly fetched, and Mildred Ary said, 'It's working fine now. How wonderful, of all of you to be of such help.'

I mention this cheering little anedote, which took place just before we left the still-crowded Tri-State Show grounds, not for what I did in the situation. But to point out that God often answers our prayers even before we ask them. The Bible says, 'God knows of your needs even before you Pray. He is able to do more than we are able to think or ask.' Though the Lord let me believe I was buying that pulley for the 'Joe Dear', He had sent me to buy it for Mildred Ary who needed it worse.

Many of my best-answered prayers in life came when I was least expecting. And at times I prayed very little. It was as if Someone is watching over our lives, for our welfare, whether we know it or not, or whether we accept it or not. Jesus said, 'When you pray, do not be as the hypocrites who pray with long faces in public places with many words. But enter into his closet and pray secretly to the Father who will reward you openly.'

During our stay at the Ohio Valley Antique Machinery Show at Georgetown, Ohio, we had some enlightening visits with 'Babe' Lamb. Babe is one of the old-line steam engineers, who knows the 'innards' of a steam engine better than some know the outside trappings. For a decade he was the fellow with the moustache (looking like Lowell Thomas) who yanked throttle on Jim Whitby's Susie-Q, pulling kids in the big wagon over the Whitby show grounds. For years he has been sort of a 'loner', visiting many, many steam shows throughout the nation Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Wisconsin, Iowa. Name them Babe Lamb has been there and has a story to tell.

Said Babe, 'I suppose you'll laugh at me, but I've been following and studying up on this 'Foot Therapy Massage'.

I replied, 'No, I won't laugh. Because I mentioned it previously in my column here. And I gave a lecture on it before a group of Health Food Associates at Eaton, Ohio, and I was amazed to learn that three fellows there had already taken such therapy and reaped good benefits.'

Thereupon Babe Lamb trekked back to his van and fetched a couple of books on Foot Therapy Massage. One of the books we already had. The other book was very informative, explaining how many human ills can be relieved by massaging the appropriate spot on the sole of each foot, which corresponds to the very organ or part of the upper torso which has become congested or ailing. The charts he showed us matched with the charts we had already studied.

Babe Lamb went on to explain how he had developed a very worrisome flutter of the heart, and had congestion on his lungs which had been causing much worry and distress. But after he had studied the Foot Therapy Massage, and learning to locate the correct places on the soles of his feet, he had massaged them several times daily and the heart flutter and lung congestion had gone away and not returned.

Even though you may not have the foot-therapy chart to go by, one method is to relax one foot over your knee and begin pressing here and there, with your thumbs, over the sole of your foot. You will come to one or more places where the pain becomes almost unbearable That indicates something is wrong 'upstairs' in your body. And the sore spot should be gently and thoroughly massaged for a couple of minutes until that pain goes away, despite the irritation it gives at first. The pain will soon be relieved. After it is relieved, go all over the sole of that foot, and see if there are other sore spots, which also massage. This relieves congestion and opens up nerve energy which can go a long way toward healing many of our ailments. After one foot is thoroughly gone over, do it with the other foot, and repeat. All parts of our body are inter-related and inter-connected, and when one portion of our torso aches, it sets up an alarm elsewhere within the body. Instead of laughing at Babe Lamb's suggestions, I was in hearty agreement. By studying the books, we also learn that serious cases of even prostrate trouble have been healed or cured by this simple method of massaging the proper region of the foot, and the back tendon that rises up from the heel.

We no longer make fun of the accomplishments of that ancient form of healing, known as acupuncture. This Foot Therapy Massage is also an ancient form of healing, much like acupuncture, but accomplishing its results without the needle puncture.

My Mother used to have such painful feet. She always said, 'Oh, if only someone knew how to massage my feet. When your feet hurt, you hurt all over.' She didn't know that soon we would be studying the very form of healing she was wishing for. But too late to help her during her recent lifetime.

In studying these Foot Therapy Massage charts, one of which appeared this spring in THE LADIES HOME JOURNAL, it is noteworthy that all organs of the body have certain related spots on the bottoms of our feet with which they are connected by networks of nerves and blood vessels. The eyes, the ears, kidneys, lungs, heart, colon, prostrate, sinuses, Spleen, Liver, Pancreas many can be benefited by foot massage. We hope you can soon get one of the books that will give you the information by which you can massage your own feet and save much time and trouble, as well as expense, in suffering.

To pay Babe Lamb back for giving us his information about Foot Therapy Massage, I showed him how I had recently learned to put my sacro-iliac back in place by grasping my left hand over my right ankle, my right hand back of my right knee, and pulling it up gently and firmly toward my chest. For years I had suffered greatly from this, due to a fall at some time in my boyhood. My sacro-iliac rotation had become chronic over my growing years. I soon would be in a wheel chair, and could not sit, walk or ride in comfort. I built a 'back stretcher' years ago which started putting my spine and vertebras back in place. Then, years later I worked out certain exercises to help out. But keeping it in place became a minute by minute ordeal. I recall how both a chiropractor and osteopath had dismissed me as hopeless from their offices, as they could put my back in place, but it would slip out just walking out their doors. The recent article I read in a monthly magazine showed how the sacroiliac can be put back in place in a moment by the method described above. But, since it has become chronic, it might have to be done over and over, sometimes twenty times a day until the tendons become conditioned and reeducated to hold it in place. The article showed how one can put his sacroiliac back into place, either standing, sitting or lying in bed. What welcome news! An osteopathic doctor will be coming out with a book which explains how you can treat your own aching back. Many threshermen and engineers will certainly welcome such a volume. I will be looking for it too. Sometimes the human body like a steam engine, needs some back-shop working on, now and then. What say?

During the summer's shows, it has come to our attention several times how widows who have recently lost their husbands have been 'taken in' by fast-buck wheeler-dealers who go to them with long faces of sympathy, offering to buy what has been left of their husband's estate in such as steam engines, engine parts, tools, machinery, etc. Naturally, at such a crisis, a widow is caught up in fear and insecurity of the future, and more often than not will succumb to this long-faced wheeler-dealer's 'concern over her welfare', by selling to the first one that comes along. Only to find out a little later that a real friend comes along who would give her much more money. But the true friend felt it was more discreet to wait a respectable time after the husband's demise which gave the fast-buck artist time to do his dirt.

Our advice to widows would be to wait use some caution. Don't sell to the first guy who comes along with sob-sister tears, telling you he is only interested in helping you out , then offers you a small, round figure which he hopes you will accept in order to get your unpleasant task over with. Wait until a tried and true friend, whom you've known and trusted, offers a genuine suggestion or price. There are always as many good friends, even more we hope, than the shakedown artists who have only dollar-signs in their tear-soaked eyes. Robbing bereaved widows is a lowdown, sneakin' sin.

We try to be helpful in these columns. But we can only try and through faith and prayer, reading God's Word, learning how to improve our health by 'doing it ourselves' and waiting until our true friends come by to help, maybe we can still get the job done.

Many times during life, when faced with trouble or problems I couldn't solve, I'd turn to the Bible for the answer. I soon learned that it was God's rule book on how 'us mortals' should live with our fellow men. True, it wouldn't tell me how to patch an old inner tube on the family jalopy. But it would tell me to keep my mouth shut from using foul language while fixing the leak. And whatever the situation in life, the Bible has the answer as to how to face the problem.

All of us have had times in our lives when someone, or a group of individuals have worked against us. Everything good that we tried to do was denounced as 'crooked' or 'dirty' regardless of our good intentions. The Bible has the answer. 'Do good unto them that persecute you. Pray for them that say all manner of evil about you and curse you.' Jesus said, 'Do not fight evil with evil, but overcome evil with good.'

How much easier it is on our own minds and hearts to think kindly of those who try to hurt us, rather than go to bed each night with a heavy burden of hate on our souls. This is better advice than any psychoanalist or psycho-therapist could ever offer us during one of life's trails.

Being a man of low income, I have often been puzzled as to why many of my friends would come to me for small loans. I should be the very last guy in this world to loan money. Some would pay back. Others would never see me again, or if they did they'd pass down the other side of the street. Sometimes, when chance brought us together, I'd get an old fashioned back-slap 'cussing out', instead of the reimbursement they owed. This often puzzled me. But I found the perfect answer in the Bible, which says. 'Loan cheerfully to him who asks, and do not ask in return. For the heathen loan to their friends and expect payment in return. But you are better than the heathen.' And Jesus said, 'If a man ask for thy garment, give him also thy cloak.'

What wonderful answers the Bible gives to our everyday pressing problems. How many of us have been perplexed at the prosperity of wicked persons and organizations. But in Psalms we read these very reassuring words, 'Fret not thyself because of the wicked who prosper for they shall be cut down. Behold I have seen the evil doer spreading himself like a green bay tree and suddenly he was no more.'

In order to meet many of life's exacting rigors, we must put on the full 'armor of God'. I have found the greatest help in this is to memorize certain passages of scripture, befitting the problems we most often face. And, in doing so, we have the answers on our lips and do not have to furiously hunt the scriptures when such problems arise. For the Bible has a way of erasing problems, simply by changing our attitudes toward others.

'Bless them that curse you. Do good unto them that hate you and despitefully use you.' Which is even better medicine for the ailing heart than the Vitamin E or Wheat Germ.